REINCARNATION, How Many Times Must We be Born to the Earth?

Earth, The School for Learning

Earth, The School for Learning


Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

If we keep reincarnating and coming back to earth till we get it right, how do we know when we have gotten it right? How many times have I been here and how can one know this? Also, how many times can one come back to earth and fail?


Response provided by J.S. Thompson to question as follows:

First and foremost, we should not view our lives on the earth as failure. Our earth experience is designed to be a learning experience.  We here on earth are a very elite group. We earthlings, who have the privilege to be here on earth, are a small group. Those advanced beings that monitor our lives here on the earth vastly outnumber us. For the most part, they would much rather be here on the earth going through a life than where they are. This, of course, is not the case for everyone out there but it is true for most of them; they wait their turn to come to earth and sometimes those waits are very long.  I can’t tell you how many times you’ve been here; all I can say is that you have been here on the earth many times, all of us have.  We have all been around for a very long time. Evolving into a being capable of living in an immortal community is not an easy matter.  It is however not as complicated as one might imagine. If we can just grasp a few simple concepts and exercise a little self-discipline, we can transform into a being who will not have a need to be born into another life ever again; a being capable of living in an immortal community.

Your guides are there to help you to do this but you have the freedom of choice! Our lives are all about the choices we make.  We want so badly to have the things we believe will make us happy but how often is it that when we have those things, they do not make us happy. How many times in life do we have to learn this lesson? It is a simple lesson but nevertheless, one that is not easily learned. It is not the lesson that is difficult it is the discipline necessary to make the changes that allow us to walk another path.

The truth is inside of all of us. However, the truth is difficult to hear and so we seek another path; a path that we want, a path that “we believe” will fill the empty place inside of us but it never does.  When it is time for us to make a choice, there is a voice inside of us that is telling us the right way to go but there is also a voice that is telling us the wrong way to go. It is the path that leads us away from true immortality that is always the most alluring… it is always the path of least resistance.  As a rule of thumb, the path of greatest resistance is the right path.

We live our lives here on earth and out there over and over again attempting to learn this lesson: “there are no variations to the truth”, it is the universal constant! We say to ourselves, this time it will be different as though life was a lottery and this time our number is going to come up.  Life is not a lottery, it is serious business and there is only one way out of this life and death cycle. It is one thing to know the truth; it is another to do the things we need to do in order to become those capable of living in an immortal community.

You ask, “How can one know this?”……

There are two (2) ways to “know” it; and one way is to be shown.  Being shown the secrets that have plagued mankind since the beginning is not easy. There is a great deal of heartfelt, sincere desire and work involved but there is also another way… “The way of logic”.

Answer this question, “Is it better to live our lives as though we do not die or not?”  If your answer is yes, you solved the first logic question which opens the door to another and another and so on.  Asking questions is the first step; taking action is the next.  Always live your life as if everything you think, say and do is being recorded. If we live our life this way, then we will always be asking ourselves this question and if the answer is, “I really would not want this recorded and shown to me again in the future”, then we should probably not be doing it. Life is not a gamble and it is not a lottery; it is a place where we learn how to live in an immortal community forever.

Thanks for a great question!

Good luck on your journey…..

J.S. Thompson