A Space in Between, Credits Unknown

A Space in Between,
Credits Unknown


DAHB’s Questions for J.S. Thompson:

I have some questions regarding a paragraph you wrote in a response to someone else’s question asked on the DAHB website, regarding “our guides”. It is as follows for your quick reference:

“When I refer to the voices inside of us, I’m not talking about audible human voices; I’m talking about feelings invoked by the many guides and even God who speak to us inside. God knows the way, but there many others referred to as guides who often are telling us the wrong way based on “their” beliefs.”

DAHB’s (Administrator) QUESTIONS:

If our guides, or some of them, are leading us to go on a wrong path based on their level of beliefs, then….

  • Why do they take a position out there as a guide to guide us if they are not qualified?
  • Why do they interfere with our earth lives, do they know they are not qualified to guide?
  • If any of those that guide, or communicate with us understood they are not qualified or should not be speaking to us on earth and they all stopped…. Would we only hear God/the right voice speak to us from within?
  • Is it God’s will or mankind’s will that they communicate with us?
  • Or, is it simply a part/mechanism of the universal machine that they communicate with us from within (whether right or wrong) to those on earth and taking the wrong path/making bad choices in order to learn and evolve into one that makes better choices and finally, hearing the right voice or path to follow? If so, does this system help them evolve as well?

Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this subject.



J.S. Thompson’s Response:


Everything in the universe is divided into layers or dimensions. We physically are also in layers and even society is divided into layers. Life is like a secret society that gives information as we move from one level to another. This is how God made the universe and we and society are as much a part of this universal mechanism as it is. Everything is part of the universal machine and is structured in the same way. However, the biggest problem we as developing human beings have, is trying to interpret the information that is freely given to us by the creator. Society just like everything else has a boundary and that boundary conforms to the physics of the universe. God wants us all to know everything but God is wise enough to understand that we can’t learn “B” if we haven’t already learned “A”.

There are two kinds of people that talk to us on the inside. There are the ones who know what they are doing and the ones who do not. As one can imagine, the ones that do know what they are doing have had long years learning what it is they are to do. Unfortunately, they are few, while the ones who do not know much of anything at all are many! How does this happen?

When we first arrive out there Solamenta, after the hoopla has died down, after we have reconnected with our relatives and the celebrations are over, we get to work. All of us are given the proper path to follow; it’s a very logical path; you go back to school, the opportunity to learn basic math and other academic subjects is encouraged and freely given to all. Most begin well enough but soon people begin to fall out. Most fall out fairly quickly. You are given a choice to pursue a higher education or to pursue other opportunities that one might feel are less demanding. This is a key issue in understanding how good guides and bad guides happen. The good ones stay in and become teachers and the bad ones fall out.

When you first get out there, you don’t understand a lot about guides, you understand that you have left the earth and you continue to live and also, that communication is possible with those who are still on the earth and they can communicate with you as well. This communication is facilitated by advanced computers. As soon as you get there, you begin to receive well wishes and prayers from those who are still on the earth. You receive these communications in a way that can be described like a telegram. You are alerted that a message or messages have arrived and there is a place where you live where you go to get them. It’s like going to the post office to get your mail. You can also send messages to your loved ones. When we send a message to a loved one on the earth, the person on the earth receives the message as a feeling that corresponds to the message. Everyone is encouraged to send well wishes to loved ones. If there is bad blood with someone on the earth, one is encouraged to forgive and forget and move on but definitely not to communicate bad wishes. It is taught in our first days and years there on level 1, the physics of well wishes and bad wishes but the problem is there, as has always been on the earth as well, that most people do not listen to wisdom. Here on the earth, we may not understand the physics of thinking well of someone as opposed to thinking ill but there is enough wisdom which is logical, that one would be well to listen to but people being are inclined to just turn a deaf ear to logic and wisdom.

Once we understand that messages can be sent, the problems of bad guides begin.

We do not become guides easily. A good guide has been studying properly for years. They must master physiology, psychology, universal mechanics (physics), advanced technology etc. I don’t know how long this takes but it could take hundreds of years…maybe more to become a good guide. I use these numbers to emphasize a point, the point being… it is not “easy” to become a good guide. Not very many people will stay the course on this path which also leads to paradise. God is a perfect teacher and if we learn to listen to God, we will most certainly follow the right path to paradise but God in its infinite wisdom knows that it cannot tell us things before we are ready to hear them. The biggest problem with information is this: there is only one way to achieve our eternal goal, which beckons inside all of us, to find our way to paradise. “Only one way”, it is a very specific path.

Out there, just like on the earth, we are surrounded by the influences of those who did not follow the good path. They are those who fell short of gaining knowledge necessary. Just like there are good guides and bad guides, there are good influences and bad influences inside of all of us. Those out there, Solamenta at level 1 and beyond that are just as subject to bad influences as we are. There is a huge matrix of people who are on the radio at many levels of consciousness who are talking to anyone who will listen and none of them, with the exception of those who are divine, who know much of anything at all.

When we don’t know things, when we can’t fill in the blanks of the equation, most tend to fill in those blanks with beliefs. “Beliefs are always wrong”. We must always keep an open mind! If we do not, if we believe, we will never hear the truth. We must learn the truth and the truth must be taught to us by those who know the truth and are qualified to teach us.

I want you to get this picture in your head; one very small group that has stayed the course and a huge matrix of people at many different levels who are living in a muck of lies, deceits and just plain wrong thinking and beliefs. This is not to say that there aren’t good people in this mix. There are, there are people who are prayerful, well wishing, giving and willing to sacrifice but not able to understand that their lack of knowledge is harmful! At least not yet!

When we are there Solamenta at level 1, we are surrounded by those who have fallen off the path to paradise. How can I say this? Because those who are on the right path are cloistered!! All of us begin life this way; men are separated from women and all live under strict dorm room rules and regulations. Can you imagine the frustration one might feel living in this way and to complicate the issue even more, we all have a young body, everyone there looks like they are 15 to 30. If we had physical deficiencies on the earth, we no longer have those deficiencies when we arrive there. All dressed up and nowhere to go and no one to go with us, other gender wise. Everyone is anxious to get out there and try those new bodies out, sexually speaking. This is what surrounds us; this is the bad thinking that calls to us. Outside our cloistered/ monastic walls is a world very much like the earth. We are still like children who have oats to sow.

Separation of the sexes is probably the number one reason most people leave before they know much, second would be academic laziness and the third is just laziness or ones desire to control one’s own destiny. We are free to leave at any time, it is a free society. It must be free choice; no one understands the logic of free will better than does God the creator. If we do not have free will we will never be anything more than robots. We must be free to make bad choices.

We are free to leave the monastery/convent at any time and go join the world. All of us begin our time out there in this environment but how long we stay is entirely up to us. All of us are here on the earth today because we all made the wrong choice to leave the path that leads us to paradise; primarily, so we could continue to explore our sexuality. If we had of stayed, we would have had, in a short period of time, the best sex ever and we would have had it forever. Why is it that we keep making the same mistakes over and over?

Once we leave the confines of the teaching dimension, we are back in the world again and back in the cycle of life and death. We were not ready to complete the journey just yet. Once we leave, it is just a matter of time before we must be born to the earth again, it could be 50 years it could be 200 years. “When” we return to the earth is a choice. There is one other option and I think most of us explore it before we are reborn to the earth; we return to the teaching dimension, when we can no longer take the world, and we try again. It is from this place, if we do not succeed, that we are sent back to earth, to become another person and begin again.

It’s difficult to explain why one would make a choice, which would take one away from what in all appearances and in a practicality, was the true path to eternal peace, love, prosperity and understanding. However, this choice is made by thousands of those who are out there, Solamenta, every day.

When we don’t know, when the variables of the equation are not filled in, we are vulnerable to temptation. It’s only when we “know”, that temptation ends for good. I think most people can understand this but when we are out there, we can’t hear what we can’t understand. No matter how many times someone who has knowledge explains it to us, with openness and complete knowledge, most of us can’t identify with it. Some of us will believe those who we know to be knowledgeable to a point but there will come a time where the temptation of the world will lure us back into the cycle of life and death. For those who have lost themselves in the world, who no longer care if they lose their identity, hearing truth, become an even bigger problem. When we are intent to fill in the empty spaces of universal truth with beliefs, even when it is right in front of us, we will not see it and we will not hear it. We will only hear the beliefs that swarm around us. When we are in the teaching dimension, we still have contact with the world, with those who were here before us and who have left to join the world who still fill our heads with their beliefs and we are anxious to hear those beliefs presented to us as absolute truth because it presents a path of least resistance for us to follow. When we are in the teaching dimension, it is a common belief that what we are to learn there, in the teaching dimension, will take us a thousand years; a thousand years of strict discipline, military like physical fitness, structure and segregation from the opposite sex! All of us here on the earth today, rejected the path to paradise because we listened to the beliefs of others instead of listening to those who knew the truth and encouraged us to stay. The truth is this, “it doesn’t take a thousand years to learn what we need to know there, it is a self-paced program and although it could take many years, it takes many less years than is popularly believed. The truth is that the path toward to paradise is quite doable for all of us in a reasonable amount of time. Regardless, how important is paradise? Well, that’s a question we all have to answer for ourselves again and again, over and over.

When we leave the teaching dimension for the “first time”, we find ourselves in a world that attempts vainly to imitate the teaching dimension. It is world of beliefs. However, it is a world that also has great technology. When you combine people who are not knowledgeable with great advanced technology, disaster is assured! When people reject, the one true path to paradise, they quickly go about creating a false one.

When we are in the world out there, we are quite aware of our immortality. Immortality sounds like a great idea in a mortal world such as we on the earth live in but out there immortality, when we have failed to choose the right path, in time becomes a night mare! For us here on the earth, whether we are aware of it or not, there is a hope, regardless of how depressed we might become here, that there may be something better waiting for us when we leave the earth. For those out there, if they are depressed, there is only depression…. forever! This causes great anxiety. So, the people in the world move from one experience to the other… and are trying to find some kind of fulfillment. We seek, to fill in the empty place that craves the truth but because we do not have the truth, we fill that place with belief; a synthesized truth, of our own creation. However, the empty space is not pacified by our own, or by groups or even, a charismatic person’s interpretation of the truth. Guides are those who work from these many levels or dimensions. I make the distinction between guides and teachers in this way. A teacher is someone who is knowledgeable, a guide is someone who strayed from the path toward divinity, a person who is lost, and who in ignorance decides to show another person the same path.

When we choose to leave the teaching, not all of us become guides. Many of us do but many of us also choose to do other work. Out there, it is pretty much the same as it is on the earth; there are as many types of work to do as there are on the earth. Everything we need or want on the earth is available out there and also, there are as many types of work there as there is to choose from here. It is a well-known fact that staying busy is the key to surviving in the world out there and so; this prevents work being done mechanically.

Being a guide in the world begins subtly, maniacally but generally, innocently. It states when you go to the post office to get your mail or to send your mail, when you become aware that communication with your loved ones on the earth is possible. Then there are the games!

Here on the earth, we are so eaten up with beliefs and wrong thinking and ignorance of how the universe really works, it is hard for us to understand how this world, as I’ve explained it here, can really exist out there, in many other dimensions. Even more difficult for most of us to accept, is how earth is like it is out there. Even there exists an economy. A capitalistic/socialistic system based on production and care for those who do not achieve.

When we arrive in the world out there, we are accepted back into our families which number in the millions or more. It is then… that we discover that our time on the earth was being funded by our perspective families and that we were also being compensated for our time spent on the earth. Earth time constitutes a productive employment; employment where our compensation is kept in a trust fund and given to us on our arrival back home. What we receive for our service, can be quite lucrative and can be spent for anything we choose to spend it on.

Think about being in a place, that has been around for millions possibly billions of years or even longer. You’re not on a planet, not like the earth, even though it is referred to as a planet. You are on a huge space craft. This is a craft that has been around for a long time, no one know for sure how long the craft has existed because no one there has been there for over a few hundred years and although one might think that a record going back to the beginning would be kept somewhere, with all of the advanced technology that has for the most part, always existed, if this information did exist, it is shrouded in mystery and “secrecy”! The myths that surround the few that know the history of the craft are greatly exaggerated as well as the years that these few people have been there!

In worlds where beliefs become knowledge, where myth becomes truth, where immortality is based on power and wealth, exist also the need for secrecy. Knowledge is something that everyone wants, and in the world, both here and there, no one has! However, if one can convince others that they possess the truth, a false key to the kingdom exists. All of us in the world desire the “keys to the kingdom”, none of us have it regardless of what we believe, and none of us will ever have it as long as we are in the world. For some though, pretending to have this power is the second best thing. When we believe the unbelievable, we worship at the idol of deceit. Knowledge is power and when you don’t possess knowledge, getting the others to believe you have it, is absolute. There comes a point, given time, and circumstances, where we stop believing our own lies, where self-deceit and fantasy stop pacifying, to some extent, our desire for paradise. There comes a time when we have gone too far, where we have dug the hole too deep and others, who see us as Gods, have followed us into the pit, when millions believe in us, that we must stop telling lies and begin to keep the secrets of our own ignorance or account for the damage we’ve done, while we were pretending to be God’s! An advanced world is a place of great secrecy, lies and deceits! It is a place where, false knowledge is given to us, not because of the work we’ve done to learn, not by true accomplishment but by initiation.

All societies in the worlds are structured like a pyramid. The majority of people are at the bottom and there is only one person at the top. As one might imagine, when all of our dreams of total power come true, it is a lonely hellish place. When we are at the top of the pyramid, it is here that we finally learn, when there is nowhere else to go, that we have not taken the right path, it is a horrible awakening! When we finally make it to the top, we discover that we are evil! All of the things that we did to get there have brought us to naught. However, maybe there is another option, could be we’re not in hell; maybe we need to figure out how to get others to the top of the pyramid and still maintain our power. In this way, we can share power and in so doing, create paradise. Those who have made it to the top of the pyramid have gotten there by tyranny, torture, murder, and all types of evil! For these people, there is much to account for but the universe for them is still a matter of belief, conjecture and myth. It is after all, for these people that they dispel a just God and that the universe is machine that demands accountability. This weighs heavily on the minds of this who are at the top because now, they begin to consider these things as there is nothing else to consider, This is how God, get us to think about the right path. Guilt… accountability! When we have chosen the path of fantasy, lies and myth, when we have created our own realities, when we have committed heinous acts against others in order to follow a false path to paradise, there comes a point where we are trapped! We can’t go back, we gotten in to deep, we’ve committed too may crimes, we are trapped in the world and at this point, going back to the teaching dimension is akin to turning ourselves into the police and being executed for our crimes and even worse, we will be sent back to the world, where those who we have murdered and tortured will have power over us!! This is hell! When a person has become so depraved that they cannot return to the teaching dimension, we have truly become a victim of our own ignorance. There is one saving grace for some of us though; some of us will never experience being at the top of the pyramid but some of us, in time… will! This is the last wrong door; when we are trapped at the top of the pyramid, we will waste away there until we are no longer ourselves, where we are no longer anything at all but a being with unrealized divinity. The process of wasting away in this manner is so horrible that when we are finally saved, at the right time, by the divine and retaught, there is enough of us left at some level of our consciousness that tells us, “we will never walk this path again”… as there are no more wrong doors to walk through! When this happens, we have no choices left; we will finally walk the path of truth into paradise!

When we leave the teaching dimension, at some point, we realize that we have left the greatest people, whom we admire most in the universe. In a sense, I think we feel like orphans, after the hoopla and the celebrations have ended and our new life becomes the status quo. It is our desire to be like those whom we admire the most that leads us to imitating them in the only ways we understand, by becoming guides.

There are many dimensions outside of the teaching dimension but in essence they all do the same thing. It is a deceit that we believe that with each dimension we can attain, that we gain in knowledge, ability and wisdom. Most people in the world out there, other dimensions are as much a mystery as Solamenta is to most people here. The difference is this: There, we have some awareness that these other mysterious places exist; have some knowledge of people transport back and forth from the earth dimension and to other dimensions as well. All levels of the pyramid are controlled by those who are at the top of the social pyramid and who seek solace and comfort from others, those with whom they can share their secrets but they can’t share their secrets with just anyone. The initiate is chosen carefully, is monitored and if one meets the criteria selected to move to another level, to another dimension. When one chooses to accept the next level of initiation, they must take an oath of secrecy but secrecy is not kept so much by an oath but by the veil that separates one dimension from another. When one moves to the next level, what is the big secret that is revealed? It is… that we are all a race of advanced beings with powerful technological capabilities and that we have power over those who are on the earth… the rest is a matter of conjecture myth and lies. This is where our guides are; in huge arenas that resemble sports stadiums but much larger with one person sitting next to another, with a computer sitting in front of them. These people have direct connections to us… these are our guides. Some are good, prayerful and caring and some are evil but one thing that is true for all of them, that they all followed the wrong path and do not know where to lead us to.

The emptiness of promotion from one dimension to another, from the knowledge given at each level wears on us and we seek more knowledge and at each level or dimension another truth, so called, is revealed. As we move from one dimension to another, the higher dimension become less attractive and the people less intelligent. We are becoming more depraved and evil. In the final analysis, it is a road that leads to the knowledge that you should have stayed in the teaching dimension and should have done it right the first time.

This cycle has been going on since almost forever ago but one by one, we choose to walk the right path.  

The mechanism of the universe is perfect; it was created and has evolved since forever ago. It has long since worked out all of its imperfections. This matrix of muck and lies, is how we evolve, it’s an “evolution machine”. It is within this evolution machine that we eventually see ourselves for who we really are. It is through this process when we have taken every wrong door that we choose, when lies can no longer sustain our will to live, that we finally evolve into those who are capable of living in an immortal community.

Is it God’s will that they do what they do, that they communicate with us?

Yes it is. There is not one thing that is done in the universe that isn’t part of the plan. This is a plan that has evolved since forever ago… “It is perfect”!

Thanks for your questions!

J.S. Thompson