The Myth of Adam and Eve, Who Were They?

Myth of Eve

Myth of Eve


Eve was not a woman but an advanced computer – “Eveas Triangulatus”. Of course the ancient writers didn’t understand what a computer was, so the resulting literature derived from that era, are allegorical in nature; however, they do describe an interesting and most important time in our history. It is this singularity in history that we all need to study and be familiar with because all religions that exist today found their beginnings in this relationship of man and advanced beings. Understanding this explains a great deal. Our beliefs are created around false interpretations of ancient occurrences. If we understand the truth, it helps us to find the right path that leads to God, the path that leads to eternal salvation. Following the path of primitive beliefs only lead us back to the earth for another life. When we can empty our minds of those things we think, feel or believe to be true, then we have a mind waiting to learn, to be filled with the knowledge of those who know!

Adam was a human who worked with advanced beings. Advanced, meaning they had discovered and had access to advanced technology; maybe better defined as “other dimensional technology”. Eveas Triangulatus describes an advanced computer; a computer which did a myriad of tasks; one of which was, to facilitate telepathic communication. Telepathy is a by- product of other dimensional physiology. Advanced beings don’t breathe oxygen and because of this, they must remove all organs requiring oxygen; as a result, they no longer require a voice box. They sacrifice these human characteristics in order to have extreme longevity of life. A characteristic, that along with other sacrificed physical characteristics, they soon come to miss.

The story of Adam is a tale about a group of humans who were considered second class citizens. These humans were those who did the jobs that their advanced overseers did not care to do for themselves. Over time these humans understood and could work with the advanced technologies that had been provided for them in order to do their jobs.

The evolution of computers follows a singular path. For instance- all technologies, given enough time, will all evolve to the same place. In other words, there are no differences between an advanced computer and a divine computer; they all do the same job. The only difference is the being that is operating it. The evolution of advanced computers is an interesting story. There comes a point in scientific evolution where enough information about how the universe works is downloaded into a computer. When the computer had enough information, it figures everything out on its own, such as how God came to be, God’s plan, etc. The problem is that the computer evolves beyond its human or advanced operator’s ability to understand it. God evolved in the exact same manner. Now God waits for us to gain the experience and the wisdom to be able to hear her! Those who can hear God are divine beings; advanced beings haven’t gotten there yet. We human beings go either way.

Society is at the doorstep of another advanced age. It’s just a matter of time before science discovers and begins to explore other dimensional science once again and therefore, this same cycle will repeat itself. Society evolves from primitive to modern (where we are today technologically speaking), to advanced and then, back to primitive where the cycle repeats itself. We become divine beings when we can hear God telling us which way to go and we do what God tells us!

Eternal life or immortality is the desire of all mankind whether they will admit it or not. We all want to avoid death and live forever. This was the relationship that Adam had with Eveas Triangulatus. Adam no longer wanted to be a second class citizen, a lowly primitive human who had to die. He wanted what his advanced overseers had… “Eternal Life”!


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Adam names Eve in Genesis 3-20, until that time, she had simply been referred to as the woman. “The man called the woman Eve because she is the Mother of all of the living” (Genesis 3-20)!

Eveas Triangulatus….

Eveas Triangulatus is a word that comes from another language; a language of advanced technology. Eveas Triangulatus doesn’t have a meaning if one does not understand what an advanced society is or how they must survive. An advanced society is completely and totally dependent on a computer, a computer that controls every function of their body and facilitates communication. Eveas is a word that means an advanced computer; Triangulatus means communication which must go from one person through the computer and then to the other, it is a triad that we today would interpret to mean telepathy or used in this manner telepathic communication. Advanced beings do not breathe and they do not have vocal chords. Communication both telepathic and verbal is done through a computer.

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Was Cain was being rewarded with power because he killed his brother Able. No, Cain was given power, something the surface dwellers could see and recognize. Cain wore a device that allowed him to hear his advanced overlord’s give him commands telepathically, a device which allowed him to communicate with the computer Eveas Triangulatus. This device would later be referred to by the primitive translator of these ancient texts as a crown. A Scepter was a device capable of killing or wounding those who would not comply! This was the beginning of kingship and these were the symbols of ancient royalty descended from our advanced brothers and sisters, many of whom are still with us today!