Time and Dimension

Time and Dimension



Question posed by website visitor:

Does traveling from here on earth to or through other dimensions, typically involve leaving the space-time continuum (as we understand it) or travelling in time. I’m only asking because the issue of aliens or beings that can travel through other dimensions without visible ships or technology is hotly debated, even among developed beings. Do these higher beings evolve upwards, or are they simply born in higher dimensions? I wanted to ask because you guys seem to touch on this topic a bit. Thank you!

Answer provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

Thanks for the great question!

Traveling through other dimensions is the same as traveling in our own dimension. What divides spectrums of perception (or dimensions) is not time, but pressure. Traveling into another dimension is like going to the bottom of the ocean; however, in order to move from one dimension to another, one must be able to overcome much more pressure than must be endured to go to the bottom of the ocean at its deepest point. Just like in deep sea explorations, a craft must be pressurized from the inside in order to compensate for the pressure on the outside.

In order to travel to another dimension, one must be pressurized from the inside as well. Therefore, as a result of the pressure of other pressure spectrums of perception (or dimensions) that exists outside of our solar (3D) pressure spectrum boundary… it’s going to take an advanced technology of which our society or science has not yet discovered (but they will).

This discovery of advanced technology (or other dimensional technology) will eventually, be able to pressurize both man and or craft from the inside using the natural electron conduits that exist all around us and also, within us. Before we can pressurize a craft or a man in this way, we are going to have a computer program that understands these electron conduits; how they are structured and how the particles that are rotating and orbiting around us and through us, work; of which by the way, is also how the universe works. This universe we live in is a machine and we are going to have to understand how it works before we can make these new discoveries.

Time travel is impossible! It’s true that time does slow for a craft or person in motion but this is strictly a mechanical function of pressure. If you take two clocks, both synchronized and put one of them under pressure, the clock subjected to the most pressure will move slower than the other. So moving a craft or a person into another pressure spectrum is not about time… but pressure.

Following the discovery of this new advanced technology, other dimensional travel will begin with a craft, just like under water travel begins with a craft. However, as this technology advances further, it will be possible for a person to move from one dimension to another without a craft, at least not a conventional one. The human aura is such a craft that allows us to move from one dimension to another via “Divine Technology”. This is how we get from here to there in the blinking of an eye when we leave the earth (or die).

One thing I would like to point out; beings with advanced technology are not always higher beings. Imagine our own society developing these advanced technologies that can take us from one pressure spectrum to another. Science is on the doorstep of doing this now. True, science may take a leap forward but society will not change. People evolve one at a time from within. Societies, races and religions don’t evolve. However, from time to time, one of the people within these groups evolves. Our journey towards God is an individual journey.

All of the beings in the universe evolve in the same manner and in accordance with the universal machine working as it was designed. There is consistency in the universe. It works like a clock and it is always on time. Anything can be figured out through logic… even God! There is only one pressure spectrum of perception that supports life naturally; the solar or atomic spectrum… our dimension!

Living or traveling in another pressure spectrum is like being on the moon or under the ocean. All beings must have a device to be there, like an aura which all beings came into the world with. However, this advanced technology is divine technology and although science will eventually discover advanced technology and how to travel to and capitalize on other dimensions, they will never discover the divine technology of the creator until they have earned it in a way that only our creator will know when they have achieved that goal. That honor and privilege must be granted and given by the creator!

The universe exists for one purpose; to allow a being to evolve into the type of person that can live in an eternal community. Mankind has not learned much in its evolution as we continue to try and imitate God’s technology but these efforts will fall short and as you can imagine… this advanced technology has been discovered many times by previous societies while on earth.

The creator’s absolute best there will ever be… “Divine Technology” will be discovered by people, one at a time, from the inside; not by science, societies, races or religions but by individuals. It will be those who have the courage to explore the light which exists at the other end of the darkness; the light which exists within each and every one of us. That’s what it takes to be a divine being. Any other kind of effort, to include other dimensional travel, amounts to nothing more than children playing with toys or cavemen with stone tools.

It doesn’t matter how far technology advances, it will never take us all of the way. Anything that falls short of divinity is folly! The evolution of man can only occur from the inside, when we finally discover that this technology was already there waiting for us to discover it!

Good luck on your journey…
J.S. Thompson