Knowledge comes from somewhere, for someone to understand another man’s knowledge they must understand where it comes from… Where does your knowledge come from?

Question posed for our author, J.S. Thompson… his answer:

God is always trying to reach us; always trying to get through to us. God wants to show us the way to be immortal and human at the same time. Many advanced societies have come before us and some of those societies still exist till this day and they continue to seek… for immortality and humanity at the same time. Being both human and immortal is the answer to eternal happiness and this is what God has been trying to tell us all these many years, through life after life.

When we began, we were just blank slates without experiences and challenges to overcome. We’re really just very advanced machines. It takes a long time to turn a machine into a human being capable of moving against the flow, capable of following the path of greatest resistance. It is this resistance that gives us the strength of character to live in an immortal community, as we should have from the beginning.

We have to make a lot of mistakes before we gain the wisdom to change and become these people. God has a plan and God has been telling us how to achieve this plan from the beginning. All we have to do is learn how to listen. When we stop telling God what we believe, then we can begin hearing God telling us the truth and showing us the way. One day, someone gets hit on the head one to many times and they finally duck. They finally change and finally… learn how to listen.

My knowledge comes from God!