Help Wanted

Help Wanted


This is a request for help from any of those that are so led… to assist in this endeavor to achieve a goal with an end result of getting J.S. Thompson’s knowledge and writings composed into a book, edited, published and marketed. His material is currently published as articles on our website…..

The information JS Thompson has learned on his journey of meditations and transferring his consciousness out there … needs to be told; it is necessary for each and every one of us on our journeys in our individual evolution to learn how to live as an eternal being. This is the goal of our Creator and therefore, each of us. Once those that do achieve this…. their next commitment becomes to help our other brothers and sisters do the same. Understand that there are others that have reached this divinity and have been out there teaching J.S. Thompson here on earth, to accomplish the same. The Paradise, that we all desire within will not exist until we are all there…. there are no short cuts; our Blessed Mother ~ Father ~ Parent ~ God ~ Creator ~ or Universe (use whatever term you’re most comfortable with, that is not important) will have it no other way… it goes against the law of physics and we cannot be happy or live in Paradise with peace in our heart if we have even one…. brother or sister that is still at the bottom of the mountain (so to speak)! The plan is perfect and it will happen! Question is, “Are you supposed to be a part of it?”

First and foremost, J.S. Thompson has already written the material (copyrighted) which is there on the website to facilitate achieving the goal.

We are in need of the following:

     ~ Professional or aspiring Ghost Writer

     ~ Editor

     ~ Various Types of Artists/Graphic Illustrators to tell the story in art/images (whether it be artwork needed, physics related, UFO-Alien, etc. just review his articles and see the context of varied subject matter)

     ~ Book Publisher

     ~ Book Marketing

     ~ Website Improvements: Any suggestions to improve website; make changes, promote, expand, SEO, etc.

     ~ Does anyone know of a way to convert Thompson’s articles on website into audio-videos so that we may upload on YouTube?

Those that have something to say, we want to hear from you with your contribution; whether it be your comments, suggestions, sharing, networking, referring, knowing of someone that may have an interest in his writings or, be of assistance in some way to accomplish this goal. There is no limit to how one may contribute, whether big or small… just listen from within. This will be a process; our guides out there are always speaking to us from within and will lead us if we are willing to listen. One small effort, comment from just one person may be a key ingredient for success. This will be a group effort that holds eternal value and will be successful if all those that are so led… contribute in whatever way possible, keeping the righteous goal in mind that we are here to help as many as we can, to the level of our ability to do so!

Much love and eternal blessings always; and so it is……

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