Universal Accounting Payback

Universal Accounting Payback


The world is filled with hunger, poverty, murder, rape, theft, abuse of the innocent and on and on!

If you have ever had the thought, “What can I do to help end all of this suffering, garbage and despair”… the best thing we all can do for our world, is to transform ourselves!

Most prefer to live in a fantasy world, a world of our own creation which lets us off the hook for just about everything.



It’s really just a simple matter of physics.  If we push, something pushes back. What we do in life, whether it is mental or physical (there is no difference), we cause something to happen in the universe.

Everything must make a complete circuit; every motion, every thought, every action is a product of electricity (the motion of electrons in space). When we use this universal power, we are charged for it. God hates waste and inefficiency!

I know for some, this might sound like some crackpot new age mumbo jumbo but if you’ll give it some thought, it really isn’t and in fact, it is a simple matter of logic!

Space is like a sea of unseen motion. Matter came from this sea, so if you think about it, the building material for all matter is present in what some might call empty space. We are completely and totally surrounded by this sea. Every motion we make sends a signal into space which must make a complete circuit before the action we make can be made. With every motion whether physical or mental (the two actions are one and the same) something pushes and something pulls. Motion is like the chicken and the egg; which comes first, the pulling or the pushing?

Look at motion in this way; the circuits which surround us and there are many, constitute what best can be described as tubes or conduits, within which flows the energy that makes matter and space what it is!

I really don’t want to write a hard to understand article about physics; one, I am not only not a physicists, I’m not terribly learned with any type of science. However, this is really not science at all; it is simply just a matter of logic. Everything can be explained! Our existence can be explained, the universe and how it works can be explained and even God and God’s plan can be explained. However, if you want to understand it and you only listen to contemporary scientists, you’ll have to wait for several thousand years to do so because science moves very slowly and truth can be understood by any one at any time using simple logic. Even inquisitive primitive people if there is any such thing (I consider all beings in the universe primitive, some more than others) could understand this logic to some degree or another. Granted, it is helpful to us, now that we live in an age of computers in order to make some sense of the universal machine and the way it works. However, we will not leave or break the cycle of life and death until we do understand and God waits for all of us to do this at some point in our evolution.

If we can’t understand why it is important not to do the things in which the universe is going to charge us for and which do not help us to achieve our eternal goals, then we are going to just keep on doing them and this is not good for the individual or society as a whole!

Something needs to happen, if you don’t believe me… then, just take a look around at the world we live in. If you are reading this, then you are most likely in a small minority of people who have the resources to see it. Most of the people in the world are not doing so well. The world is filled with hunger, poverty, murder, rape, theft, abuse of the innocent and on and on! If you have ever had the thought, “What can I do to help end all of this suffering, garbage and despair”… the best thing we all can do for our world, is to transform ourselves! This will not be done with donations of time and money although it does help when we transform ourselves. It takes hard work with sincere commitment and unfortunately for society, it is just too darn difficult to change ourselves. It is too much work for most to see themselves for who they truly are and change. Most prefer to live in a fantasy world, a world of our own creation which lets us off the hook for just about everything.

Living in a fantasy world is a form of psychosis; in fact, it is psychosis. Living in a fantasy world is not only… not productive and inefficient, but it is expensive. When we pretend to be something we are not, the universe charges us! If you have never been really humiliated, try living your life as someone you are not, and then die! When we die, we are shown who we really are and there is nothing more depressing than to believe ourselves to be one way and then find out we were never any of those things at all. In fact, we discover that we have been covering up all of those things about ourselves that make us feel less than what we believe others to be.

In scripture Jesus talks about the parable of the lost sheep; however, I think, this parable has been misinterpreted all of these many years. The shepherd leaves the flock in search of the lost sheep, not because they are doing something wrong but because they are doing something right! God waits for us, one by one, to understand and when we do… God takes us to the next level! Eventually, we learn enough to be counted among those who are called truly immortal; those who have developed the characteristics to leave the cycle of life and death and live within an immortal community.

Most of the people on this planet are going to come back for another life! I know this sounds arrogant and most people are not going to like me very much for saying so, but it is the truth! Most people do not give a second thought to how we got here on this rock floating out in space! Most people defer these inner questions to the philosophy of others, to science and religion. When we do this, we are the flock, better defined as “the status quo”. When we defer our search for God to others, we live in a fantasy world. Why is it that we think that we can be carried up the mountain on the back of another?  This is illogical thinking! Living in an immortal community is about respect for self and respect for others who have made the trip alone and through their own effort! It is a fantasy to believe that we can avoid climbing the mountain ourselves. We will not leave the cycle of life and death until we have followed in the path of the saints and mingled our blood with theirs on every rock along the way! We live in a fantasy world when we see ourselves for someone we are not. When anyone reads or hears this, there will be some that are going to feel uncomfortable or feel that they have been insulted. However, if someone can hear it and understand the logic in it and of knowing there is truth in that statement; only then can we say, yes you’re talking about me. This is the time… that you will have just made the first step toward transformative change! The status quo simple crucifies those (in one way or another) who say things that make them see themselves for who they truly are!

When you leave the planet, you are going to be confronted with the real “you” and not the “you” that you’ve made up to protect yourself from yourself to align with the status quo… but, the real “YOU”! When this happens, it is a time of tears; it is a time when we are really sorry for what we’ve done to one another but it is too late and so, we begin again. With everything we do, with every action we make, there is a user charge. Even if there wasn’t a God, there would still be a universal accounting; this is a simple matter of physics. Every action, both mental and physical (both are the same), causes frequency signal in the sea of space and this signal must make a complete circuit for the action to be completed. Every action that we make results in a change. God does not waste time and the sooner we understand that we are to follow in the footsteps of the almighty, the sooner we can move to the next level of evolution.

I don’t expect anyone who has not yet made the attempt to understand why we ride this rock through space but nevertheless, it is never too late to start.

The universe is a machine! All of the matter in the universe with all of its unique structure is also a part of this machine. We humans are a “natural” product of space and the structure both seen and unseen within it. We humans are the alpha and the omega that exist in “repeating cycles of evolution”.  God, the controlling aspect of all of this production, is also just a natural part of the universal machine.

God does what it does and we do what we do. All of space and matter within, which include God and all of us, are always in a constant state of motion and thus evolution.

The universe has purpose. It produces a being, in time, capable of living within an immortal community. The universe does not have free will but the beings it produces… in fact, do and there is a reason for that as well. The universe has always done what it does. We have always been here, in the universe evolving.

Consider this… In a short few years scientists are going to create a computer capable of learning on its own. When science gets to this point, our computers are going to figure everything out. They are going to figure out who God is and what God’s plan is; however, when this happens, the computer is no longer going to be able to explain to the scientist what it knows because it has grown in knowledge far beyond that of the scientist. At this time, we will have discovered how other dimensions work and how matter, unseen to us, rotates through matter seen in our spectrum of perception. Science will figure out how to make a human live, what almost seems like forever; how to produce other dimensional products and how to construct craft that fly at incredible speeds; but we will not have learned how to see ourselves for who we truly are. Therefore, we are again… destined to die even to our manmade created synthetic immortality; where we will eventually, go back into the cycle of life and death once again and whereas; hopefully one day, finally learning to listen to the only “one” that knows the way and not to mankind or the status quo!

The good shepherd leaves the flock in search of the lost sheep, not because it has done something wrong but because it has figured out who God is. One by one, all of us through the process of evolution will do this! Stop believing others and start seeking the answers on your own. It is a fantasy, a form of psychosis to think that we can walk the same path as another. Granted, we all eventually wind up at the same place but we walk the path alone.

If we fail to see ourselves for whom we truly are in this life, then it is a natural function of space to make sure we repeat it once again. There is a price to pay for our self-deceit and this machine I call the universe… does not play favorites. Granted, becoming truly immortal is a tough nut to crack but it must be done by each and every one of us. One by one, we make our way up the same path that those who were willing to transform their lives have taken. Evolution takes a linear path, just as truth takes a linear path. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure this out! It takes desire and work! Those who do the work reap the benefits of their work. However, there are those who are content to pretend that they have done the work.

The universe charges us for every physical motion and every thought (they are both the same). For your money and your investment into your eternal life, I recommend doing the logical thing… “Tell yourself the truth about yourself”! When we do this, we please God because it is efficient and we don’t waste time!

Pride is not a sin! It is natural for us to be proud of our legitimate accomplishments. Pride is a natural motivator to excel, a positive product of evolution. It is “false pride” that is a sin. We are guilty of false pride when we are proud of things that we have not accomplished. In other words, we are guilty of false pride when we deceive ourselves into thinking we are something we are not. False pride is a characteristic that will not allow us to leave the cycle of life and death. Spare yourself this humiliation when you leave the planet and when your time here is over. Do the work! Build the foundation for knowledge that will allow you to come to your own conclusions. Truth follows a linear path and so we all eventually come to the same conclusions but the path to truth can only be traveled alone and that path… is not a path of belief or fantasy, but a path of the natural function of the machine we call the universe!