The Reality of Forgiveness




Forgiveness is a term that describes a process. Before we can live together in an eternal community, we must be assured that there is nothing within us or others that might escalate or evolve into problems in the future. After all it would not be paradise if we continue to bring up all of our old issues among one another. Forgiveness is the vehicle but knowledge is the key that starts it. Before we turn this key, we better know where we are going! Forgiveness is a wonderful concept but it takes a lot more to live with those in an eternal community forever than just saying the words, “I forgive you”. Forgiveness comes from God who in turn, says to all of us in everything God does, “It’s not about me or another forgiving you; it’s about you understanding why it’s necessary to forgive each other.” If we don’t completely understand why we should forgive one another… then we cannot do it.

Forgiveness is not something that a human with limited knowledge and understanding is capable of. In order for us to become the type of people we need to become, we need to use what God gave to us. We need to use logic and reason to make rational choices and the most important rational, reasonable and logical choice you can make is the choice that takes you to Paradise’s door. Let’s focus on what’s truly important and should be the priority for each and every one of us…. our immortal lives!

“Forgiveness” is an outdated concept. It is a word that the status quo uses to describe something that it does not understand. God doesn’t need to forgive us. When we stand before God in the final hour, God will ask us one question, “Do you have the strength to push the doors to Paradise open?”

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the Golden rule. Why is it that no one ever follows it?

When we leave the earth…we go through our life review. We are encouraged to seek our own justice and atonement by going to the parties we have hurt in our lives and asking them to tell us what they want from us in order to make amends. People out there, Solamenta will await the arrival of those on earth that they have committed transgressions against… if they are not already out there in order to make their amends; provided that is, if they are inclined to do so. For example… it’s a humiliating experience for a man to go to his best friend from the earth and confess to him that he had an affair with his wife, stole something from him, cheated him, talked behind his back etc. This is one of the reasons that many wives and husbands don’t continue their relationships out there.

Most people will stay in the cycle of life and death because they fear the humiliation of telling the truth. God doesn’t care or need to tell us we are forgiven; it’s not about that at all. God wants us to change! God wants and waits to live with us forever in Paradise when we are ready.

Forgiveness (or any righteous action) requires energy; holding a grudge requires no energy on our part. When we hold a grudge against someone, we do it in order to defend ourselves but we need to think about this for a minute. Holding a grudge is a way for us to express our anger toward a perceived wrong against us.  You have to ask yourself as an intelligent thinking person, where is the value in holding a grudge? You’re not defending yourself against anything; you keep it inside and it works on you in a negative manner. “When you tell me you don’t care for me, I can hear you but when you hold a grudge the only person that hears you is God”…. who says to us all, “take from me what you will and reap the benefits of your perceived wrong.”

When we feel good about revenge or holding a grudge, we allow the power of the universe to control us. When we feel depression and conflict we are dancing to the tune of the status quo. When we can understand that this universe was designed, engineered and built for a very specific purpose, we can hear God telling us all, “I am she that did this for me to be there for you to become the type of people that can live with me forever”. Tell me who you are and I’ll see you in Paradise. Tell me who you think, feel or believe you are and I’ll see you in another life.

Forgiveness, like judgment and justice are human words that describe how societies feel about one’s behavior. God loves everyone and unlike society-the status quo, doesn’t seek revenge on us when we break God’s laws. God only wants us to learn from the experience when we do! On the earth, people see sin as a product that occurs when one defies “God’s laws as society has defined them”. God sees sin (using man’s wording) as anything that will keep us out of Paradise.

When we set moral boundaries for ourselves, God expects us to stay within those boundaries. God will allow us to set our own moral boundaries, but knows the learning experience will teach us what we can and cannot live with as eternal beings.

We are immortal people; we will live forever and forever, is a mighty long time. God wants us to do what makes us feel good. God wants us to explore and experiment; this is what evolution is all about. People who are intent on setting their own boundaries don’t hear God say to them, “Let me establish your boundary’s for you… I don’t know everything but I do know a lot. Make your boundary’s as wide as possible and logical; incorporate what you know but allow for some flexibility for this you don’t know now but may know in the future”. God does not want us to create for ourselves boundaries that are unnecessarily restrictive.

God allows us to feel great when we are doing well and makes us feel horrible when we are not. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out; in order to be happy… you just have to listen.

Forgiveness is a concept, granted it is a sterile and morose concept but nevertheless, it has flourished in spite of the fact there is little if any strength behind the words “I forgive you”. These words mean in essence, let’s forget about it. Forgiveness is a concept that has outlived its time!

Instead, let’s consider a more logical approach to resolving our differences….

Hated enemies who find themselves fighting on the same side, become brothers on the battlefield because they are necessary for each other’s survival. When we understand from a logical perspective that you and I are necessary for each other’s eternal survival, we no longer need to say the words, “I forgive you,” but rather, “I understand how badly we need each other”!