God uses the weak, the vulnerable and the poor to break down the walls of self-deceit which surround those who “believe” themselves to have power over them. It would be wise for those who choose to live within this world of deceit to consider; there are those you do not see who have the power of life and death and eternal salvation or damnation over you. The weak, the vulnerable and the poor exist so that the damned today, might be saints tomorrow!  

God uses the innocent, vulnerable and powerless to lure those willing to abuse them for self-gains. This abuse of power comes in many formats; the strong over the weak, the rich over the poor and those who believe themselves wise over those they perceive as not.

Consider this, abuse of the innocent is a matter of freewill, a matter of choice but those who would be your victims are volunteers! What kind of person would volunteer for a life on the earth filled with pain and suffering of servitude and abuse? Who would make a free will choice, before they were sent to earth to live their life to sacrifice their few years here to have eternal life in Paradise? Who is willing to say to God, “do to me what you will, let not my will but your will be done?” Who is willing to say these words with their heart without any evidence of God and very little evidence of God’s plan or even an eternal community? The answer is a matter of wisdom, not faith. Sacrifice of this nature is for those who have heard God (in the way that God speaks to us), tell them the way and have the foundation of understanding which one must possess before they are capable of living in Paradise.

For those who would abuse the innocent, beware of angels (divine beings) in your midst. Angels who are willing to do God’s will, those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for yours! In God’s kingdom, it is the last that will be the first and the first, last.

We either submit to God’s will or we submit to our own. If we choose to submit to our own will, we are truly… the blind leading the blind. It is logical that we seek wisdom from a higher source because it cannot be found from our own.

Before an individual can make the necessary character changes within themselves, they must first wither and degrade to the lowest level, see themselves for who they truly are; thus becoming so disgusted with themselves that they initiate the proper changes. Or they seek truth with such intensity that the door to wisdom opens.

Everything we do is documented and recorded! When we leave the planet, everything we think, say and do, can and will be shown to us in order to help direct and guide us into making the right choices, which in turn… help us evolve into the type of people God made us to become. Our eternal salvation is assured but becoming the type of person worthy of Paradise is a choice. When we make this choice, is simply a matter of time and experience. It is the continued struggle of life which creates the metal within us, which gives us the strength of character and self-discipline to live in this eternal community… Paradise!

For those of us on the earth going through our earth lives, we are not cognizant of the choices that we made before we came to earth. However, if you had the choice now to say to God, “Let not my will but your will be done”, what would you tell God? Rejoice and be thankful in your sacrifice! For those who abuse the facade of power which has been given to you… beware, of angels in your midst! Be mindful of how you treat those around you, it may be “you” in your next life who seeks the beggar’s justice!