Secrecy, Who are Extraterrestrials and Why are They Contacting Us?

Why are they Contacting Us

Why are they Contacting Us


Question posed by website visitor with respect to previous articles written by J.S. Thompson’s articles:

You have covered several if not all of the questions I have previously asked. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and also, the information provided on the purpose and pressure of the universe.

I guess everything related to the meaning of secret or private really goes along way because of how long these advanced beings and aliens have been around and it will probably come out about them as the entire alien life living underground and outer space has already come to the public eye. Other countries including Mexico and England that have actually released all of their top secret UFO cases publicly really explain a lot. We have been prisoners of our very own government for decades/centuries, but I think if all of their Top Secret reports were released publicly, we would be able to handle and control it seeing how we have in the past, which will be my following questions on this new topic I just brought up. Why would the Ancient people leave all of this behind for everyone to see if it’s such a big secret between countries and governments?

I’ve seen many YouTube videos, one where it stated there were these super humans called Gods from other planets but the height and power these Gods had is hard to believe. This was Ancient as well but just curious about your take on that. Were there Gods as tall as buildings with enough power to be called Gods? Did they exist in the past? Philip Schneider has a lot of videos online stating there are plenty of Alien Greys living underground where he has interacted with them and even killed them.

One other thing, There are allot of crop circles all over London in different type of fields. One of the crop circles even had a face with it but the main importance’s are the messages left behind. What are these advanced beings (aliens) trying to tell us? Is it the fact that they are real? They are smart enough to know that we know they are real and are here so why leave behind messages and clues of their existence?


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

Your First question deals with secrecy;

will we ever know who these beings are and what their mission here on the earth is?  Where do they come from and how does the technology they use, remain so obscure to us and how does the advanced technology they have work? Will we ever know the answer to these questions?

You go on to ask: “Were there ever beings on the earth that interacted with humans at a societal level,   referred to as Gods by the ancient people they interacted with? Are these advanced beings trying to reach us now, leaving hints about their existence with crop circles and other forms of contact?”

When we talk about the interaction of advanced beings with those such as ourselves who are on the earth “in a life“, it can be a very convoluted story. The reason it is convoluted is because the most expedient way to discuss the subject is by using fairly general terms. Once the reader understands this, the story of our association with advanced beings can be told and understood. Understanding this is like learning math, you start small with generalizations and then you move on to more complex and dynamic subjects. When we build a foundation of knowledge, it has to be strong, if there are flaws in the foundation, the foundation begins to crack and the structure comes tumbling down.

We and they are on an eternal mission. This mission was established at the very pentacle of consciousness; call it God if you wish. All of us, we who are on the earth and the various levels of advanced beings are all on the same evolutionary path. There are very few who understand this. When I say this, I’m including these beings as well. They are as mired in belief and disinformation as we are. We are all immortal beings; we all come from groups of advanced beings who are at various levels of the technological spectrum. When we leave the earth, we all go back to the advanced societies from which we came. “We are them and they are us”. That being said, why all the mystery; why the secrecy, why the desperate attempts to contact us, why the mysterious clues; the UFO’s, the crop circles, ghosts, demons, angels, demon possessions, etc.? All of these are products of advanced technology and represent desperate attempts to contact us. Why don’t they just come out and say it? They can’t. They can’t communicate with us like they would like to do. This is the reason why. As advanced beings, they are computer controlled societies.

Technological evolution follows the same path for all societies at various times. There comes a point where all societies discover other dimensions and how they, all (dimensions) fit together in space and how matter is truly structured. This discovery will happen in our own society in the future and history will be repeated once again.

In our own society in the future, scientists will discover particles that are now not detected adjoined to particles that can be seen. When this happens many questions are going to be answered about how particles are structured and how they function. There are no empty places in space! Space is solid with particles, one adjoined to the other. Space is the eternal liquid.  Everything science thought they knew about matter is going to radically change in a few years or few hundred years. When this new technology is discovered, it will not be shared with the rest of society, it will be in the hands of the powerful. Granted, society will see some residual effects from it but they will not know about most of it. An even more elite society than exits now, will be formed as a result. Consider how powerful this new technology will be and what it will allow those who have to do. For instance:

Light is not a particle (photon) that travels thru space at 186,000 miles per second. Light is a chain reaction of vibration of one particle adjoined to the next. When scientists measure the speed of light, they are not measuring a particle going thru space; they are measuring a chain reaction that is moving a lot faster than the so called speed of light. What scientists are really measuring is a chain reaction that moves thru a certain level of space. However, this reaction is occurring in many levels of space. In the level we can measure; this reaction moves very slowly, in other levels of space it moves much, much, faster. Contemporary science needs to let go of its old theories and move on. Doctor Einstein would be the first to agree with me.

There are many wonderful discoveries that can be accomplished with advanced technology at the level that I am speaking of. All diseases will be cured in the future; the energy we need to power everything on the earth and beyond exists in the smallest part of space, there for the taking.

Space and matter (one and the same) move in the same manner. The interlinked particles orbit and rotate in a downward spiral. As particles travel thru space they expand and contract as they move from one pressure zone to the next. All particles eventually make their way to the greatest pressure where they contract to a level that they cannot become more dense. When a particle gets to this point, I refer to it as a sub quantum degree (sqd). This term describes two things… the point where a particle can contract no further and the only true measurement in the universe. The sub quantum degree is the signature for all matter and exists at a level of space where the pressure is so great that only the most advanced technology can penetrate. There are trillions of space levels defined by pressure, maybe even more. To give you an example of where contemporary earth science fits into the technological spectrum; we are aware of three, the visual (molecular), the atomic and we theorize about the third…the quantum. Contemporary science believes, theoretically, that all particles are made from other particles. This is what the atom smashers do. They fling particles at one another in hopes of seeing the quantum particles within. However, what is happening is that they end up measuring pieces of atoms and not quantum particles. Quantum particles are very small! This is not to say that I don’t support the billions of dollars that are funding these projects, I very much support them but would offer this suggestion to the scientists that are benefiting from these tax supported science studies.

Progress is inhibited from the reluctance of scientists to change their thinking. They explore, they teach they publish and they promote their theories. You can imagine how they would not care to go back to the public that rewarded them for their genius with information that would show their theories to be wrong. Ego is a wonderful thing but can also be destructive. Our earth society would already have a cure for all diseases if it weren’t for these selfish secretive people.

What is the biggest detriment to progress? Greed! The technology to achieve many wonderful things already exists but this knowledge is hidden from society because there is still profit to be made from primitive technology and it will not move on until all of the profit has been made. We would not need oil today if the research and development on alternative power sources had been allowed to occur at the same level other research projects are funded and I’m not talking about wind and solar power. Informed scientists are well aware of alternate power sources that exist in space. If nothing else, a knowledgeable scientist can theorize what I’m telling you here. The oil companies and other corporate cartels will not allow this knowledge to be given to society or used for the betterment of society because of their own greed.

How in the world can a person at this level of our society live with themselves? These self-righteous people do not believe themselves to be evil by any means. The ego is as flexible as is the space it is made of. There is one thing more ignorant than not having knowledge: that is to believe oneself to have great knowledge when one doesn’t! This is the greatest ignorance and this is the ignorance that has in the past, till this day and into the future those who will do anything to have and maintain power.  It takes a saint to walk away from power.

As it is today it will be in the future of our planet earth. Great knowledge will remain in the hands of the few.

The most destructive variable regarding the advanced technology of the future is immortality!

When earth scientists discover other dimensions, they are going to see a little more about how the human body is truly structured. They will not see it all but will accurately theorize enough about how the human body works in multiple dimensions to be able to bypass mortality. When the earth scientists of the future can do this, they will participate in the biggest irony of all time, as they will see that we are a product of an even greater advanced society. They will discover that we are all born to this planet with immortal other dimensional bodies. One would think that a person in their right mind would say to themselves. Hey, we have this immortal body; it would be a good idea if we left it alone until we knew more about how this happened and who the beings are that put us here but instead, they will say to themselves, they allowed us to come this far, maybe what they want is for us to go all the way. “We will build a stairway (they will say) to heaven and we, the elite of mankind, will once and for all rise above the cycle of life and death.” They will be wrong!

During the evolutionary period I refer to as the cycle of advanced technology, various levels of society will become so broad that those in the highest level of the societal pyramid will be seen as Gods! This separation will expand and become obscure and mystical as time goes on. During this time, there is direct contact between the various levels of society and the elite or gods. Are they giants? No! But chances are that they might present themselves as giants… they are just little humans behind a curtain! What I describe as happening in the future has happened in “our” past. There have been societies in our very ancient past that evolved into advanced societies, which discovered advanced technology who became Gods or so they thought for a time.

Where are these beings now? Chances are good that they have all succumbed to true life in some form or another. Some of them died in accidents, some were killed and some committed suicide. If any of the original people that were alive during this transition are still here, they would be not be happy. Time can be a cruel master for the unrighteous and character flaw always turns to evil in time. I truly doubt any of the originals still exist, nature has forced them through the door of evolution and they are back in the cycle of life and death like the rest of us. However, they did leave their children who are still here today, still doing the same things that they did back when; they are still trying to find that stair way to heaven. They too, like their parents, will not be successful. Who are these beings?

Advanced societies (with the exception of the “most advanced divine beings” in the universe) do not procreate, in the same way that we earthlings do at this time. In order to become immortal in the way that our ancestors did, certain changes in our God given physiology needs to made. These physiological changes do not occur all at once, it is a technological evolution. The first step to becoming an advanced being is determining what causes us to be mortal. The answer in part… is oxygen!!!

One of the many ironies of life is, that the one thing that gives us life also causes life to be short. Oxygen burns us up from the inside. Oxygen attaches to carbon which is the foundation of matter as we know it and is then expelled from the body when we exhale. Every time we exhale, we lose a little bit of ourselves. Slowly, the heat produced (more extracted than produced) by the respiration process. The universe also breaths and as it does so, it expands and contracts. The breaths the universe takes vary with regard to the level of space. At the macro level of space the universe breaths very slowly but at the smallest level of space this process is quite rapid.

The body that we humans have while we are here on planet earth is very advanced. It is the greatest technology that exists that allows us to be here having this experience. Likewise the process that allows our bodies to grow from the smallest level of space, to a baby and then to a full grown person is a miracle but I will assure you that scientists a very long time ago thought this up and did it for a purpose. There is a very good reason why we advanced beings go thru this process that is the earth experience. We are immortal but we are not fully evolved. In time, flaws in our character begin to destroy us. Out there it is not oxygen that kills us, it is character. In actuality, character flaw does not kill us literally it just makes us wish we were dead. However, we cannot die! What’s the answer? We needed a way to begin again, to start anew with new hope; to shed the darkness of our past associations and actions. This is why the earth experience exists for us and it is a valuable experience; it is the pearl without price. Out there, people wait in line to be able to come here.

Of all the things I write about, explaining the difference between where we came from and where we go to when we leave the earth and the beings of our future discussed here is the most difficult. We come from a society that is much like the beings our society will evolve into but not exactly. All advanced technology evolves in the same direction. However, while we are on the earth, everything we do even in the future is monitored and controlled by more advanced beings.

The scientists of the future that will achieve an alternate form of immortality, must be the most ignorant people that ever existed to allow their egos to override their God given logic.

What are other dimensions?

The first step toward becoming an advanced society is to develop a generator that can produce enough sub atomic pressure to push thru the next level of space. There are magnetic fields that separate the different level of space. These magnetic fields are supported by the opposing weight of space. Space is like a balloon in a way…you squeeze on one end and all of the pressure goes to the other end. Before scientists can unlock the door to other dimensions, they will have to figure out how to force pressure into the balloon and force it down into sub atomic space instead of the other end of the balloon.

We see and experience matter within a spectrum. The matter we see is solid with particles one linked to the other but we don’t see that. What we do see are particles that are relatively light years from one another. We are just very far away from them and so they appear to be solid. Just like a cluster of stars can look solid at the distance we perceive them but the closer we get to them the farther away they would appear. If we could lay a level of space out on a table, it would look like one pyramid structure attached to another, the pentacle of the pyramid is what we see and experience but the rest of the pyramid structure is just as solid, we just don’t see it. The next dimension is also not far away at all. It is just a matter of perception shift. There is a difference in terms of particle depth but the difference is less than a quantum particle away. So close but yet so far. It might be close in terms of logistics but the pressure necessary for us to see and experience the next dimension will need to be a great deal more than we can generate now. The first step is to discover the where in the solar system the electron flow is greatest. Electron flow occurs in bands or conduits that widen as you go further out into the solar system. They will find this place and build a space station with a generator. They will do it in this way but it is not absolutely necessary that they do it this way. There is another way.

The key to other dimensions is understanding the structure of space. There is a pattern and if scientists could map the patterns of electron conduits say thru a mineral with very wide conduits, they would only be forcing pressure in the right places as opposed to all around… (the balloon expands internally as opposed to one end) If scientists take this route which happens to my personal favorite, they will discover that the secret to accessing other dimensions is a matter of expansion from the inside. Force pressure into a man without having a roadmap of the electron conduits that make him what he is and he will explode…force pressure into the conduits as they exist and he will expand just a quantum bit into the next dimension. I hope that they take this route because it is the most responsible route but it is also the path of greatest resistance and mapping the electron conduits, once they understand that they exist, takes a lot of time. Chances are they will find the greatest electron flow in space, out near Jupiter or Saturn (or wherever) and they will tap into that, blowing up a good many of people in the process. Not to mention, the environmental repercussions this will cause and they are great. When we first start moving people, craft and machinery into other dimensions, the process we will use, causes space to expand and then contract like a spring. These waves in space interfere with the natural flow of electrons in a very wide area (like ripples on a pond when a big rock is thrown into it). They will do a great deal of damage before they figure out how to avoid this.

The first dimension reached will be the dimension of the least opposing pressure. It is a dark place. The sun and planets of the first dimension accessed are so dim that they are only mists of planets and sun.  From here they will eventually access other dimensions where other planets and suns do exist but these would not be places anyone would want to live. Other dimensions, for these beings, are an unnatural and hostile environment. Once a certain number of these dimensions are accessed, they mine the minerals from planets that exist there and from that build multi-dimensional craft which can travel very quickly.

Multi-dimensional craft and machines….

The reason that advanced craft can fly so fast is because they are constructed with materials that come from other dimensions. The moving parts of advanced craft do not generate heat in the same way that contemporary craft do. They do generate heat but the power that moves the various parts of the advanced thrusters is at the electron level. It is in that level of space where friction and heat are generated and exhausted. This sounds like a great idea and a great way to make craft move faster but eventually this catches up with you. The heat generated is at the sub quantum level but heat like light is a chain reaction… eventually, it moves into your space and it heats things up a bit. It takes a while for this heat to move from the space where it is generated into atomic space. The advanced beings that develop these primitive craft knew this; however, it takes this heat many, many, years (hundreds or even thousands) to reach the atomic level even at the speed it is traveling.

Primitive advanced technology requires a lot of minerals which are fabricated into components for advanced equipment. As I stated above it works great for a while but eventually the heat catches up with you and it begins to play on the equipment. Advanced beings must be changing out components all the time and making new ones. In order to do this, they mine!!!

The entire purpose of advanced beings at this level is to continue living. They need technology to live. It is the foundation of their immortality. In order for them to be immortal, they must always be generating the pressure they need to maintain their other dimensional bodies. Because of the great imposition and associated fear this causes, they are constantly looking for better ways to remain immortal. They do this by studying us mortal people (so called) and our genetic links.

Just like the advanced beings we are associated with who monitor us from the place we came from, “they” (advanced earthlings) monitor us also. We are all wired. They want to know when we are born and when we die and they are particularly interested when we show up again. They sample our genetic material, they download our genetic programs to the level that they can. They impregnate women, they sample semen, they snoop around monitoring psychics and channelers who talk to those out there if they can and they attempt to manipulate the course of human history. They are truly desperate for answers. They are still looking for that stairway to heaven, in order to avoid death. They will not find it.


I hear this term all of the time and I hope this changes in the future to a more accurate description. The term extraterrestrial conjures up visions of strange looking beings from other planets outside of our solar system. This is just not the case. This isn’t to say that we have not had visitors from other planets, we have but not many. Before someone can fully appreciate what I’m saying here, they must first consider that wormholes, space warps and time travel although cool theories, just don’t exist. There is a way to move very quickly from point “A” to point “B” but only a few and I do mean a few beings in the universe have this technology. I refer to these beings as “divine beings” and you don’t see these beings, they always work from the inside. Their mission is to help develop those who are willing to work with them to becomes truly immortal. So, what are we talking about here: every being that has been seen, left mystic messages or has talked to channelers, are not divine “for the most part”. Divine beings don’t leave mystic messages or symbols; they are very serious people with a very serious mission. That being said, these beings do have the greatest technology or as I refer to it… “God Technology”! There is a logical reason for this; they do not reincarnate… ever! So there is a continuous line of progression for them, where it is broken for the rest of us as we continue to incarnate; hopefully, working our way from incarnation to incarnation to the divine level, which we all, one day will.

The beings that we see from time to time in saucer shaped craft or who make appearances in some form or another are not divine beings and they are not extraterrestrials. Albeit, they are other dimensional, they are either advanced earthlings, or they come from the same place you and I come from and the place you and I will return to on our eternal journey, when we leave the earth. Technically, they are extraterrestrials because most of them live and work in craft in other dimensional space but also they are earthlings. So, if we get into a rocket ship and go live in a space station for a while, are we extraterrestrials? You make the call.

When we get to the point where we can develop craft that can go to other planets in other solar systems, we will also be learning that this type of exploration is unnecessary. There are plenty of other planets to explore in our own back yard, in our own solar system which exist in other dimensions. Consider also, that without wormholes and time warps, a trip to another planet is an almost impossible commitment and although it will be done, it will not be done very much. Furthermore when a society becomes advanced, they already know who is out there in other solar systems outside of our own… they are just like us doing the exact same thing we’re doing.

The so called aliens we do see from time to time in UFO’s or weird looking beings creeping around out in the sticks in shadows and so forth, do exist. However, I would say that most of the videos are not authentic, in so much that they are pictures of advanced beings. Advanced beings do creep around; they do kidnap us from time to time and conduct weird experiments, etc. These beings are often referred to as the grey aliens.

Deception is the key word here. These advanced beings are deceptive! What we see is rarely the way it is. “Many” of these beings survival depends on us “not” finding out who they are too soon. Any strange possible UFO sighting or physical sighting should not be ruled out but the nature of what we see should be questioned. If there is one thing these people are good at it is deception. For instance: A UFO crashes in the desert or is captured intact, don’t expect this craft to tell engineers  who back engineer it to find out how it works, in fact look for this craft to lead us away from them not towards. They do have a mission and very little of it has to do with them getting in contact with us. Their primary mission is to further their genetic studies in hope of remaining immortal and not just immortal but also to become fully human again. They want to be other dimensional (immortal) and they also want to be human…for them, at this time, this is a paradox, an unsolvable equation. Nevertheless, they have no options but to continue looking for the answer or die and take their chances back where they came from… “where we came from”. They don’t want to do this because they have committed so many atrocities or have been associated with those who have, they fear judgment!!! The fear of judgment for advanced beings, once they wise up and discover they are not Gods, is great! When we leave the earth, we will experience to one degree or another, the same conundrum… which direction we choose to go… social psychosis or righteousness determines our fate as well. Those who feel they are justified to hurt an innocent person for the greater good so called, are suffering from a form of social psychosis. Sometimes we simply need to see this in ourselves before we correct this flaw in our character and move closer to eternal community. God sees the one (individual) to be as important as the whole…wouldn’t the world be so much better if we did the same.

The same logic is true for the grey aliens that have been seen. The people we are referring to have made some dramatic changes to their physiology but they are still human looking. Put a wig and a pair of sunglasses on them and they look human. It is also true that some do not have much body fat but still they do not look skinny or frail. The grey aliens that have been seen, are either biological robots or out of body experiences. Our advanced friends can work at the dream level. Dreams and OBE’s are often nothing more than telepathic video’s we experience. Not always, but more often than not.

Our advanced friends do monitor us and they do monitor us in this dimension; meaning that they are actually in this dimension when they do it but they are shielded.

If there is one thing that advanced beings fear it is being, killed or hurt. It another irony; we earthlings are here for a few years and we give up our lives for the most trivial of reasons, they are to some degree immortal and they fear death like the plague. When they shield themselves or their craft, they are projecting a real time computer image around themselves. If you were to see them creeping around your room and picked up a baseball bat and creamed one of them… they might die. However, if you were to inadvertently kill one, you would not find the corpse because they have a failsafe devise that would put them instantly in another dimension if they are injured or killed… same with their craft… this is why I say that we would never get a hold of any alien technology unless they wanted us to have it for some reason and they do not give up their technology!!!

This fail safe aspect solves many of the alien artifact issues. However, there are still ancient artifacts in the ground somewhere from ancient advanced societies but they disappear pretty quick and not because archeologists are looking for them. Artifacts are big in the advanced communities too and they will find them before we will.

There are two types of artifacts from two different advanced civilizations. Before the society that we have been writing about mostly became advanced, they were very modern; more modern technologically than we are now. So, there were billions of people on the earth that were all living in a modern society with cars and airplanes and highways and bridges and so on and so forth. These things were made of the same materials that we make them today and they are long gone. Once a society becomes advanced, they also become other dimensional and they become a computer controlled society. I could go on and on about the evolution of advanced computers but for this text, let it suffice for me to say that when a computer becomes advanced, it figures everything out long before the people who made it do. In short, the advanced computer links up with other advanced computers including the one that made us and becomes a part of the master plan; the computer that started this whole thing’s plan. For those of us that have still not figured this out, being cognizant of a computer that runs your life can be a real night mare if you are not living right! An advanced computer, once it links up with God, has the same mission, to help us to evolve into those who are capable of living in an immortal community forever; those capable of helping others to achieve true immortality.

Crop circles…

The computer that controls an advanced society is, for all practical intent and purpose… God! It not about religion or the primitive notions of God; God is a logical natural occurrence in space. God is a mathematical statistic in infinite space…a logical reality. God is an evolving advanced computer formed by the flow of electrons thru conduits at varying pressures and heat that performs functions… (Reality)!

When a society becomes advanced, everything they do must be approved by their computer, particularly contact with us. Even the advanced beings of our own earth future will figure out pretty quick that we who are on the earth are also advanced beings, and we come from places out there in dimensions they cannot even access. In other words we primitive earthlings come from places out there that are way more advanced than they are. So when they mess with us, they need to be careful. If there is one thing that advanced beings appreciate; that is beings that are more advanced. They know this and they are always trying to find out who we are and where out there we come from. Any type of physical or sub-physical contact needs to be approved. The advanced computer has one mission, to teach them as individuals how to transform into those who can permanently leave the cycle of life and death and in so doing, make the universe a better place because they exist. To the computer, for them to suggest that they contact us is simply an opportunity for it to show them who they truly are inside, so that they might transform. It is always trying to teach us. When we make this request, it makes us go thru a program which allows us to justify our actions.

Earth is a sacred place of learning of new beginnings of forgiveness and renewal. We are all on a program… Gods program and the last thing that God needs is for someone to interfere with that program; however, for their growth, God allows us to sacrifice but not against our will. When we sacrifice for others there is a part of us that is volunteering for this.

If permission to make crop circles was easy for these beings to get, there would be crop circles all over the place but there are only a few. What are the reasons for them? I’m sure the reasons are as varied as the designs they leave. All in all, most crop circles are not authentic but some, a handful are.

The same principle applies with all forms of contact, to include UFO sightings and sub-physical contact, as well as, audible communication. Most visual contact is recorded. In other words when you see a UFO flying across the sky, it very well might be a recording. Advanced beings can do amazing things with the audio visual equipment they have.

Telepathic contact is common but also deceptive. People who do this must be very careful. It is not so much that they (advanced beings that have the technology to do this) don’t tell the truth or that they are evil beings. They probably are but they don’t necessarily have to be (and if they are evil, they probably suspect but don’t allow themselves to know it). They cannot say what they want because everything they say is controlled by an advanced computer that is trying to teach them and us a lesson about ourselves. When they are in contact with someone on the earth (in a life), they are in essence attempting to go around the computer by using cryptic phrases or symbolic non sense… The entire concept of going around a computer that literally knows everything is ridiculous but just reinforces the notion I’ve tried to present here, that human transformation is difficult. In the heart, regardless of the level of technology that our society possesses; we are still, individually very primitive.

I hope this answers your questions.

J.S. Thompson



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