The Nephilim  Credits Unknown

The Nephilim Credits Unknown

The Bible Myths Part VII“When men began to multiply on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of heaven saw how beautiful the daughters of men were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. Then the Lord said: “My spirit will not remain in man forever since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years”.

“At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.” (Genesis 6…1-4) According to scripture, the Nephilim were born after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of men who bore them sons. If we are ever to understand who these beings were, we are going to have to understand advanced being or alien physiology.

Advanced science or “other dimensional technology”, allows us to understand how matter is structured. Matter is multi-dimensional but current technology is only capable of seeing matter within the atomic spectrum of perception; therefore, we don’t see the entire object. Other dimensional matter cannot be weighed accurately with conventional technology as well, as it is only the electrons that a dimensional spectrum has in common with another. There will come a time in the not too distant future, when we will be able to understand how the matter we can see is adjoined to the matter we cannot see. When technology advances to this level, we will be able to understand our mortality and furthermore be able to slow down the death process or eventually stop it all together.

A very primitive form of immortality will be developed in the future, when modern science develops “other dimensional science”. However, when I talk about primitive immortality, I’m referring to a process that must make changes to our natural God given anatomy which is a product of divine technology. In other words what we have now cannot be made better! However, the scientists of the future will attempt it and in their own minds, they will succeed!

Oxygen is what kills us, what makes us mortal! From the moment of our first breath, we begin to die. In essence, oxygen burns us up slowly from the inside. Futuristic scientists will discover that we have another body which is already immortal. This other dimensional body has the exact same organs that our mortal bodies have but there are some differences. The primary differences are that our other dimensional body, at least the one they’ll be able to perceive (as we have a few) does not require oxygen. However, the ones they can’t see can use oxygen but are still immortal. In other words, what advanced scientists see is not the complete story. We have several immortal bodies that are attached to our mortal body and they all exist in other dimensions and they are all immortal but advanced scientists will only be able to see the next level of our immortality and this is why I refer to this as advanced science as opposed to divine science.

When science moves to this level, in order to avoid death, scientists will learn how to activate the most primal other dimensional body and in this way, they will live on the earth as we who are mortal live in the next world when we die or more aptly said, when we are extracted from the planet!

We don’t die! When it is our time to leave the planet, we never lose consciousness; we are, at the time of death, not only conscious but feeling really good because at the time of death we are administered a drug which makes our transition much easier for all involved. In just a matter of seconds or in the blinking of an eye, we are transported from here to our next home out there. Death is the greatest kept secret and it is a secret for a reason. God wants us all to figure this out but God also wants us to use logic to do it. This is why we are never given information; we must learn it the hard way, through experience. Anyone who has died, just by virtue of the fact that they have died, already exceeds their advanced alien brothers and sisters in this knowledge. This is the greatest irony.

When we leave the planet, we no longer breathe. This is the first step of our immortal evolution. The irony of it all, when we consider what advanced beings have given up to be immortal on the earth, is that the next step in our evolution is to breathe, this is what divine technology is. A “divine being” is as human as you and me with this one exception; they no longer experience the blind process of death, nor are they required any longer to endure the cycle of life and death.

For the sake of definition, we have “advanced beings” who have developed a primitive form of technology and its associated immortality. Then we have “divine beings”, which have developed the highest form of technology and immortality. Advanced beings are not human because they don’t breathe oxygen and they don’t have genitalia to name a few differences but divine beings can function in all dimensional spectrums while remaining completely human in all respects.

Advanced beings continue to seek the technology that will allow them to be human once again, as they once were. They continually seek a more advanced form of immortality through the study of genetics. The secret to being both human and immortal is what I call divine technology. Divine beings have it and advanced beings wish to obtain it through their continued study of human genetics. This endeavor will not be successful because their futile efforts to become divine by following their own path only forces them deeper into oblivion.

There are many things that current science doesn’t understand about the evolution of the earth or the evolution of society. Society evolves in cycles just like the earth does. We evolve from primitive, to modern, to advanced and then back into primitive people once again. The cycle continues with the advent of advanced technology which divides society into two groups, those who have it and those who don’t. While those who are not members of this elite club, they still reap the benefits but at the expense of their freedom. Even though the quality of life advances for everyone, the pain of second class citizenship erodes those deemed as such from the inside eventually resulting in violence against those who would see themselves as superior. As the advanced race seeks shelter within the earth or out in space, those who remain on the earth slowly become primitive and the cycle begins again. This has happened many times in our earth past. The advent of advanced technology always precipitates our evolution once again into a primitive society.

When advanced technology is discovered as it will be once again in our future, it will not be available for everyone to have but rather it will be restricted to the elite. As one can imagine this creates a huge division between the people. With the advent of advanced technology, a super class is created and everyone not included will be considered a second class citizen. This second class society will also fragment into those who work directly for the immortal class and those who do not!

Advanced beings do not have human sex! When ancient writings refer to beings such as the sons of heaven who had intercourse with human women or daughters of man, we are talking about human beings (not divine beings) who were given power over the masses by their association with advanced beings.

The Nephilim were those who were born from this association, this was the origin of kingship! The fathers and mothers of the Nephilim were human. They were the humans that directly interacted with these immortal advanced beings. This scripture (Genesis 6) is a unique and telling recreation of the singularity we seek with regard to our past, to creation and to God. If we look very closely to not only where we are going in the future but how we should truly live our lives, then advanced technology will never take us down the road of primitive immortality again but to the understanding that there is a higher technology that awaits those who have learned how to live as immortal beings through the experience of blind mortality. For these human beings, it is divine technology that awaits them.

The story of the Nephilim is the story of societal division and of revolt. This revolt drove these advanced societies underground where they live still to this very day. Even today these advanced societies which survived the human revolt against them in the time of Adam, continue to look for the answers to humanity through genetic studies.

Advanced beings are immortal to some extent but they are still vulnerable. They can be killed! Advanced beings, like human beings, don’t exactly know what happens to them when they die. They have their beliefs just like people on the earth do. Divine beings on the other hand not only know who God is… but do Gods work to help mankind evolve into those capable of living in an eternal community. On the other hand, advanced beings seek only to develop the technology that will enhance their own lives and they do it by any and all means within their ethical boundaries which ebb and flow with the tide and cycles of their societal evolution.

Advanced beings have telepathic technology and they can attempt to manipulate us in this manner, particularly human scientists who are working in the field of advanced technology. What we do is a choice, it doesn’t matter who is trying to manipulate us or the level of technology used to do it, we always have a choice. Divine beings manipulate us telepathically as well. They tell us inside to do the those things that will help us to evolve in the right direction, the direction that will eventually benefit us all while advanced beings are concerned only with their own survival. The survival of advanced beings depends on keeping the majority of people on the earth from becoming advanced and this is done through the telepathic manipulation particularly in the areas of scientific endeavor. Regardless, the path we follow is still a choice. However, most of us continue to follow the path of least resistance which eventually always leads us back to the cycle of life and death. Even our advanced brothers and sisters will one day make the choice to return to God and begin the path anew.

Contrary to public belief, advanced beings do not want us to have the technology that they have because we become a greater threat to them when we begin developing the technologies that can bring us closer to them. The last thing they want is for us to have tunneling machines that can threaten their bases under the earth. If per chance selected governments of the world have come into contact with these beings or have secured technology from them in some way or another; rest assured that it was deliberate and deceptive!

The Nephilim were the sons of those who were called the “sons of heaven”. The sons of heaven were those who revolted against the advanced societies. The Nephilim, through their close association with advanced beings, became the right hand of these advanced beings and undertook for them performing a variety of tasks which often required a great deal of technical expertise. They also did the jobs that their advanced overseers did not care to do because they were either too dangerous or too uncomfortable and in so doing, were given great power to wield over their human brothers and sisters. The power given them was great enough to be referred to by the masses as Godlike! Regardless of the power that these humans possessed, which included longevity, they were still human because advanced beings do not, nor can they have human sex because of the physiological changes they have to make to themselves in order to be immortal. The sons of the sons of heaven were the sons of the first kings of this primitive to-modern-to-advanced cycle and so became the inheritors of great power and kingship themselves. This began a genetic succession of kings which ended two thousand years before the great flood around 14,000 years ago. This is a time period that began with Adam and ended with Abraham when these powerful human beings destroyed the last advanced age which existed on the surface of the planet. After this self-destruction, these human beings were forced underground where eventually they would either become advanced beings themselves or die and begin the cycle of life and death once again.

This association of human man to advanced beings is the singularity that all of the ancient books written, which include the bible, refer to. This was the time when men walked with Gods!