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Each question, asked and answered, should generate many new questions, as this is how we learn. Each answer on a particular topic, gives us a little piece of truth to the puzzle. When we finally have enough pieces put together, we can finally see the picture; truth always follows a path of logic and leads us to God!  Never stop asking questions…

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    Is there a God?

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    How can we truly know if God exist?

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    Is God male or female or something else?

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    Is there life after death?

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    Does hell exist and if yes/what is hell?

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    Reincarnation... do we reincarnate?

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    Where do we go when we are waiting to reincarnate and how long do we wait for reincarnation?

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    Why are we here?

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    Does God answer our prayers or do we do it through our thoughts as in "The Secret"?

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    If there is a GOD, why does GOD allow so much suffering in the world today. Take a look at what is happening in the world today.

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    Why are there increasing world-wide events that are bad, going on in the world today?

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    How do we eliminate the negativity, meanness, or evil that we all seem to have within us?

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    What can we do that will help us become closer to God? What does God want from us?

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    Did God directly communicate any of the Bible and if so what part?

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    Is it ok to tell little white lies to spare someones feelings...or should truth always rule?

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    Is meditation the only way to hear spirit?

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    Are our emotions a guide or are they a hindrance?

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    Will we see our loved ones and recognize them in heaven?

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    What are black holes?

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    When we pray for family or friends, does this help them?

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    In one of your answers you stated that we go through the cycle of life and death and we eventually wait for all others to finish this process. So at some point all of this will end, correct? We will all live in peace and harmony or those who have chosen heaven and God's guidance will? So as a belief in many protestant religions, not that they have it totally correct, but eventually we will have an "end of this world" as we know it?

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    You stated in the post about the Bible that the story of Jesus was about two different men. Was either of them born from immaculate conception? Also,did either of them rise from the dead on the third day?

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    According to your prophecy, the earth is ending a 12,000 year cycle and will go into another Ice Age. Did mankind have to start all over from the previous Ice Ages? If so, how long did it take and was society ever as technologically advanced as we are today?

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    What is an easy but effective meditation practice for a newbie?

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    Is Darwin's theory correct about the evolution of human beings? How did the first human come into existance?

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    When you talk about "living under ground" do you mean literaly "under ground" and what is the purpose of those that do so?

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    How does one become the type of person that will be granted God's blessing and approval of living in Paradise... which seems most important, especially since you write that this is God's eternal plan for each of us?

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    How do I heal myself?

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    Why is it that our god search must be solitary? Would it not be better if we could become joined at the soul and worked together at that level?

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    Is it possible that lust is hurting me and how do I resolve the issue of lust?

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    Did God begin her existence as a form?

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    When I begin meditation, I am struck by fear and plagued by anxiety when I close my eyes to face God. How can I overcome this?

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    Did God experience human incarnations herself?

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    When, how, and why, did God chose to be female?

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    Where did human beings come from?

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    Are there Aliens out there and do they play a part in our existence and if so will they ever really show themselves? Also, are they us from the future?

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    How do you have all these answers to these questions?

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    Were Adam and Eve the first man and woman on the earth?

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    How long ago did Adam and Eve live?

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    Does God have faith in us?

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    Does the bible say God loves everyone?

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    Does the bible claim to be the word of God?

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    Have Angels experienced a cycle of "living" and "dying" before they became divine?

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    Are animals like dogs and cats primitive, advanced, or divine? I feel like their senses stretch beyond my own perception. Is this because animals know God?

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    What is my first step to knowing God? How can I hear God? When I begin to meditate/pray, I become immediately overwhelmed with fear/anxiety and can't further continue to face God. How can I overcome this?

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    I can understand yourself and many others believing in the Bible. After-all, a God watching over us and the promise of eternal life, etc. just for worshiping him sounds too good to pass up, but the way i see it is... is this too good to be true? Are we being conned?

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    What type of people are capable of encountering divine beings?

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    What are we becoming?

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    Why do you say she, when adressing God?

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    What role did "Eve" (Evas Triangulatus) play? The scriptures say "God gave Eve to Adam" for companionship? Was it the advanced beings who let Adam use their computer for Adam's work? Or was it Eve a divine computer from the One God, the first being? What abilities did Eve have that satisfied Adam?

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    How can I find out who I am? Is it possible that before I was born in this body, that I may have been an advanced being who asked my computer to end my life (because I realized my mistake in putting my immortality in the hands of primitive science)? If so, am I far behind the rest in my spiritual evolution? How can I figure out what I am and in turn, what I must do to end the life/death cycle?

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    Who created the "grey" aliens?

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    I have a hard time asking God to let Her will be done and not my own. Firstly it makes me fear that I must give up my decision-making for my life. But also and most prominently I feel selfish asking God to make me into the type of person who can grow with Her and by Her because it is only to satiafy my thirst for eternal life and all-knowledge. I feel like at any moment or next life I could betray God and take for granted what She can offer by hastily choosing to live eternally by a primitive science form and I would not be shocked if I have already done so. Ultimately I feel like, given the opportunity, I would gratify myself instantly as opposed to overcoming an obstacle. Just knowing how far I am from becoming selfless is discouraging and also worrysome to me.

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    Are the UFOs we have been seeing, agents sent from God? What is their relationship to God? And us?

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    I am completely off topic, so feel free not to answer. But I thought I might as well ask, just in case. Travelling from here through other dimensions typically involves leaving the space-time continuum (as we understand it) and travelling in time. Have you ever heard of “Time Mechanics, Time Flux, Time Quakes”? I’m only asking because the issue of “beings that can travel through other dimensions without visible ships or technology” is hotly debated, even among developed beings. Do these higher beings evolve upwards from the third dimension, or are they simply born in higher dimensions? And the like. I thought I might ask because you guys seem to touch on this topic a bit. Thank you! ~Victor Wouters

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    How do you know that Arissa isn't an Advanced Being or "Demon" fooling and misleading you?

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    How many races of advanced beings and extraterrestrials are there in our own solar system alone?

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    Is 2012 significant at all? Are we all proceeding into the 4th density? Complete public disclosure of alien species? Is the group referred to as the Illuminati really controlling our lives (or trying to)?

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    How do I know whether I'm on the right path, or not?

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    How can we understand and cope with the death of someone close?

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    Alien Craft, Crop Circles - Who Makes Them and what is Their Purpose?

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    Do you have an information regarding who is visiting Washington, D.C., covertly in UFOs and why? Here is some of the photographic evidence I have compiled in the past 6 years:

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    How can a schizophrenic like me ascend to the new Earth? Is my soul that of an ET?

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    You say that when we pray, our loved ones hear us but you also said that we come back to earth when we die too, reincarnate. So how do they hear us if they have been called to go back to earth and live a new life?

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    Why are they spraying chemtrails?

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    While sitting in meditation today, I heard and felt (although sometimes I just get a feeling and not actual words) that this isn’t just about me! The group or my guides out there, are learning thru me? As I go thru life here, they benefit thru my experience? If this is so, I feel a greater sense of responsibility. My question… “Is this correct?”

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    Do advanced beings use multidimensional craft for the purpose of furthering their research of human DNA or how do they measure that kind of data? Are claims of alien abductions possibly related to this? Also, have all of our former lives been as earth-binded humans or have we ever experienced consciousness as another race/species/extraterrestrial body?

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    What does it mean when you see a demon on a person?

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    How is it that if there is a God, why would he permit for people to suffer from a disease such as Huntintons Disease...and please, before answering this question, youtube/google this’s a slow tormenting death... thank you for taking the time to read this, looking forward to your answer.

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    Who is J.S. Thompson and why should I believe anything he says?

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    Does karma exist?

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    What about speed of UFOs, any guess?

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    We have seen disc shape crafts in ancient drawings of different cultures dated thousands years old. Still, we are seeing disc shape crafts today. Have they evolved ?

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    After reading some of your articles, you kind of make ABs (aliens) sound evil. Don't they worship God like we do and fulfill God's plan? Why do I have the impression from your articles they are betraying God (Wants to be God)?

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    looking at your site you clearly do not understand God or his word! For one when the bible speaks God it is always as male not female. I think you are one of many that has been decived by the Demon's during meditation.Praticaly all your are far from Gods truth. Shocking really when i think of how many people that may have belived you! How can you even belive in reincarnation, as the bible clearly tells us that once we die we are then in a deep sleep untll judgment day, so that also takes care of another stupid idea that there are ghosts, its not posible as the dead do not hear, see your move! They do not go to heaven or hell eaither untill judgement day. Dont you think it would be rather cruel if God made it so that the dead could see their living loved one's struggling or in pain and sorrow and not be able to do anything??? I am interested to see what you belive to be the mark of the beast???? But i think i might already know your answer? I think you need to change your tailerd made to suit you ideas and look at what the true word of God has to say for he has all the truth writen in the bible. I hope , well prey that you take anther look at how you see things and come to the true manying of Gods truth. Amen Kind regards

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    Newest quantum physics has now incorporated concepts that defy standard dualistic/Newtonian logic. The macrocosm mirroring the microcosm in oneness is what we are chasing through scientific investigation. Most of the focus seems to be on outer info while next to nothing is being focused on inner info, EX: our own perception's false belief systems and the clearing/healing of the stored traumas so a re-integration of perception can be experienced in the inner time/space/transcendent connection to the cosmos and oneness of ALL. I have found clearing false beliefs and traumas from the body that effect perceptions are not a matter of altering mental concepts, but the physical, meditative/breathing/touch unlocking and unblocking of stored body traumas and subsequent, quite speedy quantum releases of blockages from the nervous system over about 3 years time. The inner connection to oneness must come from a cleared nervous system bravely rescued by its higher self parent! My question is why are most of us unwilling to invest in inner retuning of our perceptions to experience loving timeless oneness of our true SELF?

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    Is it possible to die by accident or are all of our deaths planned in advance?

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    Are ghosts just spirits or something else and if they are, why do some linger on earth in the same place? Also do we look like anything after we die or are we really just energy?

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    I talk to my Dad all the time. He passed away a year ago. Can he really hear me when I talk??? How can I know that he really hears me?

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    You said we all go to the same place, so are you saying that the horrilbe kilers on earth end up in heaven too???

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    How does one begin this path to enlightenment? Are there any guides on Earth, for people who need direction in "channeling"?

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    I read one of the prophecies you wrote about the massive sunami on the east coast, when do you predict this to hit and should I be moving now?

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    Who could help me activate my DNA and/or help me awaken my 3rd eye? I would like to help myself and assist others.

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    Why do some people claim that they have seen and heard from God or Jesus, can this really happen or is it that they just want it so much they think it happened?

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    With all the peole who have just vanished do you think some have been abducted by AB's or is it just an unfortunate fate of regular death of some sort?

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    Could a loved one that has died, really come back and pay you a visit if they wanted and tell you what it is really like to die?

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    Do we all have angels watching over us and if so are they relatives that have passed on or could they be angels that don't know us at all and sent by god as part of work so to speak?

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    You said that divine beings in paradise are human so where do these humans live exactly? another planet? here? also if we die and then live in solamenta where is that, are we just floating around in space somewhere? If we are human in either of these places do we look like we do now?

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    When we reincarnate, do we come back into the same family or do we experience different cultures?

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    Are you a Scientology?

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    I was able to understand the concept of ONE that most people call God. But for me God is the community of finished souls (Angels,Buddha, Jesus) that help us reach enlightment and teach us between life. Because of that I was able to go from the state of mind that is hell to the state of mind that I call heaven. I have after that gotten better taste and can feel the life in my body and the oneness in my head. I also always feel something moving/caressing me on the head between the third eye and optical nerve in the back of my head. What does the caress mean? Does this mean that im done with reincarnation and will only come back if i want when I die? Do you know any other people that have had the same experiance and any idee how it will continue? Religon is to me theories to try to explain god(Universe and All) and are supposed to evolve and change. Do you know a page where you can post and discuss the theories?

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    My desire for truth is fervent and I want to know everything God wants me to know now! I don't want to wait until I leave the Earth! How can I see myself as who I really am? I ask God for help but I feel that I am too selfish in my Earthly ways (irresponsible, obsessive in unhealthy relationships, impulsive, value possessions) and keep hindering myself from being able to hear God. Are these behaviors blocking my ability to listen to either God or my guides?

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    Why don't people understand that their beliefs and their values are two different things? Values you can keep once you know what they are, but beliefs change with your education and your experience. Do you think the failure of the 2012 prophecies will errdicate at least some religious systems?

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    A person who has been abducted in the ethereal plane can feel, smell anything or feel any cold temperature. Example: some aliens, most of them, have soft cold hands? What can you tell us about this? Also, why is it, that some UFOs follow a person where ever that person is going and transmit a friendly feeling? How do we know if they are advanced being or divine beings?

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    Is there a parallel dimension or universe?

  97. Rating: +6

    Are there multi-universes?

  98. Rating: +7

    Is there a duplicate of everyone's lives going on in another dimension or universe?

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    Is there a way we can look within and see who we were in the past now before we die on earth? Or a way to meet and see advanced humans?

  100. Rating: +4

    Do we have the same staff guides during our entire life on earth?

  101. Rating: +4

    Is there active travel between the parallel universes or dimensions?

  102. When a human dies, does their pressure change or does their frequency change?

  103. Rating: +4

    In an article you said "If you take two clocks, both synchronized and put one of them under pressure, the clock subjected to the most pressure will move slower than the other. This seems easy to verify, and would cause a revolution in the world of physics! What experiments have you done to prove the statement you made? Is the statement capable of being proved by scientists? Do you use the word "pressure" in the same way it is defined in dictionaries, or do you mean something else? Are there any scientific papers proving that "pressure" and time are related? What is pressure, as you use the term?

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    You have said before (or maybe I misunderstood) there is one person that is "made" for us or destined? If so, will this person always be on earth the same time we are, what if he/she is in a different stage? Can they contact you or guide you to find the next best thing to spend your earth life with untill you move on to the next step?

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    Is our solar system a binary star system and was this planet (earth) colonized or did life evolve here naturally?

  106. Rating: +3

    Regarding your prophecies, will Oregon be safe?

  107. Rating: +2

    Hello, Thompson: From Nillo: Why does the clock run slower when it is flying at high speed?

  108. Rating: +4

    Can I have your Input what ghosts are to you, if anything? Thanks

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    Abortions, does the act of going along with an abortion impact god's will? Will God understand or is their an underlying Rule? I've made mistakes in my life butI I was just curious of I'm now defined by them or can one learn and move on from their mistakes?

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    When some one is killed in an accident or by another person, is that the person's "fate"? Is that the advanced computer or gods way of saying that persons time is finished and they get to move on to the next step? We have accidents and murders daily, Im just curious as to what this means. Thank you!

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    How do I find the demon? I have paranoid schytzophrenia. I have done some amazing things and I have done some really stupid things. Can you help me?

  112. Rating: +7

    You often speak of following logic and reason.. Yet state that the divine beings(our brethren who have completed the walk) communicate to us through emotions, so ought we to listen to them as well? Do you wish to mean we should use discernment with our emotions, as they can also be a product of our minds deception? I just wanted to say thank you for your articles. They stimulate me in A unique way in which is unobtained from other material.

  113. Rating: +8

    First, I want to let you know that I am very grateful to have found your website. I have researched many articles, blogs and books in my search for answers and almost always I end up scratching my head, thinking "Well, that doesn't seem right.". Your truths are something I can wrap my head around and at the same time it feels right in my heart But anyways, my first question is how do you relate your version of the "afterlife" to those who have near death experiences? I have done a lot of research on those and I can find some connections between what these individuals say and your writings, but I would much rather get a full analysis from yourself. Specifically, I am talking of the major components of an NDE. The out of body experience, traveling through a tunnel to a bright light, an overwhelming sense of peace and love, being greeted by family members/pets, the life review, and being sent back to earth. These events are so common now, I would love to hear your opinion on them.

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    In regards to suicide, what is usually the process and is there any differentiating consequences then in which dying by more natural means, or not by your own accord? I found one excerpt from a question interesting in which you said people from "solamenta" who have made quite a mess in their life there would be more probable to volunteer to reincarnate to Earth. Does that mean people who have made a mess of their life here on Earth, or are plagued by some terminal illness, can escape to solamenta in a sense?

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    What, if anything do you know about The Pleidians? Are they really here to help us, humans, evolve...or is this just more of a diversion or distraction.

  116. Rating: +2

    Will opening up or clearing my Chakra's help me in evolving?

  117. Rating: +1

    I have a question about natural hallucinigens. Ever since my first mushroom trip I have felt more connected to everything. I feel as if I can see people for who they really are and I also feel what some may call "vibes" from others. Also, it is as if I am seeing the world in which we live in a completely new way. Are these a tool used by those in Solamenta to show us another side of life? Is there a reason we feel so happy, peaceful, and connected when we use them? By the way, I do not agree with the use of any man made drug, just the ones that have been given to us by nature.

  118. Rating: +8

    I would like to ask a few more questions about Solamenta and how you came upon this discovery. First, I would like to know if there are multiple universes that have diffrent forms of life? And if so, do these beings arrive in Solamenta like us or do they have their own form of Solamenta?

  119. Rating: +11

    I have read almost all of your posts, articles and questions answered included. I understand that you gain your knowledge from logic. But, it seems as though there has to be more to it than that. Like you have personally visited Solamenta and maybe even personally talked with our Creator. If not, and it is just logic that you have gained this knowledge, then how do I know if I can believe what you say and you are not just one of the many trying to explain away our existence? I am in no way trying to be confrontational, because of all the material I have read I agree with yours the most. I guess what gets me is that all of these people who claim to see past the veil, all come to different conclusions. For example, Edgar Cayce, someone who had a great impact on the world as a healer also claimed to have the abiltiy to see into the future (with many correct prophecies) and also past death. His version of the afterlife seems so different to me than yours. Do you find any relation to his teachings? If not can you explain to me why everyone has a different view on this and how you know that yours is correct?

  120. Rating: +3

    "In my search for truth, I have read the views of many different religions in order to find common similarities between them. In some religions, there is the claim that we are simply a dream within the mind of God. Or that we are just the attempt of God to experience itself. Another concept that worries me is that eventually this dream of God will end and another will begin, so what happens to us as individuals if this is true? Where do these concepts come from and is there any underlying truth in them? I would hope not, because I feel that if it is all just supposed to end then what is the point of loving and experiencing if it will all be ripped away from us eventually? "

  121. Rating: +9

    If hell does not exist, why do so many people have mystical experiences where they claim to see hell with all of it's sinners? I personally have never believed in such a place because I do not believe in a God that would allow his/her children to be damned for eternity because of sins. I just don't see a God that would put us on the earth and then damn us because we gave into some of it's influences. But many people fear hell and some even claim to have been taken there to view the realm. Why are some people shown this? Is it just to make us fearful to strive to be better people? Or is there some other reason some are shown the realm of the damned? By the way, I just want to say thank you so much for answering all of my questions. I'm glad I have found someone else that believes in using logic to understand what is going on in the universe. I think I have researched too much material and it just confused me because I am a logical person.

  122. Rating: +3

    I believe in the man Jesus who was born on earth to do something great for humanity and show us the way of true living. Although I believe he existed, I feel that the bible has manipulated and twisted his teachings to benefit the church and other authority figures. After reading an amazing book, The Hiram Key, I believe that there is a society that exists today that has discovered the secret teachings of Jesus. This book also gives a historical timeline that begins in ancient Egypt and shows how Jesus and his followers are related to ancient Egyptian secret knowledge. The secret that was lost but found again by Jesus. In this book, the authors believe the knowledge that was lost was the art of king making in which a king was divinely chosen to rule and was shown the way to the stars by the soul of the previous king. This knowledge was lost when a foreign king ruled Egypt and selfishly had a priest murdered because he would not divulge the secrets. As this knowledge was only known to one priest and not to the masses, the secret died with him. Anyways, what is your opinion on all of this? Also, why do you think this secret has always been so carefully gaurded and only given to select people throughout history? Do you believe, as I do, that Jesus intended to give this knowledge to the world and there are just selfish people that believe only they deserve this right? If so, then I'm sure they will get a rude awakening when they find themselves in Solamenta just like everyone else, because I do not believe that selfishness is the way to eternal life no matter what knowledge you have.

  123. Rating: +2

    According to the bible (which I know is not completely true), Jesus promises us Heaven on Earth. If this is not one of the bible's decietful additions, I believe this is a society which does nothing but facilitate the spiritual growth of humans so that it is much easier for us to become divine. Do you think this is possible for our future? What are your opinions on this subject?

  124. Rating: +6

    Ok, so I usually wait to ask you more questions until you have answered the ones I have already submitted. However, today I stumbled upon something I find amazing and inspirational that I would like to share with you. Please visit and watch the preview for this upcoming documentary. It brought tears to my eyes. I want to know what you think :)

  125. Rating: +6

    Many people claim to see orbs. Also, many near death experiencers see orbs or are even transformed into one. What is your oppinion on this?

  126. Rating: +4

    What is life like for a divine being? What kind of activities do they participate in? Do they lead semi normal lives or is their life, experiences an activities very different than earthly ones?

  127. Rating: +4

    I was hoping you could elaborate on the subject of Kundalini, or if your not familiar it is described as the latent "serpent" energy that remains dormant at the base of the human spine, only to be activated by certain events(such as temporarily by hallucinogenic drugs) or more so permanently by a spiritual awakening process, whether sudden through an event or through specific spiritual practice in duration. Is your kundalini activated? 2. You often mention we need to be well studied yet not believe anything in our quest for knowledge.. I was hoping you could recommend some sources(texts, audio,arts, practices), whatever has helped you along your journey that would be beneficial. Thank you for your articles and answers, they are always quite interesting.

  128. Rating: +5

    Are our(America's) governmental elections predetermined? On a more personal note, do you see any of the current presidential candidates as actual leader material? Is Ron Paul an actual representation of the people, or would he in the end service the agendas of special interests? You have mentioned advanced beings directly interact with political leaders, but do they at all forceably manipulate them in ways to serve their purpose? Do you ever tire of answering questions? :) Thank you for your time. Thank you for your answers.

  129. Rating: +4

    A lot of mystics refer to a spiritual world. Does a place that is actually entirely non physical exist? My logic tells me no, but so many refer to a spirit world. What are these people referring to?

  130. Rating: +5

    You have mentioned in some articles that you have been in contact with our creator, Arissa. I would like to know what your first encounter with her was like and what you discussed, if that is something that you could explain. Also, you said that she is as human as you and I, so I would like to know what she looks like. And last, have you encountered other divine beings. If so, who were they?

  131. Rating: +1

    On the topic os Solamenta, you stated that we look very similar out there to how we look here, execpt maybe younger. So my question is, does our appearance change completely with every life we live on earth? Also, when we choose our next life do we also have some say in what we will look like?

  132. Rating: +5

    Hello! It's been a while, but I hope you're having a fantastic day! When you say that we have other dimensional bodies, is there anyway for you to describe them? Do Divine beings have access to these bodies whenever they choose? Also, I saw where you stated that Divine beings can participate in any form of sex that they want. I'm a little confused by that, so what are other forms of sex?

  133. Rating: +2

    In Solamenta, is the only form of communication telepathic? So we cannot speak or sing?

  134. Rating: +3

    You stated that until we become divine we do not truly enter a meaningful relationship, or something along those lines. So, even if we are in a completely loving relationship with someone where we both understand each other here on earth, will we not continue this relationship in Solamenta or in future earth lives? I only ask because about two years ago I met the love of my life and we make each other happy beyond words. I couldn't imagine a life with out him, and I am sure that feeling is mutual. We almost never argue and within the first couple of weeks of knowing each other there was this connection that I cannot explain. The only way to describe this is sometimes when we touch I feel hapiness, love, belonging and serenity all in one. I don't know, it may sound crazy but I have always believed he was my "soul" mate, for lack of a better term.

  135. Rating: +3

    How are you so sure the issues of chem trails poses no valid threat? There seems to be not only substantial evidence to the contrary.. But there exists a movement of thousands of people all together to counteract/stop the effects, or at least find out why they are spraying chemicals everywhere. There have been people online saying they have collected samples of different chemicals.. There have been people that have built devices and have videos of them causing the trails to dissipate. So your tellIng me all these people are wrong?

  136. Rating: +4

    If we are here on earth to learn our lesson and move on to Solamenta after this process. Why are there souls in Solamenta that are not at the "level" that is suitable for Solamenta. Why would they not return to earth to continue there learning. Also. Those in Solamenta are those who are aware of this process on earth. Aware of the higher level of spirituality that truly exists. Why would these people/souls be partial to any religions that existed on our earth (i'm refering to your mention of demonic possession and how people in Solamenta communicate with us on earth and may or may not respond to particular religious beliefs based upon their own. As i understand from your website and what i have read. it would be a logical to assume "religion" would be discarded. As well, implying that there would be atheists in Solamenta does not make sense either. i firmly believe in a scenario of life, god, and all the rest to be close to your description. but some of your information is inconsistant or of contradiction. I don't feel the need to quote. And i am not attacking your information in no means. I would simply like to more understand your information or to further your knowledge.

  137. Rating: +5

    I am wondering if you can help me understand what is happening to me? First of all, I consider myself to be a fairly good person. I try to help others and treat people the way I wish to be treated. I try to correct injustice when I see it and I am not tolerant of anyone, including family or friends that shows the ignorance of prejudice. But for the last ten or so years, I have had nothing but bad luck. I have had several injuries that have required surgery, several car accidents, not my fault, and been laid off work three times, all for economic reasons. It seems like no matter what I do, I am confronted with bad Karma. And, I have search within myself to try to look for any wrong doing that I may have done previously. I also persevere and maintain a positive attitude, but things just keep happening. I just can't understand it. I realize that no matter what, I still have had great gifts in life, my children my family and good friends, and I do realize that if I look to my left and my right, I can always find someone who has it worse than I do. But, it's the ongoing and never ending string of negative things that keep happening. I could go on and list them, but I don't want to belabor the point. It just feels like sometimes I have been cursed. Do you have any advice for me?

  138. Rating: +2

    why there has been always struggle in my life and critical financial i can come out of it?i want to help my family,,,do lots of other things which i am not able to ,without money..and i m always feeling dissatisfied..

  139. Rating: +2

    I believe strongly that man has the wrong perception on life, man thinks that we are "men with a soul" the divine world knows "we are a soul that is temporarily being housed in a body." Many talk about ascension or moving to higher dimension or realm, most want this to happen in their earthly form but that is unrealistic. We come to earth (or more precisely, we volunteer) to come to learn and grow. It is an opportunity of tremendous importance. Many souls are offered this opportunity but few take advantage of it. When the body expires the soul is simply released, the soul moves on to a higher level. Religion has incorrectly taught us that heaven is a place of no worry, no judgement, everything is just fine and wonderful. I am afraid that is not the case, we are released from all of our earthly problems but we join a group of souls that are all at different levels of "enlightenment" each soul is seen as how much "understanding" we have gained, how much "soul life" we have experienced. Time is one of the greatest misnomers of man, time does not exist for the soul, it is a process not measured in time. Because we are born, we die, the sun comes up everyday and our bodies physically age does not mean time is real for the soul. This is something that we can grasp while on earth, this is one of the first steps to understanding the process that we as souls experience. Organized religion has had a terrible influence on mankind (I was raised a catholic) over the years it has bought and sold mans redemption or allowed people to avoid going to hell, all for a price. Organized religion has turned so many off that they call themselves agnostics or atheist which is very sad. We should all believe in the Creator, the divine being that has put all souls on the path they follow and choose to be on! Man views death as a very sad, sorrowful event when in fact the soul is actually going home for a while. It is natural to be sad when one dies but we should all understand, that while we will miss the person, the soul lives on and is actually in a more natural state. Be sad for the moment but be happy that the person you knew took the opportunity for his soul to grow to become more enlightened! One can to begin the understand process when we start to think that we are "souls with a body" not "bodies with a soul". Would like to get your thoughts!

  140. Rating: +0

    why is everything carniverous here. can't we have life without one thing eating the other and is this place hell, we have every level of evil here. if you are a bible believer (which i am not)how to you justify a loving god casting satan down to earth for humanity to deal with? i think the god the christians worship is the jehovah god, just one of the supposed gods in the garden that beat out the others for leadership. furher more if the people that actually think they are christians are indeed the real thing then i am the virgin mary.

  141. Rating: +6

    Is there anyway for you to give a detailed description of Solamenta? Are there oceans, forests and deserts? Does wild life exist there as it does here? Is the architrcture similar to here? How do we get around out there? What do we eat? What do we do for fun? What other jobs can one be assigned to besides being a guide? When I think of Solamenta I just cant imagine what it could be like.

  142. Rating: +1

    Hello there, firstly i sincerely must thank you & praise you for this site, it is absolutely full of fascinating & inspirational information which obviously is helping countess people answer questions which are difficult to find answers to.... Im 36 & iv had many premonitions, OBE's & Spiritual experiences over the years. Iv always known our bodies have a soul & this knowledge has helped me through quite a difficult life.... I have attended a Spiritualist Church many times over the last 15years, but only recently found that the time is right for me to seriously concentrate on my psychic ability/gift & have begun a Spiritual Awareness class there, which i am thoroughly enjoying & im just so happy to meet other people on my wave-length!!! But i still have many many questions about my experiences.... for example; last night i drempt a police lady with a blonde bob hairstyle walked into my hairdressing salon & spoke to me. & the dream was very clear. So today i was excited when surely enough this lady came walking towards the salon & popped in to introduce herself to me...... Premonitions like this have happened to me many times, (years ago i drempt of the serious car crash i was involved in the night prior to it happening). I am still absolutely dumbfounded & utterly amazed when they occur to me!!! I sit for hours wondering how our Spirits can possibly leave our bodies whilst we're asleep & travel forwards in time & see things which are yet to happen? Or do you think our Angel or Spirit Guides are showing us the future? I am still so amazed at how these things happen to me, & when i try to think deeply about my own ability my mind is simply blown away...... but i am never scared of my experiences, i am very greatful that i have my knowledge & faith,,,, i just need to learn more.... I know i need to meditate more & quieten my mind more to help my ability when im awake because i know my abilities are far more powerful & receptive whilst i am asleep because that is when i have my OBE's & premonitions... Blessings... x

  143. Rating: +4

    Why dont we wake up when we die?

  144. Rating: +1

    Do our friends and loved ones who we meet here on Earth have significance to us pre-birth? For instance, are the paths we cross with one another a mere coincidence since there are so many souls who decided to come to Earth? Or, are these "relationships" premeditated and staged by ourselves in order to see what we would be like if we had just "met" on Earth by chance? Were these people in our lives before we came to Earth? Or is it a combination, like some of the people we may have known before while some may be new?

  145. Rating: +1

    You consistently refer to "aliens". Has anyone on earth ever confronted a true alien? What did it look like and did it have any of man's composition? Do you believe any part of Darwin's theory? If so, how did animals originate and why do we have such a close resemblance to monkeys and apes? Then,how did the transition from apes to humans take place?

  146. Rating: +7

    If we didn't evolve from other primates such as apes, did we evolve on earth from "robots" or engineered bodies that eventually became able to possess our consciousness? I dont understand the biological evolution of humans on earth. How would you explain it?

  147. Rating: +1

    I was told of a biblical story or may have been a biblical parable where a lukewarm city was cast to flames by God. Even if horrible events do occur such as fires and tsunamis an hurricanes, it seems like God wouldnt single out an "evil" "godless" or "sinning" community or city and kill innocent adults and children in an attempt to make a statement or punish people. I know that natural events occur which God allows but it isn't anyone's way of punishment anyone is it? Rather, I always considered these catastrophies just a form of cause and effect of the Earth's machine and natural, engineered events. There are several biblical stories of "God's revenge" on man. I would like to learn more about the "Bible Myths." I wish there were "Bible Myths" articles on every book of the bible here! :) They are wonderful guides. Thanks for your time and answering the curiosities of my mind!

  148. Rating: +3

    You always refer to a time where we all will become what we are made to become; I think, divine. I'm trying to imagine how different that will be. Why is change so painful? If I think about a divine being, I think: Creator. What could this mean for everyone but endless opportunities - and even more rapid change. Do divine beings experience pain, emotional or physical? When every soul has become divine (which each must) will free will exist? Or will everything be so "perfect" "symmetrical" and "just so" like the most accurate clock, because there is no other way to go. It seems a clock doesn't have a "mind of its own" or any room to stray from...well, "perfection." What do we have here that one day will be gone? What parts of this young stage in my evolution are going to be left behind with my lessons learned? I consider my present life a meaningful step. I want to feel...everything! Will we have similar experiences of emotions and senses, as we do now, in our future? What will be gone?

  149. Rating: +6


  150. Rating: +1

    Have you heard of Twin Flames/Twin Souls? Do you have a view on Twin Flames/Twin Souls? If yes or no i would be interested in what your take/information regarding this subject. I met a person in 2004 who i felt a magnetic energy. One day he came to my shop while i was in the back and i felt my heart leap in my chest like it flew away and met another. I wondered what in the world had taken place as i had never had this kind of experience in my then 50+ years of life on earth before.. I came out of the back room to see if i could find an explanation and saw he had was just coming through the door, entering the shop.. He would come often to the shop but after two years he angrily left my life which i later saw was wonderful as i had much growing/change to accomplish. I never forgot him and think of him often but i deduce if he is to come back in my life it will be by divine choosing.. I would just like to get your take on this as sometimes we are so close to a situation and sometimes an outside perspective may give one something that may help to see it in a different light if you know what i mean.... Thank You for your time..

  151. Rating: +3

    Good evening! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and are excited about Christmas. I have a few concerns about the New Year or "new world" as some call it. I don't know if this is a question I should post or not. I have been informed and have seen some videos explaining so much. The group Illuminati and with Illumicorp, now bare with me, I feel that the top or leaders of this secret group would be maybe what is described as Advance Beings. The goal in the cooperation and things that are done are to have control over the people and what they do. With the Advance Beings they as well could share the same goal. They want to distract or keep the general public from secrets that they have discovered. Thus making them grow and everyone else stay in the dark and continue the same cycle. Do you have any knowledge of this? I'm just trying to piece it all together. Its meshing and starting to make sense. However, I don't know what my next step is or what the right step is.

  152. Rating: +2

    I have been doing allot of searching and researching. What about the theory of the Hollow World? With this I ask and about the Dulce Base? I have done research or how ever as much as I could find. About Drako's and others that is mentioned. Where they say its a human and "alien" joint base where experiments ect are taken place. There are documentaries and interviews with ex-members of this part of the government or military. They way its kinda perceived is these "aliens" say they are the reason for our technology and they are who basically teaches or helps our scientist grow, so they have tabs on our technology. Is this real or how do we explain it. Thank you

  153. Rating: +15

    What role does eve play in the bible?

  154. Rating: +20

    "Who is J.S. Thompson? Where can I find more information about this person?"

  155. Rating: +12

    I have big regrets of mistreating my mother when she was alive, I wish I could have been nicer to her respecting, appreciated and caring for her. I wonder if when we come back in reincarnation would we be together again so that I can make it up for her in the next life doing and giving her now what I did not do in this life.

  156. Rating: +2

    Has God ever incarnated into an earth life? If not, has God ever visited earth and if yes, in what form and for how long and what reasons? Thank you!

  157. Rating: +2

    Hey! (Sorry for my english, haha.) But I just wonder, is there a "fixed" amont of souls in the universe, or .. are new souls being made each time new a person is born on earth? this question is so complex, i think. Kind regards from Emilie

  158. Rating: +4

    Are there wars out there in Solamenta? If yes, are they for the same reasons as here on earth? How does a war work out there; is it the same as on earth or is it different somehow? Also, how sophisticated are the militaries out there?

  159. Rating: +3

    Hi my name is Ben. I’m 35 yrs old and I read your article about solamenta. I don’t know how to ask this because I’ve never talked about it but I really need some help understanding certain gifts I have attained over my 35 yrs. For some reason, I’m like a radio antenna for spirits who no longer live in our realm. Some of them are very mean others just want help and my guide, even goes as far as to foretell certain future events to me and guides me in my dreams. I don’t know why or what her reason for that is but some of the spirits she brings to me even go as far as if they don’t get what they want they’ll hang around and do some very upsetting things like making my life terrible. I have moved 4 different times in 1 yr. because of the stuff happening that they are causing in my life. How am I supposed to live a normal life and how can I control it or the amount of spirits my guide brings to me? I really need help please- can u help?

  160. Rating: +1

    Reading the prophecy section, reminded me of a dream I had few months back. The image I remember being of A map primarily focused on America, it was nearly all flooded except for some areas such as Kansas in the mid, Australia was covered as well except for the center. So many dreams to sort out in my head.

  161. Rating: +2

    I seem to go to "places" in my dream that are not of "here", sometimes on missions in groups and alone, not always looking as I do on Earth. Sometimes I am saving a person, other times I am running from pursuers in human and other forms. I seem to be good at hiding and sneaking away from them, but they are persistent. There have been close calls, in these places I have been to where, after reading a few articles on this site, seem to be demons, a particular one transformed from a girl to a demon with a screen as a face, nearly killed me but I was saved by those who had accompanied me to that place, could have been guides. I don't know. Some dreams even come true, minor stuff like seeing my friend’s new dog in a dream before ever having met it. Even had a dream where a vision of a stone was shone to me, and I ended up receiving a stone that looked just like it from a friend. Well I don't know what I am trying to gain from sharing this other, than your opinion as per your experience and understanding in such matters. Also what of the dreams that really nag at me, such as the one from a year ago. I was brought before a group of robed beings; the word King flashed in my mind, a golden ring was thrown towards me. I look towards the smiling blonde youth who brought me there as he was leaving with a darker haired man, with a look of confusion on my face "why." He just smiles and leaves. What does it mean, I ask myself every time I recall it. The idea of playing or being King as always been intriguing since I was a child, and heard tales, read stories, movies, shows etc. At the recent age of 24, I've come to understand I would rather not be a king for the fanciful reasons I had wrought up at one point. The idea of being at the top and doing whatever I wanted, because I was king just does not appeal anymore. Truly if ever I was put in to such a position, the understanding of what such a title means and the responsibility that it comes with is quite daunting. I imagine what it would be like for the greatest king any of us could imagine, that being "God." The decision that God would have to make, and on such an unimaginable, I'd be happy as a dishwasher, comfortable in my own little zone, with my own little worries, with little bother for much else. However maybe the dream was trying to tell me what I've known for some time now, that I am capable of more and I know I am, and in knowing so, am I being selfish by not taking advantage of the experiences that I have gone through and the knowledge gained, and using it to better the lives of all. To turn the negative experiences in my life in to beauty through the cleansing of understanding. As much as I do want to do that someday, I know there is much I still have to work through, some days I feel I may not make it, but unsurprisingly as the dramatics fade I do. Well that went longer than I had expected, thank you for sharing.

  162. Rating: +9

    Why on earth humans are the only intelligent species while their are many other species among different forms of "life on earth"..?

  163. Rating: +3

    Is 2012 a time that we can choose to not die by the idea of ascension?

  164. Rating: +1

    recently i was reading about some rather large objects ( as large as earth) that were photographed by nasa and i found the picture mysteriously intriguing so i started to search the web for more info...there was more than a little info on this as several independant observers had recorded the same images and were able to get more clear resolutions...from what i could see it appeard to be solid and/or metalic in nature but the point is that it certainly was not a planet or asteroid...then there were more of them i've been more curious about nasa as being a possible cover up for the real truths which they are aware of...i have an open mind about most things so i tend to sway toward investigating on my own when i suspect that cover operations may be acting out in a non responsible manner to keep us from knowing the truth...many may argue but we the people need the truth in order for us to make ready for those things that might have been considered impossible or improbable...truth could make us stronger as our general awareness seems to be mainly situated in our own ego-centric zone of comfort which in most cases involves what we can see or my wife has cautioned me not to be on a serious pursuit of uncovering truth as it comes to e.t's or ufo activity...that i could be a dangerous endeavor that could lead to a very unfortunate situation for me to be in...i've written a few other web sites about my concerns over some sighting that have appeared on the web and received no answer at all...that was discouraging...perhaps it would help to be rich as i could really spend time doing research in a more powerful way but that isn't an option...your view point about alien contact having been kept a secret because of reasons that involve our inability to deter activity rings true...and then there's the question of mass pandamonium...that would be counter productive to say the least...but now...i think we are mostly ready for the truth if it's shared in small doses...but we aren't allowed even that much consideration...i don't want to be attacked by those who may think i shouldn't be getting at the truth by intering my own private investigation...should i just sit back and gather up reading about that which is just "interesting" or just another opinionated stream of thought or should i continue to pursue what the government knows...or what nasa really knows...i'm ready for the truth to be told...i've been around for 63 years and so much has been said about the end of time meaning different things to many people...but what i'm feeling lately is different for me...i feel that something extroadinary is about to happen in my soon...others may have this same burning sensation that i'm talking about...but it's really hard to talk about it...but i do think that what is about to unfold does involve the truth of alien activity around our planet and how it's going to affect everything....sorry if i'm rambling...just about to leave work and discovered your site and something made me say this to you...and yes...i'm a seeker of truth and a firm believer that truth as it comes to us does set us free from being bound in ignorance...perhaps such a truth would certainly end everything about almost everything we've come to know or suspect about life on this planet as we know it...and mark a beginning for change in ways that we can hardly imagine right now....but i do have a very large open and fertile imagination... WAYNE L. DAVIS

  165. Rating: +1

    I find myself aggravated that I dont pay attention to my guides and to the love that is around me all the time (sunshine, a house, bed etc, awareness of higher living). Why do I feel that the Oneness I felt and laughed so deeply for while on psilocybin is what I want to perceive again, as being connected to divine wisdom. Am I missing the whole point to higher awareness? I find it impossible to feel that way again but at the same time felt that I, at psilocybin time, have always felt that way. That it is simple to laugh from the belly at all of life. How come I feel rather far from that perception to reality?

  166. Rating: +8

    How do I know I'm doing something against God but I don't mean to?

  167. Rating: +4

    HELP is all I need. I need an expert, a fellow odd ball, an exorcist or just someone else that has had special permission and insight into secrets of the world. All my life I had things happening to me that no one else had experienced. Things during the night and day, asleep and/or awake. Experiences with all matters of the unexplained or just plain unheard of by most people. I'm in real trouble here and I need help, all my life someone along the way would tell me that I need to learn about my gifts and how to protect myself ... of course I didn't listen to any one of them, I was in short, afraid to dive into the unknown in fear of waking up more events or inviting horrible things in. It began at age five, we moved to this older bigger place, an Inn my parents inherited, this is the start of my awakening at night unable to move and feeling afraid of some unknown thing. It wasn't until my husband and I moved to Tennessee and built our dream home that the nightmare of it all began. This all began in 2004 three days after we moved into the new place. It wasn't long before I was able to see and feel them. I am told that I am a beacon to the spirit world, the evil is trying to keep me from what God has planned for me in the future. If I wasn't close to God I'd have been posessed while in that infested house. I've been working with the Catholic Church all these years awaiting an exorcist that is able to leave thier jurisdiction, heck, the Priests in this area deny evil spirits exist! The Bishop came to the house to bless it, smartly I recorded the entire visit so that I could prove to him this activity is there and extremely intelligent. That was a year ago and still no attention to this attack my family is suffering from daily. Anyone, someone please help me in any way you can.

  168. Rating: +3

    Why do people believe we come from monkeys and not God?

  169. Rating: +1

    Are Archangels real or just myths?

  170. Rating: +8

    What's the difference between Muslims and Christians?

  171. Rating: +6

    How do I manifest my desires now?

  172. Rating: +12

    I see you haven't said much about Jesus. How does He fit into all this? Was He just another man or the Son of God? And in this case..was He the son of "Arissa"? Are there any male personages in the Godhead or any Trinity of any kind?

  173. Rating: +1

    With our do we know what path is the correct one. I feel that thus far in my life with what i have accomplished, any path I feel drawn too. Its like a black hole when I try to meditate and figure out what way to do..I am speaking of carriers. How can I dicipher what is what? And P.S things are getting better..I have been focusing on positives and god and its has helped..Now this cross way has fell apon my feet...What way?

  174. Rating: +3

    I read that we are only supposed to pray to God and no one else but we can ask through god to speak to our loved ones that have passed. Is this true you think? I am always taking to my Dad and hoping he will send me some kind of message that he hears me but I am not getting anything. I watch all these shows where people have received signs and messages from someone close that passed and want to know why I haven't. I really want to!

  175. Rating: +2

    Are people who have done so much with their lives, like invented cures and the computer, etc... less likely to come back than say, someone who hasn't really done anything with their life?

  176. Rating: +4

    Is Arch Angel Micheal really just a myth? Do we all have angles surrounding us? I was told we each have 2 with us all the time from birth and that they can't never been seen by us or interfere with our lives except by giving us feelings or things like that.

  177. Rating: +2

    Hello. I would like to know what will occur in Haiti for the 4 months to come?

  178. Rating: +4

    My question is about "true love", not romatic love, but love of self, all beings and God. I get the thought but not the feeling. How can I express love in my everyday life?

  179. Rating: +1

    When I meditate, are these the guides I feel, angels other beings. I asked to communicate with higher self, about nine months ago. I had an experience that was strange, at first. I had the loud buzzing in ears, and a pulsating/ pushing from inside my body, like someone got a ball point pen and poking under the skin, just like a computer scanner would do reading a document. My entire body head to toe felt like it was being repaired or something. It didn't hurt at all. Freaked me out at first. I stopped after a few minutes. It picked up the next nite, where it left off, lasted about 30-40 min. I was so drained for a week after. I feel like I'm a different person.

  180. Rating: +5

    Jesus was god in human form, has this happened since and if so who was it?

  181. Rating: +3

    How do I know tht when I pray silently God can hear me? I mean there are so many how do I know my voice/thoughts got through?

  182. Rating: +3

    why would a soul be stuck say in a house? Why would some souls not pass all the way over? Is this not really real or are there true ghosts as we refer to them

  183. Rating: +1

    Was there ever life anywhere else before earth? were we put here because the other planet was dying? Is there life out in space on a different planet NOW and if so are they like us?

  184. Rating: +2

    Will we ever make contact with another planet and if so when?

  185. Rating: +3

    Is God disappointed in the human race and how ugly we have become? Will we get better anytime soon? Will God say this human race needs to go they are just bad seeds. I need to start over.

  186. Rating: +8

    How come our souls can't just up and leave this body we are in? How are we grounded in this one body?

  187. Rating: +4

    Do we have guides and angels with us at all times?

  188. Rating: +5

    Are you a medium?

  189. Rating: +5

    Hello Sir, I'm from India.I need your guidance and insights on dealing with the loss of pets. I don't have a pet but I feed feral cats.We can't keep pets because it is a huge responsibility and also my mom has asthma. We allow them inside our house let them play and sleep for most of the day but at nights we keep the food outside.Recently our apartment neighbors told us to stopped feeding them as they were causing nuisance by pooping at their door step.So we stopped feeding them.But one of the kittens(his name is Bambi) was so persistent that he came to our house by jumping through the windows. It was like a secret passage.It came through the windows for about one and a half months.But suddenly one day it vanished that too when it was sick.More than 2 months has passed since its disappearance.Grief hits me every now and then and sometimes the grief is unbearable. I miss him.I'm very emotional about cats.I love them.They are my weakness.And whenever they wander off suddenly it becomes very difficult for me to deal with their absence. The thing that hurts me the most is that he was sick when he wandered off. In the past there was a feral cat like him who also wandered off when he was about 6 months old. Of course I missed and cried about him too but he was healthy when he went away.But Bambi was sick and it was barely 4 months old.I'm worried about his well being.I feel that he went away abruptly at the wrong time.I'm not needy of cats.I'm only worried about his well being.I don't know if it's alive and healthy or dead presently.I cannot stop crying whenever I think of him.I miss him a lot.I can't control myself from crying whenever memories of him flash in my mind.I know that loss is inevitable but I when it comes to cats I'm very emotional. I would like to gain a deeper understanding on this issue in general(that is sudden loss of pets) so that if such kind of incident happens again I don't get so overly emotional.I need closure.How do I deal with this grief.Please guide me.

  190. Rating: +2

    If time doesn't exist did you already know I was going to ask this?

  191. Rating: +1

    What do you personally believe will happen at the end of december 2012 ?

  192. Rating: +8

    How do you control your thoughts?

  193. Rating: +1

    When I was about twelve, I lost motivation entirely and in this sudden burst of sadness I went upstairs to my room and chanted "I want to die" three times. As I got off my bed the grim reaper appeared. After this I use to get nightmares and ever since I have a sense of dread whenever I go to sleep in this room but I do it so that I don't end up completely scared all together. My questions are: What was it I saw? Also, why did I see it?

  194. Rating: +2

    There have been a lot of suicides lately. Why is this? Is it just that these people have lost it or could it be something more?

  195. Rating: +2

    Is death pre-planned for everyone? Can someoe change their death date?

  196. Rating: +1

    I was reading a book called "nothing in this book is true but, it is exactly how things are". It told me a rather odd story on our creation, in which we were mine workers for an alien race could you shed some light on this topic?

  197. Rating: +3

    If we keep coming back till we get it right, how do we know when we have? How many times have I aready come back and failed? I would want to know this because I think it would help me to improve. How can one know this?

  198. Rating: +1

    So if there is life on other planets will we be sent there to live a human life after we die from this one or will we always come back to this earth? Will I always be a female when and if I return?

  199. Rating: +1

    how do you know that my father can hear me when I speak to him? What if he has already been sent back here to live another life.

  200. Rating: +1

    Can someone just have a bad soul or would it be the body they have entered that was bad. If it were the body that was bad or something along those lines why would it be so bad to want out of that body and try again in one that was not messed up?

  201. Rating: +3

    When will everyone wake up?

  202. Rating: +1

    When people speak about shadow people who are they? Ghosts? Are they bad?

  203. Rating: +3

    Are psychadelic drugs such as iboga and mushrooms good for spiritual journeys to find our hidden truths?

  204. Rating: +9

    Is there a punishment/ treatment for souls that are consistenly destructive or "evil"

  205. Rating: +4

    Are the conspiracy theories and Secret world orders real /Conspiracies like The philadephia experiment / HAARP and New World Order /Secret Societies Such as: Illumanati, Skull and bones and Free Masons and as well as The Pyramid of Gize being a test for divinity and house for the divines / Or is paranoia getting to my head?

  206. how do you know if you are an angelic human or light worker and what is the difference?

  207. Rating: +1

    A bit of a long backstoryed one: I am a 16 year old boy, who was raised up differently from everyone else and when I finally went to school at 12 I was somewhat disorientated by talking to people outside my family as it was strange to have to try and be like everyone else when you could be yourself. People bullied me because I was so grown up, strange and also I would always back down but, as an effect I hid my emotions to make me less vulnerable. As a result now 16 I feel cold. I ask for my emotions and I get confused. I am a good actor and fake most of them but, as an aspiration I want to be a CEO of a game designing business not for power but I want to help people. The problem is that I am borderline depressed, Have no motivation to live other then my family and worried I could easily become a power hungry psychopath. I also intend to wake up at some point because everything around me feels fake and I often wonder if I am dreaming. My question is what do I do?

  208. Rating: +3

    Is there a tree of life?

  209. Rating: +3

    How can you tell when you are ready to wake up?

  210. Rating: +5

    I had a dream the other night and my guides told me to ask you about this. In the dream, I walked past an elderly gentleman sitting in a chair. I think I had seen him the same way in another dream but not sure. Then, all I remember was my guides told me to ask you about him because you know the significance of him in my life. Is this true and was it really a message? I journal my dreams and receive messages from my guides and friends and family that have passed. How can we learn from our dreams?

  211. Rating: +5

    Is our environment being artificialy engineered? Who is doing it and why?

  212. Rating: +2

    Have you run into the work's recorded in the Nag hammadi library which contains a great deal of similarity with your intuitive wisdom but also affirms the true nature of Jesus the Messiah work on how liberating it truly is for anyone who has understanding, not only understanding my immortality but allowing me to freely open the gates of heaven like it had always been mine to do so when I previously thought or assumed like everyone else that it took independent action to do so when all it really takes is to sit still and know God .

  213. Rating: +8

    What are syncrhonisities, i see numbers all the time, Im talking to something that is always by me, they even let me know they are there by making my incent stick spiral in the most beautiful way, i hear 3 knocks on my house, im seeing 3:33 everywhere but 11:11 is what i see the most and 1:11 which is also my bday Ohh and can this site be converted for mobile use, hard to read on phone header moves when u zoom

  214. Rating: +3

    Are you a AI ?

  215. Rating: +1

    I regularly get sleep paralysis, it is becoming more and more frequent and although I no longer find it scary, my question is why does it happen?

  216. Rating: +3

    If we are souls in a body, then what are we made of?

  217. Rating: +2

    We humans are the multidimensional infinite expression and possibility of ourselves. I have been on this planet for 22 years and I remembered the first few days I came in with the first thoughts, but why have we come in now? We have heard this spiritual metaphysical explanation linking to different metaphorical understandings (sciences), but what does it mean, signify, purpose... what is our (it's) purpose here in cosmos. Why is cosmos (we) doing this? To have fun? (scratches head) lol

  218. Rating: +1

    If I am in such a large family, why do I feel so lonely?

  219. Rating: +8

    What was King David's secret chord?

  220. Rating: +7

    How can you be sure all the questions you have answered are the truth?How did you get all these knowledge?

  221. Rating: +3

    Dear JST, If I may ask -What would be your take regarding "Stellar Bubbles" i.e. Variances of vibration inside different Solar systems, and/or within the interstellar Space? You are probobly aware, that there is a silent, rather shy theory circulating, whispering about "bubbles" that Stars form arround themselfs. Energetically, and adjusting other phisical factors in diffrent "shapes". Excluding, or least seriously narrowning the possibility for Solar natives to travel between Stars, entering other "bubble" regions. Voyager 1 space probe is now approaching the exit lines of our Stellar home. It is expected to break the boundries any time soon! In time frame vayring from tomorrow - till few years ahead. Just few days ago, NASA JPL released the information, that it has allready encountered region of Space, where flow of neutrons is diffrent from what we normally have mental contact with. Judging from the tone of the released tekst, they are really exited. Wich obviously makes sense. The probe was essentially designed to be able to send data untill 2020, and the moment when it leaves the boundries if highly anticipaded (as if it have the rank of Great coronation, when it comes to whole mission). I decided to direct this issue to you, because beside the fact, that Im in much respect towards your ´first-time ever so completely presented´, cybernetic-soul concept :), It grasping (sort of) this issue. I am also thankfull, that you are sharing your knowledge. Await your Anser. Regts.

  222. Rating: +6

    Can you please tell us a bit about your personal story and give us a small glimpse into your journey so far?

  223. Rating: +5

    I am a female and some years ago, during a past life regression, I was shown that I lived a past life as an American Indian man. My first question is; "Do we interchange between being male and female during our different life incarnations?" Second question; "Do we benefit from knowing or receiving information about our past lives?" Thank you for answering questions for us!

  224. Rating: +3

    Are there different dimensions we must travel through first to get to the truth. I mean can you tell me if maybe I have been in a different dimension in the past and this reality I am in now is just another dimension on my souls travels to God and the truth? Thank You Divine.

  225. Rating: +4

    Does the Heart play a big role as a individual in our journey to become a divine being? I have noticed that when the heart plays a roll in our lives that it has a bigger understanding to our connection to God, that is also a invisible force that can't be described. Most of your articles answers are really just symbols of your experience that really can only be imagine by your readers. Your answers are based on my research with (religion,mythology, etc.) fact and true and all seam to be connected. Assuming that nobody asked this question even though I read most of your articles, I would like to hear your opinion to my question.

  226. Rating: +6

    hi can you please tell me who are the advance agents sub calling me and there real purpose and intent.

  227. Rating: +10

    Can you elaborate on the subject of love/romantic relationships ? Karmic relationships ? More specifically negative or difficult relationships . Thank you for your work here :-) Many Blessings <3

  228. Rating: +8

    Where does all the information you give us come from? How do you know how it all works? Who taught you? How long has this information been around? How did you get it? Thank you

  229. Rating: +6

    What is your opinion on David Icke. Is he a source of intentional misinformation? Is he telling the truth? Is it simply unknown? Or is he just crazy? I have been following him for a while now and i have become suspicious of every source of info these days...

  230. Rating: +8

    I am having such a hard time leaving a long term relationship . I know we both have deep love for each other after 14 almost 15 yrs together but it hurts me terribly to think of hurting him so profoundly & changing his life. I don't know how to get the courage to do what I need to for my own personal growth . I have heard if it feels wrong don't do it but I also hear a person doesn't truly live unless you leave your comfort zone. Feeling stuck can I make this decision to move on ? Much love & Many Blessings

  231. Rating: +1

    Are you awake?

  232. Rating: +3

    How do I tell the difference between a spiritual mission and a challenge to be avoided? I met a man and instantly felt that we were drawn together to make a difference in the world. Our careers are all about love and service and together we feel we could be of real help. However I have a long term partner who I love. To stay with him would mean not being able to work with the other person. I want to leave but do not want to hurt my husband or trap myself in the life death cycle. How do I know if the other relationship is my mission (this I feel) or if I should choose the role of staying and working on my relationship?

  233. Rating: +3

    what can you tell me about guardian angels? Do we all have them and if so how many. Can we see them?

  234. Rating: +1

    How many angels do we have with us and can we ever see them?

  235. Rating: +5

    Why do we really dream and why are they so strange sometimes?

  236. Rating: +2

    Will Aliens make contact with us soon?

  237. Rating: +1

    Warum alter leute vergessen wenn krank sind in Kopf ?Was passiert mit diese Leute nach dem Tod?Computer ist kaput?Warum passiert das?

  238. Rating: +1

    Haben sie keine Angst,wenn so viel informacion haben?Diese informacion nur für Sie!Oder?

  239. Rating: +1

    You have explained about aliens or advanced beings and advanced civilizations pretty well. It is very convincing and rings true. What I want to know is what about the place we human beings go to immediately after we die? I mean the afterlife? What are the rules and laws there? Do we reunite with our deceased loved ones? What connection do these advanced beings have with human afterlife?

  240. Rating: +3

    How do I get in contact with one of my guides?

  241. My aunt passed away in October from cancer. I was told that she stayed on earth 3 weeks after her passing because she felt as if she had "unfinished business." Is there a way for me to make contact with her now that she has crossed over?

  242. Rating: +1

    I feel dead. Like I can't feel anything and I get frustrated at my emotions because they are just an energy cycle with no depth. Like a shallow wave in a bathtub. I feel detached and disassociated with my body and my life meaningless even though I have a goal. My question is how do I stop it and feel part of my physical self again?

  243. Rating: +1

    is there going to be a pole shift seems everyone is talking about it. :) your answers are second to NONE, thank U so so much

  244. Rating: +2

    What is your simple Input to William A. Dembski Article? I was very confusing to me. Also his translation quote is not clear to me.

  245. Rating: +1

    Ive had a problem with nightmares my whole life. I remember vivid ones from when I was 4. I also get sleep paralysis which are sometimes much worse.There are short periods where I dont get them but that doesnt last long. For a few months Ive been sleeping with the tv on which helps but I shouldnt have to. Are my guides trying to convey a life long message? Or is there something wrong with me?

  246. Rating: +3

    I feel like life's/god's/universe's/whatever the hell's guinea pig. I don't want to exist in any form.I don't want after life.I don't want any life.I don't wanna be thrown into the cycle of life and death again.You say that we have to correct our character weakness, face a lot of challenges and become divine if we want to break this cycle.But I'm not willing to do any of this because it is difficult and painful.I'm not willing to go through this crap.I don't wanna be a part of this stupid, sadistic experiment called life and evolution.I don't wanna be a part of the "divine play". I don't want to face any challenges.I don't want to be a part of any immortal society.What will be my fate after my death if I don't wish to exist in any form?Will I be given a choice to not exist in any form or will I be thrown into this cycle of life and death again forcefully AGAINST MY WILL?

  247. Rating: +1

    Do crimes like murder, rape etc occur in Solamenta?If I decide to stay in Solamenta will I be safe and secure from the crimes that take place on earth?

  248. Rating: +1

    As we come to crossroads in our lives and we choose a direction based on a "gut feeling" or a passion, is this God, the universe, or are we being guided in our choice? Thank you!

  249. Rating: +3

    My daughter started off with mental illness and was diagnosed as autistic (highly functioning, as in very smart) She decided that she would believe in Satanism and studied it closely, as she does with all things. She is very logic orientated. Her full time study turned into contact with an entity and then zozo through a ouija board then constant remote writing or channeling on paper to conversing with it to the point where she can't sleep or think. I have lost everything trying to help this girl and am now living with family that wants us out and they dont even know what is up. I have no job, very little money and really, really need some help. My knowledge of demonology is through years of Christian theology and I have done all I can for her. I am now to a point where admitting her into the hospital when she has a complete break, is all I can do and was told that is only when they will do anything, or if she hurts herself or us. Whatever this is, it speaks it's own language through her and tries very hard to include me in this all by aligning with my own theology, which is really not christian any more. I have gone the christian route. They will not help, the state wont help. I can't seem to help and i just want someone who is open to trying. I want my daughter back and safe. Sincerely, sheila

  250. Rating: +1

    How do you explain an event when a dying person sees someone or something to pick him up so after then he stops breathing while he still about to say something...Is this the detachment of soul or spirit from the body? The dying person is scared.

  251. Rating: +1

    As agod i ask you to think before space existed what was before it how does existance exist?/ nothing cant be nothing or canit?

  252. Rating: +1

    Why am I feeling so disconnected with humanity at this tme? I know I am a Devine being hear for a reason. I miss the feeling of Pure love. There is no love on earth that can come close to this Feeling.

  253. Rating: +2

    Do you believe in the conspiracy that the JFK assassination was done by someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald? If so, who do you think was behind it and have there been other cases?

  254. Rating: +2

    When we all make it to paradise as Gods Will and Plan.. What will happen to the Earth, The Universe and all that was created to help us know God and live in an eternal community. Will we remember what we went through to get where we will be?

  255. Rating: +1

    I don't have a question, but I just wanted you to know that until today I have felt very alone in my journey. The older I get, the more I hear God and am guided by Him. I am so grateful and my life gets better everyday. I strive to make more and more good choices. I know that someday, they will be all good and that's exciting. You are so right, it is important to read but not believe things as they are presented, but to find what God wants you to learn from it so that you continue to elvolve. Thank you J.S. Thompson for writing Truth.

  256. Rating: +1

    I am the founder of a paranormal research organization in Texas. My research in recent years and current research on an upcoming TV documentary have brought me to the prospect of alien or advanced human mining. I have come across more and more reports and evidence of strange completely round, smooth, and deep shafts found out in the middle of nowhere in areas where many minerals are found such as quartz and even uranium. These shafts seem to be too smooth and perfectly round to have been created by modern drilling equipment. They almost appear to have been made by a high intensity laser drill of sometimes that left the shafts with an almost glass like smoothness. Is this something you have come across?

  257. Rating: +2


  258. Rating: +3

    my husband died on 6th dec 2015 aged 44 I am 49 and we were soul mates . we discovered that all of our lives we had been following each other we went to the same infant junior schools we played with friends in the same street as children yet never connected with each other until we were in our 30s we just knew we were meant to be together I really really need to know will he come back to me in this life , or is he waiting for me to die for us to be together , or do we do it all over again when we are both re born I am so confused and miss him dearly and don't know why he laft me so young as we had so many plans we hadn't done can someone please help me please thankyou sharon

  259. Rating: +2

    How do you know when you are awake?

  260. Rating: +2

    Is there ever a point where we can no longer evolve and grow? My fear comes from the Bibles unpardonable sin. I fear that I have committed this transgression by turning my back on my spiritual journey.

  261. Rating: +1

    3 questions: I find your article interesting- I am wondering what your explanation for those "orbs" are. I saw a "set" of 5 orbs twice. I since read as much as I could, researched, tried to find out what exactly they are (reflections of something; a visual distortion caused by physics; extraterrestrials; something that is happening with the military; no answers anywhere- but lots of pictures of something similar to what I saw all over the internet posted by other observers all over the world. They came, stayed awhile, then left quite quickly- what are they? (I told my colleages at work, and another person who is an RN also saw them, so I know they are there-I saw them twice while going to work on the same road in approximate the same area) There should be something online somewhere that explains what the phenomenon is- especially if it happens all the time all over the world. Second question: what do I do about the fact that I can't stand being human. (I'm not a nut- I'm being honest) There doesn't really seem to be any authentic "divine" guidance" and I feel that I am left struggling to "advance" all by myself, with my failing, character defects, thinking errors, wisdom deficits, dull comprehension/cognitive abilities, etc.... now- seems like an impossible feat; but I can't stand being where I am at- what is your take on that? Having experienced another "dimension" in a "light body" (for lack of another way to describe things) is all well and good, but my earth life isn't making any progress at all---- 3. Your contact page doesn't work- it asks the writer to type a number, but no number is provided. How can someone contact you? 4. I want to get to the bottom of all this "extraterrestrial" stuff- I want to get to the bottom of how to become a "divine being"...tired of the merry go round.

  262. Rating: +2

    I am a 38 year old gay male and I have always known that I was gay. My earliest "gay"memories happened when I was four years of age and although I would admire the beaty and characteristics of the female gender, I always felt attracted to males. I remember having crushes on my older siblings male friends at the age of four. I have read past articles that say we have gender when we are Solamenta, but could that mean that I am female gender out in Solamenta? How do you define or explain being a gay individual here on earth?

  263. Rating: +2

    You self describe as an "advanced being" . Please explain what the criteria for being and "advanced being" is, and how you meet this this criteria.

  264. Rating: +1

    One simple error-with huge significance-being/source of being/life-conscious awareness-requires that which "machine" cannot create. "machine" might be able to create "avatar" without being, but cannot usher forth "being".

  265. Rating: +2

    Hello, My name is Vincent and I'm Vietnamese, Im currently working for a government agency. I can consider myself a Buddist as Im a keen believer of the religion so as my family. Sorry for my English, i will try my best to write my questions. I have been wondering about life after death, karma and all that. And its so great for me to read your website. I have so so many questions to ask and I hope you can provide the answers... so here i go: 1. We believe that living as a good person, and being a monk is a quicker way (Follow the religion's rules stricktly) shall enable us to go to nirvana (could it be other worlds/planets). Is it true? 2. There is a thoery of our next lives which could be the results of how we live this life, for e.g. living as a good person can result in my next life a prosperity one. Does karma exist and it will be evaluate once we die to determine what our next life will be? 3. In Vietnam, we workship our ancestors, we believe once a person die their soul still exists and could provide support for his/her children, grand children. If we will be evaluated for what we have done after we die, how long would it take for us to be sent to other worlds? My father has passed away, can he help me in one or other way to help me achieve my goals in my current life? Can I reunite with him after I die? Its very important for us Vietnamese to workship our ancestors or disasters might come if we dont, can this be related to advance human beings? I do hope to recieve your response soon. Kind regards, Vincent Nguyen

  266. Rating: +4

    Thank you for your responses, I feel I can learn allot from the dialogue. You do seem to have a beginner's understanding of Existential, Cognitive, and Psychodynamic Psychology, with possible a moderate level of understanding of the theories Quantum Physics etc.; Do keep in mind- in reality you are the "experiencer", though consciousness is an aspect of the technologies of creation- consciousness does not experience - awareness is not enough to accomplish experience- if you clear your mind before answering, and release all energies of the "negative system" your answers will be more relevant. I like your metaphors and efforts to describe what our current programming is unable to define more succinctly. When I facilitate, I often use the metaphor of the avatar that is created by the player of a video game to make some of the same points. Anyway, you seem quite adamant that all that is in awareness can be observed and measured- Your previous answer re: Orbes is not congruent with this paradigm. "For me, who knows if these things are real; it is a good explanation when all else is ruled out. That being said, there is no other scientific proof for them, that I am aware of but my explanation is accurate. " (the sentence itseelf contradicts itself). The fact is, today's scientists should know what these are, and where they are coming from, and if we are making them, they are an effect of the stuff we are throwing out into space, or they are extraterrestrials (whether from this dimension of from another). What we know is that if something is observable, then it is measurable- and these are obviously "observed",The scientific community considers anything that is observable and measurable to be real. So, the Orbs are real. You are the second person (other than people on tv) who feel strongly that they are inter-dimensional craft. Kind of like Ancient Aliens' "Watcher's Theory". I happen to believe, with nothing to support my claims (admittedly), that the scientific community associated with our governments do exactly what these are. What I cannot understand is why the information gathered, whatever it is, is not shared with the public; or if the phenomenon is created by us and is an effect of our own technology, why wont they tell us. Anyway, your disappointment in hearing that I want to "graduate" from being hu-man-being, triggered me to take another look- but I am really ready to give up the programming of the negative programming that is required for a human being to be human by definition. After contemplating yoru response, and taking a second look to see if I could be happy experiencing the human condition forever, I decided, no. The experiencer that I am, would like to be hu-being (breath of god/consciousness-combine with being-the experiencer. but not the "man" part. (man embraces male and female). Yes, I like experiencing creating, I like experiencing a co-created identity that results in a sense of self- but I dont like being slave to a lower nature, and having a very good understanding of how dark a human being can become, i'm ready in my heart to "graduate" from that. So, yes, I am still frustrated, and wish I were not part of the "hu-man-race". I still love humans and care for them. I have made a commitment to serve them and help them and minister to them. But I am tired of being one of them. Its nice that as you have explained, hu-man-being are sooooo superior with superior technology etc... but I dont really have a need to be superior or to be associated wit the "superior" being. I would be willing to sacrifice being counted among the superior race to be released from the negative system that include darkness, evil, chaos..the bad and the ugly. There are those of the school of thought who would say you cannot have a created world to experience in if you do not have both light and darkness, the negative and the positive, but I do not believe this, I believe that there is a world created where beings can exist and experience without participation in the negative system. What do you think?

  267. Rating: +2

    where did you find the name Arissa?

  268. Rating: +2

    Dear JS Thompson, Is our time on earth pre-determined? I ask because my 20 year old daughter took her own life. Was it pre-determined that she would live only for 20 years? What did she come to earth to learn/experience/teach? Thank you

  269. Rating: +1

    Watching Huff Paranormal and it dawned on me that the portals he's creating are opening up dimensions. Allowing more and more communication. Do you think that it is possible to communicate with another place. Let's say a billion light years away or something? What are your thoughts on his work?

  270. Rating: +1

    My parents familymembers,friends, other people who have no knowledge of this, or any religion followed,did doing through ,my eyes more good things than others who believe in their God.a chance a right, to ascend?yes I learned about judgement day through bible,movies etc.I did very stupid things..I know there were if I tellconfess those wrongs to whom must I adress myself too..and all the animals who care for one another even if they are another they ascend?would be nice too greet your lost compagnon again..

  271. Rating: +2

    I think so,butt maybe not who knows..whith every doomscenario I am reading the last few days it looks like our poor tiered blue planet earth..mother nature is criyng for help.though I like to think she does have a soul.can not explain it.we do not deserve to live here as a guest most people say when we see, experience the murders all over the continents and seas of its fauna and flora..pollution.due to consumer idiocraty..aren't we all part of it somehow?Earths threats if I read correctly..not native speaking person.are in three to four months the last place on 23 September poles will shift,at the same time Nibiru is knocking at our door.some say one of his "sattelites"might crash into the planet specified nevada,three major quakes very very soon.and last but not least.and fore mother earth the worst!!our given knowledge of nucliair power turned into weapons.fabricated in mass ,copyied by some ,bought,by others that will be used by pretty much everyone from the moment that N-Korea will shoot at japan,or Israel vs Arab state.can She survive it? Could be decimated no?will higher beings allow that?there are more than one species no? is there a a truce amongst them?I mean agreement?do they fight amongst them?I read about the war in heaven and the fallen angels inprisoned here on earth,Antartica.Hitler knew or got to know that and a bit later America also.turning point for them also..Forgive me for asking multiple ones..

  272. Rating: +1

    I have been a Vegetarian since birth. I turned Vegan recently. Watching all the horrific videos of animal abuse has affected me a lot. I have started thinking about the condition of animals very deeply. Humans are tormenting and exploiting animals in heinous ways and nature is also cruel. Food chain is cruel. Basically all the animals go through tremendous physical pain either inflicted by other animals or humans. And this bothers me a lot. Why is the fate of animals so horrific? There seems to be no end to their suffering. Herbivores are 100% screwed. The reality of animals is very very terrifying. It's like they are born only to suffer so much physical pain. There is also emotional trauma (Mother Cows crying for their babies when they are taken away). There is no end to the list of vile and depraved things man does to animals. All kinds of worst pain is inflicted on them. It bothers me that this has been happening since many years. Some people are fighting for animals but even so still millions are getting tortured, orphaned and dying a horrific death every single day. The universe does not give a damn because it is also cruel (food chain). God obviously does not care. I'm getting thoughts like, what if I was an animal. Just imagining about it terrifies me. I think about this issue everyday and scream why. When will this animal cruelty end? Why are animals destined to live a life of immense suffering at the hands of humans and nature?

  273. Have Aliens contact with God ?

  274. Rating: +1

    Do we live again in the same body but in another univers? And learn from our mistakes in this liife?

  275. Why did God create the cruel food chain?

  276. Rating: +2

    In question number 10 , you said that "God doesn't cause the suffering in the world, we do!" Well if that's true then what about the animal kingdom. There is so much pain and suffering in the animal kingdom. Food chain is cruel. So many vile things like male lion killing baby lions, animals rejecting the runt of the litter and so on. If God cries bitter tears over the actions of man then I cry bitter tears over her actions. Why did god design the animal kingdom this way?

  277. Rating: +3

    I wanted to share my recent revelation on consciousness and see what you thought about the subject. So, first of all my description of the universe is just a median of light i.e. formless space with a soup of energy. This energy has information. This information can be about anything (position, space, time etc.) and this information must be infinite because energy is infinite. I believe that all our awareness is, is a side effect of this information whereby we are information that can modify information. I define information as basically one of many states of light. So, I believe that the observable universe is the space where physical beings can exist because our consciousnesses are derived by energy itself and the information energy can have. This isn't to say we cannot just move light outside of the observable universe but rather that we cannot move our bodies outside of the universe without first moving light. Now to make this clear on how powerful this would make us in terms of miracles consider this - you observe the universe and therefore you store information on it. The universe is just information inside of a median so, if you knew everything about the universe you may also create an entire universe inside of your head and again, the consciousnesses could indeed repeat this process an infinite number of times. So regardless of how timeless/timed the universe is, we can make time because time is just an observational duration and if you have a whole universe inside of your mind, while contemplating your existence then you are a god. And this process is probably the natural process by which our fitness is really defined because, everything we have ever done implies a desire to gain self awareness. So, I noticed you go with the machine idea a lot and I study computers so I will use that - we are an interconnected web of information and each of us as individuals is capable of modifying themselves. Something changed to information which caused it to start changing itself a lot, so maybe all a god ever was information that can change information. Now, we are writing in a language here, but real language is just feeling. I know this because I have felt nothing, and feeling nothing is probably what hell really is - when all that you are lacks synergy, so you can conjure no feeling I found I could only think of death ,which as a thought must always have a reason. Therefore no language can communicate, the feeling of this idea except to say that it feels amazing. You probably know what I mean but I want to be thorough, because this happened partially because of you. All the information in my mind has come together for a moment and I think I finally understand why I exist. So, there is what I believe, what about you?

  278. Rating: +2

    What is the path to divinity- becoming a "Divine Being"

  279. Rating: +1

    If one has a "guide" or "Friend" in another "dimension" or "astral plane" or whatever "place" one might call it- where all are in light bodies- How does one discern if this entity is wise, knows what "he/she" is talking about; or why the friend is in one's "world" ?

  280. Rating: +1

    Do you have any "spiritual" information or "esoteric" information about Muana Kea mountain and/or international observatory?

  281. Rating: +1

    Did all of the Wathers "fall"? OR are there some "good ones"? What is their original purpose? Thank you for all of your help-

  282. Rating: +3

    hello, sorry to bother, but how does the Sumerian text and the Anunnaki figure in with your response to : Are the Pleiadians here to help humans evolve?. thank you for your help with this.

  283. Rating: +1

    What is your opinion about the use of the RFT chip? Will it make the world a better place for humanity? Or does it have the potential of setting humans up to be controlled? Is it inevitable? Or can humanity be successful with remaining free of such control should this be the outcome? Any thoughts from you on the subject are appreciate- please share all of your thoughts without limiting your response to my specific questions... I h ave many many questions for you- I appreciate your commitment and for being here for all of us who receive blessings from your site. Thank you in advance.

  284. Rating: +1

    If deciding to stay in a relationship and it feels that the relationship literally fell in your lap, is that Gods work? In that relationship different issues comes up that I feel is put on my path for me to "over come". Now instead of leaving the relationship do I continue with it so I can evolve past this life on earth even if it doesn't make me the happiest all the time because what I think will make me happy might be distracting from the long term goal to evolve to an eternal being in Paradise with Arissa. I dont trust this person a 100% but I feel like maybe this relationship will help me work on that and free me of the attachment of what I think this person can give me. Also with sex, because there will be no sex in Paradise will it be better to follow the path that will help me evolve and let go of "earthly" desires? I wanted to leave but then I read your response to a question about leaving a long term relationship and it not being the best policy with regards to our personal growth. There is no abuse, just some lying( I am not a fan at all) and financial differences and views that we are stuck on. I have been struggling for a while with: Do I leave because Im not "happy" or do I stay because the less than "ideal" situation will only be beneficial for my growth. I feel selfish towards my partner for thinking like this but I also have told him that we were put on each others paths to learn. Is it just a matter of figuring out what the lessons would be?

  285. Rating: +1

    I had a dream, really vivid. Like I was somewhere getting help, when it finally arrived I got trasported true a loop back to bed. I could here the sound of me getting me back from that other "space universe" and my room shaked back in this world reality. Like in the mocie jumanji when all whe back to normal. It was so real I woke up instantly I could not understand where I went, but the moment I shifted back was so real, I was afraid ... I weird dream like this has happened like 2 times this week

  286. Rating: +1

    Why are aliens not depicted as more beautiful than us humans?

  287. Rating: +1

    What is the lowest level of hell?

  288. Rating: +1

    What is idealism and its implications to public administration?

  289. Rating: +1

    Are aliens coming?

  290. Rating: +1

    What is the psychological reason behind the existential fear of aliens?

  291. Rating: +1

    Why do angels in heaven play harps?

  292. Rating: +1

    Why are Jinn’s scared of mirrors?

  293. Rating: +1

    Why did God cast the Devil out of Heaven? Why didn't he just kill him and his fallen angels?

  294. Rating: +1

    Why does one suffer from depression after enlightenment?

  295. Rating: +1

    Do you think, as a non-believer, that heaven is real?

  296. Rating: +1

    Are there aliens out there and will they ever invade Earth?

  297. Rating: +3

    Is Divine Foreknowledge compatible with human free will?

  298. Rating: +1

    If you believe in an afterlife: When someone contracts a neurological condition that changes their personality over a long time period (and makes them less capable of joy), which version gets sent to the afterlife?

  299. Rating: +1

    Am I the only one thats real?

  300. Rating: +1

    Who is J.S. Thompson? Any photos & biography or videos?

  301. Rating: +1

    For years I have seen and continue to see number sequences and syncronicities. It started with seeing the same numbers on clocks, 5:15, 11:11, 1:11. Over the years it evolved I began seeing numbers on licence plates receipts, signs, etc. Over the years the numbers evolved as well; 1234, 222, 333, 444, 555.. The last few years I mainly see 616, 717, 909, 919. It's always random times when I saw them as well. E.g I would wake up in the middle of the night and the time would be 1221. I was born 12/21/81. A stranger could ask me the time and it would be exactly 616. Sometimes I will see the same number several times a day for several weeks. Then suddenly I stop seeing that number for a while. It seems to come and go in waves. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on this? Is this my guides communicating with me? If so can I better hear them, other than being in the moment. Thanks so much for your time!! Clayton

  302. Rating: +1

    Hi! I found you at Quora.... I want to get rid of these entities in my home. Since they are not demons i find it harder to deal with at this point. Can you help me to free myself from these invaders? They seem to be monitoring first. And i want to know what is their purpose. Please. I don't go into details at this point.

  303. Rating: +1

    Who wrote the Urantia Book? And are there other beings in space other than us, Like in the urantia book.

  304. Rating: +1

    Can someone please help me understand what i experienced? Please forgive me for my poor gramma. "I was driving my car and i was feeling really distant from myself and others, feelings of confusion and depression. I was listening to thought in my head and some of them not so pleasent, i almost felt like i was just about to give up and have my soul leave my body in a sense. The strangest most empowering thing happened to me, i suddenly felt like my brain stopped thinking and i lost all control, my shoulders and head literally flew back into the seat while i was driving like i was possesed by something. My eyes went wide eyed and my mouth opened up and thats how my facial expression remained for this entire experience, it was like something took control of the steering wheel and maintained a steady control of the car, Turning corners and controling my bodys movements" I realise it may sound crazy but something of a spiritual force literally took over my body and one of the scariest things about it is i have seen it happen to me in a dream few years back i remember having. What are youre thoughts of any ? Just trying to make sense of it all. Note: I dont use drugs or take regular medication, sometimes im a social drinker but thats all.

  305. Rating: +1

    I, like many people, have been very affected by the Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix. My question is, what happens to a child when they are murdered, by their own parent(s)?? There are so many unanswered questions in this documentary, but the main one for me was is this child's soul going to be okay? Will justice be served for him in the afterlife?

  306. Rating: +1

    Hi! I really enjoy your site, so much of what you say really resonates with me. Although I'm quite curious to why there has been very little content and activity in the past few years? It would be really nice to see to see more done with the wonderful work you do!

  307. Rating: +1

    Should i try to connect with ( the source of all this disturbance) the astral travellers or all the other gang members who seem to be monitoring and or oppressing or play with me? I don't appreciate this disturbance but what do they really want and what can i gain now since i have been through their f around?

  308. Rating: +1

    (I previously posted a question about Gabriel Fernandez, and I so appreciate your time and consideration in responding) I wanted to ask a couple additional questions, if you don't mind. Why was it that nobody saved him that should have? I have read some of your other posts and there is this idea of interference from Solamenta in order to 'identify' individuals. Was this going on for Gabriel? or his mother/her boyfriend? It makes no sense to me that so many were involved but did nothing. It stings worse being that tomorrow is the day they took him off life support.

  309. Rating: +2

    (1 final question regarding Gabriel Fernandez) Is he now free of the life and death cycle?

  310. Rating: +1

    Is being gay wrong even if most people belive you should accept your emotions

  311. physics has been done and what can be done within this boundary is “almost” infinite in its does this mean anything possible like my really out there ideas and how do I research this if so my ideas are for example create magic from fantasy like wand tech or artificial omniverses or gods out of particles etc like Infinity goblets in real life creating artifacts that have mystical abilities from interdimensional energies discover things like does fiction just another universes is there are there infinite omniverses beyond ect I reall imaginative many many more ideas speculative ideas proceed onmnipoint life forms they're creating superpowers like omnifabrication concept manipulation meta concept manipulation etc if they onmniverses how to get research like this at the grounds and many more ideas and beyond