THE PRICE OF EGO-Stealing From Others

The Price of Ego-False Pride

The Price of Ego-False Pride


There are two types of ego! One represents a blanket of hope; it is honest and represents real accomplishment and the real work that has been done to have it and the other… a facade of fantasy, dishonesty and destruction.

When we do the work, we are rewarded for that work. This is a law of the universe and it is a law of physics. When we work, something is produced. When we profit from our work, it is to be paid fairly and if we expect more from our work than the universe expects us to have or more than the work is worth… we violate the law of the universe and the law of physics.

Ego is the outward expression of ourselves.  This expression has an effect on those who see it. It either gives those who see it, a righteous impression or a dishonest impression of ourselves. To portray ourselves wrongly is dishonest and the universe will charge us for our dishonesty.

The universe is a perfect system and it never gets it wrong. We see ourselves as” this” but the universe sees us as “that” and the universe charges us for our own self-deceit. It’s ironic, with regard to those who attempt to show themselves to the outside world as something they are not; it’s like ordering a garbage sandwich and paying a premium price to have it. You tell all of those around you what you had for lunch as if it were a meal fit for a king but the universe knows better. When we portray ourselves wrongly, we are showing the outside world garbage and paying a premium price to do it. The universe either charges us or rewards us fairly for the work we do.

Earth is like the company store; we do what we have to do here to survive but this is not real… it is temporary and it is not lasting. When our time here on the earth is finished, we go to our immortal home and it is there that we discover that we have been charged for our dishonesty or rewarded for our work.

God does not see work in the same way that we on the earth see it. When we came to earth, we were hired to come here for a specific purpose to do a very specific thing. We came to earth to learn how to transform into those who could live and work in an immortal community. We came here to train and in return, we are paid for our service or made to be accountable for our misgivings. This is how we learn!

The universe is a 0 sum gain mechanism! You can’t add to or destroy any part of it! We can only use it and our lease on this mechanism we call the universe is eternal. It is not ours, we cannot own it. We are allowed to be here and in return, we are expected to give back what we are given.

God is very, very generous. All that God has is ours, but for those who don’t understand this… insecurity is their measure of the universe and insecurity has a negative value. Insecurity is not a product!

How many people consider the self- production of their insecurity as a valuable commodity?  Unfortunately, most people subconsciously do! How is it that our insecurity can be so misidentified as to be our security blanket?  Those who understand the logic that anything that is not immortal has no real value, would never expose a dishonest image of themselves and pass it off as real. When we do this we are charged for it. We are charged for showing ourselves to be something we are not when, in fact, we are showing the world an imitation of our true selves… garbage! How could we possibly improve on God’s perfect design for us? We do, after all, have free will!

Ego is like a drug! It gives a certain feeling that we enjoy but like a drug, it is a false oasis. Our 15 minutes of fame so to speak, will cost much more in eternity. This addiction to showing ourselves to others in a false light is a very expensive narcotic.

Why is it so wrong to either portray ourselves or believe ourselves to be something we are not? When we come to earth, we are paid to see ourselves for who we truly are. If we cannot do this, then we cannot transform and become those who are called divine. This is the mission. To become productive members of this universal society, to become those who are capable of helping the universe to achieve its goal of universal unity… God’s plan and one must eventually complete the assignments given to us on the earth. Seeing ourselves for who we truly are is the most significant aspect of this mission.

When we leave the earth, we go through what is called a “life review”. The life review is designed to help us see what we did right and also to see what we did wrong; however, there are not many people out there solamenta who don’t understand the basic meaning of the life review, “to see ourselves for who we truly are”.

We have lied to ourselves for so long about who we are; that we live in a world of fantasy, a world of our own construction.

Our lives on the earth and out there in our eternal home, is also a 0 sum gain mechanism. When we take from the universe, we take from someone else who “deserves” to have it! When we allow our false image to prevail whether here on the earth or out there solamenta, we take something that is not ours, we steal from the deserving and we give it to ourselves!

One thing you’ll find when you leave the earth is a society that has learned a few things about ego or false pride! Out there, giving a person credit for what they have accomplished is something that everyone is aware of.

It is ego which falsely accuses or steals from the innocent.  One might think they got away with it but they will not. Everything we do here on the earth is monitored, all of our actions and thoughts. Everything we do on the earth is documented and recorded! When we take from another who was deserving, who actually did the work, we must return it to them when we get out there and trust me when I say… that returning something to someone deserving, whether we did it consciously or subconsciously, out there, is infinitely more difficult than it would have been had we of done it while we were on the earth.

Let me give you an example: A boss steals an idea from one of their assistants and then fires them in order to cover up the misdeed. This employee isn’t able to find a job and becomes impoverished and lives the rest of their life on the earth in misery. When they die, this account has been settled in part by the families that sponsor our earth time and so we are taken care of in relative comfort for our time but when the boss returns home (out there) after living a life of wealth on the earth, they are chastised and everything is taken away from them. However, the offended party (out there) says to the boss, “How is it that you can make this right for me? While on earth, I was in need and now I have everything… what can you possibly do for me that would make right what you did?”

Sadly, divorce is another area of concern which illustrates the point I’m trying to make. God help the guilty party in a divorce! I can assure you, that “out there”, divorce is not a private matter! In a divorce, “if” there is an innocent party, it will not be a happy time when everyone gets together once again back home, “out there”. It doesn’t matter how the attorneys on the earth settled this; this matter may still be open! We all need to be advised that when we make a vow, God expects us to keep it and so do our families out there!

In essence, the only thing that can be done at this point is to make this person, the boss or the guilty husband or wife, suffer for a very long period of time, doing community service or being of service to the person or persons who has been offended. Being accountable out there, for your misdeeds on the earth, is a big thing! It’s serious business!

Before we can move to the next level or enlightenment, we “must” settle all of our accounts. This is the only way people can live together in an immortal community! Even if the offended party no longer consciously cares, who took what from them and why, God makes us pay for what we took!

We are on the earth for a very short period of time with regard to the immortal communities from which we came. Our time on earth compares to military basic training. We are only gone for a few weeks (comparatively speaking) but they are intense weeks and a lot can be known in this time about what can be done with us in order to help us to live eternally within our immortal communities.

Earth is like the “trapped on a deserted island” scenario. Who do we become when we think no one is looking? After all, true ethics and morality is what we do when we think we are not being watched! This is how our true nature is measured and corrected!

There are people on the earth who are good caring, giving and loving people who care not so much to be recognized for their good works while here on the earth but rather, to be recognized in eternity where recognition has true value and meaning. There are also, “here” and “there”, those who do good works. For all who do good works and who are righteous in their hearts; they will be rewarded and their reward is great in eternity and possibly even on the earth as well. God wants all of us to be recognized and paid for the work that we do, no matter what it is or where we are, as long as it is ours and ours alone. When we steal from another, either goods or recognition, before we can leave the cycle of life and death we will have to make account of what we have stolen and make restitution with interest; and people, God charges a very high interest rate!

We, as citizens of the earth, need to do our work while we are here and always be in a constant state of self-evaluation and rectification. When we leave our fantasy world long enough to see our misdeeds to another, we need to make it right as soon as possible and we must refrain from judging the actions of others. Only God knows what has been done to us by others and God will make this known to us when it is our time to know.

When we judge another, we steal from them and from God and we will make an accounting of ourselves to God (the establishment)… God is only understood or known at the highest level. God can be known and understood through logic, mathematics… etc. Those who do this are called divine! When we have grown enough to understand what we have done and when we can truly see ourselves for who we are, the universe will give us a very high bill for all of the garbage we have eaten, in a place where the filet mignon is free!