IN THE TIME OF ADAM (Bible Myths, Part V)

The book of Genesis chronicles a society that began to die 14,000 years ago. This book was so important to those who wrote it at that time, that it was coveted and cared for. The book of Genesis, as do many of the books of the bible, chronicles a time of social division and rebellion and has been interpreted and reinterpreted for thousands of years. Society changes over time but with respect to ancient texts, so does the language and most importantly with respect to this book… technology. The ancient interpreters knew this book was important and even after the original book was gone or buried under miles of earth as the earth shifted and cycled, the stories lived on in lore, belief and religion.

When something occurs that is beyond our understanding, there are two ways for one to approach it; one is to explore it and the other is to worship it!!! The story of Adam and Eve and other stories of Genesis tell us of an advanced race of beings, a society that had learned the secret of longevity and who, to this very day, desperately seek the answers to immortality through the study of human genetics. 

The story of evolution, God and creation is not about interpretation, science fiction or fantasy… it is a story which follows the path of logic. For the true explorer, the committed seeker, truth is the pearl beyond all price… the key to both humanity and immortality.

The missing variables in the equation of immortality exist in our humanity. When one gives up their humanity in order to have longevity before they have solved the problem of immortality… then, solving the problem becomes their focus verses seeking their humanity. Advanced beings live under the surface of the earth and devote their lives for the most part to the study of genetics because it is in our genes, that the answers to immortality exist. An advanced being, or as some would refer to them, alien, must become a non-human in order to have longevity of life. They must give up certain aspects of their humanity but divine beings can live anywhere because they have solved these technological problems. These divine beings can live anywhere either on the surface, below the surface or in other dimensions but most importantly, they are both other dimensional and completely human. Advanced beings have “other dimensional technology” but working in other dimensions for these beings is like working underwater; it is a place of great pressure. It is a hostile and often dangerous environment, an environment that they would prefer not to be in unless it is absolutely necessary. Divine beings work comfortably in other dimensions because the devices that allow them to exist there are so much more advanced. Both divine beings and advanced beings have a coveted interest in all of us. Advanced beings need our genetic material to live but divine beings seek to teach us, who live on the earth’s surface, how to become one of them as this is God’s will and plan for us. We humans on the earth, share certain aspects of divinity with those who are divine, because it is to them that we go back to when we leave the planet as they, the divine, are the ones whose technology takes us back and forth and facilitates our stay Solamenta, which means, “out there (the place we go when we die)”. While we are there consequently, they are also responsible for our reincarnation! Advanced beings also seek divinity and many find it but only in death. It is the cycle of life and death that brings us to divinity in time; when we have overcome the challenges of life and death and mastered ourselves. Divinity cannot be found by stealing the genetic material from those of us who endure the cycle of life and death. Experiences must be lived not downloaded! 

 Whether human or advanced, it is divinity that we all seek. Advanced beings seek to be one with the divine through technology but divine beings have the wisdom to understand and develop the technology that was already there for them to develop, a gift from God and all they had to do to have it was to learn how to listen, to put themselves under authority, to be submissive to the only one that knows….Eve, Arissa, Moshazi Diablas, etc.! There is only one God but she has many names!

Adam names Eve in Genesis 3-20, until that time, she had simply been referred to as the woman. “The man called the woman Eve because she is the Mother of all of the living” (Genesis 3-20)!

Eveas Triangulatus  

Eveas Triangulatus is a word that comes from another language, a language of advanced technology. Eveas Triangulatus doesn’t have a meaning if one does not understand what an advanced society is or how they must survive. An advanced society is completely and totally dependent on a computer, a computer that controls every function of their body and facilitates communication. Eveas is a word that means an advanced computer; Triangulatus means communication which must go from one person through the computer and then to the other, it is a triad that we today would interpret to mean telepathy or used in this manner telepathic communication. Advanced beings do not breathe and they do not have vocal chords. Communication both telepathic and verbal is done through a computer.

Adam was a second class citizen who sought equality with his advanced brethren. In his eyes, they held the key to life, his life! He, like all of us, wanted to be the captain of his own ship, to control his own destiny but at what cost?

Advanced beings must have human beings to remain immortal. They need primitive people to do the jobs that they themselves do not care to do. Advanced beings need the information contained within our genes but they also need natural resources such as gold! The book of Genesis makes a point to note that Eden was a place where gold was found in great quantity, “the gold of the land was excellent”  (Genesis 2-12).

Gold is very important to advanced beings because of it deflective quality. Gold has a capacity compared to other minerals to deflect or resist the flow of electrons. Primitive “other dimensional science”, science which has not solved all of the questions of immortality causes many problems environmentally.  For instance, when you remove an object such as a craft or a person from one dimensional spectrum and put it in another, you cause a vacuum in space which upsets the signature frequency of the atmosphere. Unabated, this frequency disturbance would make our planet uninhabitable. Gold is ground to a fine powder and placed in orbit around our atmosphere and in this way advanced beings control to some degree, the erratic flow of electrons caused from their enterprises. Mining and dispersing of gold and other minerals is dangerous and uncomfortable. These are jobs that are not generally done by the elite advanced but rather, done by humans who have been offered a form of longevity to do these jobs.

Humans who work with advanced beings are given a form of longevity for their services and they are also trained in the use of advanced equipment in order to do what they do. In addition, they must be able to hear telepathic communication and also must be able to work in other dimensions, fly other dimensional craft and take the chances on the surface that the advanced beings do not care to take. The humans that work with advanced beings generally wear apparatus that allow them to hear telepathically and also to perform certain jobs.  

The rebellion of Adam and those like Adam was not completely successful. All in all, it resulted in a Mexican standoff. The primitive humans provided a service that the advanced beings didn’t care to do and by this time, thousands of years later, didn’t even know how to do. However, the advanced beings had knowledge that the humans did not have and the secret of immortality was theirs. Each group was holding a valuable card and the only solution when it was all said and done, was to attempt to coexist. The Adamites would rule the surface and continue to do the jobs necessary for the advanced beings, also necessary for their own survival and the advanced beings would rule the underworld and continue to manipulate the primitive humans on the surface through their consciousness, by telepathy!

It wasn’t so much that advanced beings feared the Adamites; it was the natural evolution of technology that they truly feared, the transition of a modern society into an advanced one. This is where society is in 2010. We are a modern society moving in the direction of advanced technology. The advanced beings will do what they can to keep us off of the track, manipulating our scientists and leaders at the telepathic level; however, eventually someone will “break -through” and sow the seeds of advanced technology. This time hopefully it will be done the right way.

It was the Adamites that controlled the earth’s surface from 22,000 BC until 14,000 BC. However, the Adamites were not mere mortals, they were semi-immortal. Because of the work they had done for the advanced societies, they had been afforded longevity of life. Longevity of life, as it was done for semi-immortals is accomplished by altering the physiology of the human body in some cases but not to the extent of those advanced beings that see themselves as immortal! They too were not like mortal humans that populated the earth, they had advanced technology but they were also human. These were mortal people but they weren’t mere mortals. They had a lifespan that would turn out to be thousands of years long. However, they ruled the earth and they could breed! This society made up of mortal primitive people with access to advanced technology became arrogant and menacing. They became those who plagued those weaker than themselves; they were the Gods of old. The Adamites were Jupiter, Zeus, Odin and Jehovah to name a few and they were also the Nephilim!

“When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of heaven saw how beautiful they were and took them for their wives, as many as they chose. Then the lord said, “My spirit shall not remain in man forever since he is but flesh, his days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years.”

“At that time, the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later) after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown,” (Genesis 6/1-4)

Gods and demi-Gods… mythology is filled with men and women of renown… From Hercules to Abraham, Hera the wife of Zeus to… the Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Jesus… Advanced Beings who bred with human women, women who gave birth to heroes!

When primitive people try to explain something that is beyond their explanation, they define it with words like spirit. No one really knows what spirit is. Spirit is some invisible power which gives us life. There is no such thing as magic, only technology and in the case of spirit and virgin births; it was technology that made these things occur. Anytime that something has occurred and is outside of our realm of understanding, there is technology behind it. From channelers to miracles, to ghosts, there is someone with technology that is trying to make an impression on us mere mortals for some reason. These things are done, either for sport, for science, for protection or for some other justification but there is not a one of them that cannot be traced back to their use of technology by advanced beings. Everything in the universe must adhere to the law of physics. When something miraculous happens, it is the final product of one thing pushing another like the parts of a machine, until we see something move, it is a product of “other dimensional science”.   When miracles happen, a small segment of our population studies it and the other larger segment of our population worships it. “We need as a society to move beyond worshipping the unknown and instead, discover the little man behind the curtain.”  A society that can see themselves, for who they truly are by exposing their own stupidity, is a society evolving beyond their beliefs, a society capable of living in paradise! This is what God waits for… our metamorphosis from primitive to divine; which is not so much a matter of technology, as it is a state of mind.


In the story of Genesis, Adam is forced to leave the Garden of Eden and settle in the land east of Eden. There, with the help of the lord, (genesis 4-1) Eve bore the son Cain who became a tiller of the fields, a surface dweller and then she bore Able, a “keeper of flocks”. This story captures the violence of rebellion. Advanced beings can be killed and so it was when Cain killed Able as Able was not human but an advanced being!

Advanced beings are immortal as long as there are living mortals. They know that this type of primitive immortality is going to come to an end someday and so they frantically search for the answers of humanity and immortality. Advanced beings are somewhat immortal but they can be killed and furthermore, they can commit suicide and they do commit suicide with great regularity. Able didn’t commit suicide but he did have the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The primitive writer interpreting this story expresses it in the only way they can understand that this rebellion ended in violence and there were advanced beings that were killed.

Until this time, advanced beings and humans had worked together side by side but after this revolt, the advanced beings that weren’t killed went further underground or out into space where they could not be found by the humans. However, this rebellion did not go without its defeats for the humans also. After Cain slew Able, God banishes Cain from the security of his advanced brethren…and their underground sanctuaries.

“Cain said to the lord, “my punishment is too great, since you have now banished me from the soil and I must avoid your presence and become a restless wanderer “on the earth”, anyone may kill me at sight! “Not so”, says the lord to him, “If anyone kills Cain, Cain shall be avenged seven fold!” So the lord put a mark on Cain least anyone should kill him at sight. Cain then left the lord and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden…”

Question for the Reader…

Who was this invisible voice of Genesis? Why did he want Cain not to be killed and what was the mark that this being put on Cain so those primitive people on the surface would know who he was and not kill him?

For the answers to these questions and others… please read “The Bible Myth VI”                   by  ~J.S. Thompson~