Our Mission

“To be there for as many as we can; those on their journey in search of Universal Truth and Unity following a path of logic!”

The time is now and we hope to share with you, as never before known here on earth, the knowledge of one man who is a “Divine Advanced Human Being” and my beloved teacher… who “knows” the absolute Truth about God and who God is. It’s not easy to know who God is, but this is God’s will for each of us… to understand who God is, why God created the universal complex and us! For only in our learning to understand who God is… “can you come to know God”!

God waits patiently but says to us all, “Be there for me in this that I have for thee… Be there for me in this that I give for thee… Bring to me this that I am and I will give to you all that I have”! The time is now.

My beloved teacher, J.S. Thompson, whose articles are posted on this site… is a foremost leading authority on the subject of life after death.  His purpose and goal is “Universal Unity” to inspire and to inject a philosophy utilizing logic which asks those that read them, to consider Eternal Life!

There are many who think we are sitting out on this big rock in space for no reason without any divine purpose or direction. However, there are also many that think, feel or believe that God exists as we have our own ideals, theories, or faith in the scriptures… which constitute nothing more than a belief system, not “Truth”! An astute person in search of truth remains open to any & all information that might solve our eternal quest for truth & knowledge.

While teaching me, he has instructed me not to automatically believe or disbelieve any of the information given to me.  He asked that I just listen and to put all of this information into my “open heart box” unless and/or until he can paint me a picture that is so clear, which must always follow a path of logic and, whereas, the pieces of the puzzle come together! Our heart is where God speaks to us and information from the heart is always the truth and cannot lie to us. However, that is not the case with thoughts within our mind… they can and will deceive us with our personal thoughts, feelings or emotions and belief system, which is not logical. The path to God always follows the path of logic. God is nothing, if not logical. God created us and the universe following a path based on logic, which is always truth, not beliefs or theories. If someone says they “know” something that can be of great importance to you… you should always listen and determine the validity of the information for yourselves.

Many people see solving the puzzle, the unknown… as impossible, but it is not! The Universe has waited for us to evolve to a point where someone could finally understand the language of the advanced technological computer that runs the Universe and interpret it for others here on earth.  We are nearing the end of a cycle and this is the time when the Universal Advanced Computer, the universal machine that runs the universe, evaluates us all to see what we’ve learnt and see who advances to the next level of understanding and those… who must repeat the challenges and obstacles created for them that were not overcome in their individual evolution. We will have victory over our challenges, or we will continue trying until we do… there is no way around it!

In order to understand truth, we must follow a path of logic which also, must follow the universal law of physics.  J.S. Thompson can explain to us, where we have been, where we going and what happens to us when we die, as well as, what the Universal plan is for all of us and how the universe works.

My teacher, J.S. Thompson has taught me this beautiful knowledge and I feel compelled to share his knowledge with you; while he looks forward to answering as many questions as he can and writing articles for those on their journey in search of Truth!

And so it is….

~ Arissasbel ~