IN THE TIME OF EDEN (Bible Myths, Part III)

Time of Eden

Time of Eden

During the time of Constantine, it was the Roman citizen that occupied the highest rung of society, such as it was in 325AD. As a wave of immigrants from all over the empire began to swell the population of Rome, another class of wealth began to make its presence known…the Jew! The “Jews” (immigrant…not a definition of religious or ethnic affiliation) represented the “merchant class” and as their wealth grew so did their power. As this majority became powerful so did their acceptance into Roman society and eventually even for some, it was afforded them, the highest form of Roman citizenship; positions of power within the Roman power structure. Even as Roman citizens, this merchant class felt themselves above the Roman power structure. The arrogance spurned from ascending from second class citizenship to positions of power fostered animosity. It was in those days and even today, the curse of man to segregate ones selves from a benevolent ruling majority. And so it was for these powerful and wealthy Jewish merchant immigrants. This arrogance would come back to haunt them later and force their expulsion from Rome into territories north when the Roman Emperor Constantine would sign a peace accord with the Christian majority of immigrants and together, they would wage war on the Sanhedrin or wealthy minority of the Jews.

This minority/ majority cycle has been occurring since the beginning of time. People have been separating and segregating themselves from those they feel are lesser beings since the dawn of man. It’s a cycle that we see all over the world today and if we can’t understand why it happens, it will continue until the majority of us do.

The story of the Juden begins 12,000 years ago in the land we call Israel today but in those days before the great migration of man, it was called Judah (promised by God or the land of the Juden).

Judah 12,000 years ago was a true Garden of Eden, an island country. The ice age had swelled the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean forcing most of the animals and people to migrate south to Judah or Northern Africa in those days called Is Ri El, or the one God. These migrants from as far north as the Britons, Northern Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and all over Europe continued south until they came to Judah and Is Ri El and there they made their settlements.

These millions of migrants that came from all over Europe were called in those days, Philistines or immigrants! The Middle East became the most populated place on the earth and people of all races integrated together and there for the most part, the people of Judah lived in peace.

I’m an American but my forefathers immigrated to America from countries across the Atlantic. However, the story of my ancestry as well as for the majority of us in America begins in the Middle East.

This was the time when great public works projects such as the tower of Babel in the Middle East and the Pyramids in Northern Africa were undertaken. These great public works projects were a way for the government of these countries to put the great number of available workers to work.

One of the greatest misunderstandings of history is the belief that these ancient people were so much more primitive than we are today. Granted they were not as modern of a society as we are today but they were capable of great engineering! Contemporary archeology has the pyramids dated at around 3200 BC but the age of the pyramids is still being debated because there is no evidence to the contrary but logic, not archeology, should be our guide when there is no evidence. Logic places the pyramids as well as the tower of Babel in a time when huge populations existed in these two areas of the planet because of great climatic turmoil!

It doesn’t take but a generation or so for a diverse group of people to integrate into one people. Divisions in society come about not because of religion or race, divisions in society result when one group seeks power from those who are in control. The leaders of these social divisions will often use race or religion as the impetus for change but history and logic tells us differently. No matter what reasons history assigns to it, the reason civil wars are fought is to secure power for those who are not in power or for those who are in power to remain. To the victors go the rights of propaganda, the popular truth that leads us from the real truth.

And so it was in Judah, 11,500 years ago, the ruling class of Judah, the royal house and all of their supporters were forced into exile. This group of people, one million strong; brown, white, yellow and black whose grandparents had migrated from all over Europe and the Middle East… fled the new ruling class. It was their own people they were fleeing from!

These people who called themselves Juden fought their way down the eastern banks of the Red Sea and crossed it by way of a volcanic land bridge into what today is called Ethiopia but in those days, it was called after the conquest by the Juden… Judah! By 6,000 BC 8,000 years ago The Royal House of Judah and their followers had pushed north and eventually became the rulers of what is today Egypt but in those days it was called Is Ri El or literally translated, the one God!

Societies become strong, courageous, inventive and intelligent as they push against the current of adversity. It is the persecuted that are forced through necessity of survival to evolve at a faster pace than their persecutors. It is those who are forced against the current who become great while their pursuers who are following the path of least resistance become weaker. It was 3,000 years of persecution and turmoil that forged the Juden into a great nation not just of fierce warriors but great thinkers, engineers, traders and economists.

The Juden, the Royal House of the Great Juden nation of the Middle East had found a home on the banks of the Mediterranean, in Is Ri El. It was there over time that they once again became weak too, as those they had defeated had done, and followed the path of least resistance.

“Wisdom is always ancient! Even in ancient times, wisdom came from another ancient time. The truth is always hidden in the past because it is never found in the present”. Moses has been given for the most part, credit for the writings of the first books of the bible to include the book of Genesis and it is possible that this is true as Moses, a son of the Juden King, King of Is Ri El would have had the ability to re write the holy books of the ancient prophets which are always being re-written and re translated and so it was… even 6000 years ago in the time of Moses.

The events of scripture take us to a time of miracles, 14,000 years ago, 2,000 years before the last ice age, a time when Gods and man coexisted. These events would stick in the mind of the writers or translators of ancient wisdom and for all of those to follow them even into our present.

The Old Testament speaks of a time when God and the wonders of God could be witnessed by man on the earth. It was an ancient time when great magic and the power of God, both great and horrible, was seen and experienced! It is this singularity, which occurred 14,000 years ago that we seek, the beginning of the myth we now call the bible. What really happened thousands of years ago that we still even write about today? In order to understand the past, we need to back engineer the path of history by looking forward into our future. It is the future that mirrors the past; it is the path of logic that guides us to both future and past.

There has never been a major religion or philosophy on the earth since the dawn of man that believed in multiple Gods. Whether one believed in Ra the sun God of the ancient Egyptians, Jehovah, Yahweh (YHWH), Odin which was the same God translated into another language RI another translation for RA, Zeus the one God creator of the Greeks or Jupiter, the one God creator of the Romans, to name a few. It has always been believed that there was always one creator or God. However, in most major religions it was believed that the one creator was surrounded by divine beings endowed with the power of God. These Divine Beings or Saints were thought to be either ascended humans or deities created from on high but there was always a place or a means for humans to ascend and become a part of this divine family. There has always been a way for us to become a member of the family of God and also be endowed with these Godly powers.

Magic is a force that astounds and amazes us! It is a mystical force, an event that is beyond definition until of course, one figures out how the magic is done and then it is simply a matter of technology. When we follow a path back in history through the writers of those who would attempt to define God, it is God that we seek, not the God of magic and undefined power but a God who can be understood, whose ability to control the forces of nature is not a matter of magic but technology!

When we look into the future, what do we see? We’ve come a long way in a very short period of time with regard to technology. Opening the doors of discovery is a lot like finding Easter eggs. We spot one on the tree in the distance and when we get there low and behold there is 6 or maybe seven more right there in the tree. When science makes a major discovery such as electrical current or the gasoline powered combustion engine… a new age of technology emerges. What other Easter eggs are we going to discover and what new technologies will they lead us to?

Is there anything in our wildest imagination that cannot be achieved through technology? What will the world look like a thousand years from now or 10,000 years from now? It’s entirely possible that our modern society is at the doorway of a new technology that will absolutely be seen as magic to the uninformed! Unfortunately, there has always been and will always continue to be, at least for a while, the uninformed! In order for the cycle of division and subsequent destruction of society to be stopped, everyone on the planet must stop being “the uninformed”. When technology ceases to be seen as the persona of superiority and society no longer bows to ignorance at its highest level, that being deceit… society will find itself united in an eternal community, a true Garden of Eden…Paradise!

Where is the singularity that began it all in this age? If we are to take a close look at the book of Genesis, we might find a clue. Genesis was written, re written and translated over and over again by primitive people but the source of the story, the singularity which leads to wisdom and truth is found in the future of our past. The story of Adam and Eve, tells a story of advanced technology unknown to the story teller. “When one cannot fill in the details of a story about our creation, it is philosophy but when one can, it is logic.”

The story of Adam and Eve begins 46,000 BC with the destruction of the last “modern” age and the advent of “advanced” technology. This was a time of great division within society, a time when the rich and powerful had access to technology capable of making one immortal or at least elongate life to an unknown time, way into the future. This division in society is a natural aspect of the “evolutionary cycle”.

Who were Adam and Eve? The primitive interpreters of these ancient books were recollecting main events that had been interpreted and retranslated for thousands of years. All we can do as readers of primitive interpretation is try to put ourselves behind the eyes of these primitive people and use our own judgment of what really occurred from the prospective of one that lives in a modern age.

When I look back and put myself behind the eyes of the primitive interpreter, I see not an ancient event but a very modern or even advanced event taking place. There were present, beings that were capable of doing amazing things and also present, were less advanced people who were submissive. I also don’t dismiss that the possibility exists, that the writings of these events which occurred at the point of singularity were inaccurate in their assumptions. They saw what they saw and they recorded it, they may not have understood exactly what it was they were seeing.

With that being said… God or the beings thought to be able to create life, made the man Adam and the woman (Eve) and placed them in a garden… Eden. At this time, God said to Adam and (Eve), “You are free to eat of any fruit in the garden except for the fruit of the tree of knowledge thus destroying immortality!” One must ask themselves, why would God want us to stay ignorant? How else is one to become righteous if one does not understand the destruction of wickedness?

So God created Adam and then took a rib from him and created Eve. If one keeps an open mind, this sounds a lot like genetic manipulation. It is a logical possibility, so for the sake of exploration let’s stay with this possibility and follow this path to its logical conclusion.

Is it possible for other modern or even advanced societies to have existed on the earth in ancient times without our knowledge? In my next article, we’ll explore the possibilities…