Particle Tube Spirals, Art Credit to Jason Fort

Particle Tube Spirals, Art Credit to Jason Fort

For those of us here now, truth is more of a philosophical question. Is truth absolute or is it relative? However, we can only debate what truth is because it is unknown. We can believe this or that, we can debate philosophically the question but are there any absolutes and if so, how can one theorize the question, “what is truth” to a level of absolute certainty?

Consider that an angel visited you in your bed one night awaking you from sleep. You were surprised; you couldn’t believe what was happening to you but there you were staring at the impossible, in awe, with the impossible looking back at you. The angel says to you, “behold, the answers to the universe”; she waves her hand one time from right to left and a screen vivid in detail, appears in front of you. She says, “Study it for it is truth”! You study the vision with great intent and then the angel and the vision disappear. The vision somehow lucid in your mind, considering what has just occurred, calls to you to define it and to tell others what you have discovered. There must be a reason that this has happened, it must be important; I should do as I am asked. So, you begin to decipher the message. You’re not a scientist, but you must draw on whatever scientific foundation you have retained through education or practical application.

This is just a fictional scenario (or is it), but it describes a situation where someone must step outside of accepted reality in order to understand and to teach others what you have learned. Truth is something that everyone wants but no one really wants to hear. Why, because if one were to understand the un-understandable, they would be shunned by the society that falsely claims to have it.

Truth is a matter of logic, logic is within us all regardless of the academic knowledge we possess. Granted, it is the level knowledge that we possess that helps us obtain truth but knowledge is a double edged sword that might also keep us from hearing it. Sometimes simple is better, less cluttered. It is our beliefs that will always keep us from hearing the truth. It’s best to always keep an open mind.


No one on this planet knows the truth! Truth is complicated and can only be learned by someone or something that knows it. The best we can hope for as residents of the earth is to know enough to move in the “right direction”. Everything has a boundary and everything is part of the machine we call the universe. We human beings are part of the machine too; we work in exactly the same way as all of the universe works. If one were to use only their eyes, limited as we are to see what’s really happening, our perspective would be extremely limited! We need to look deeper, not with just our physical eyes but with eyes of logic!

Understanding how the universe works does not only satisfy our curiosity, not only help us in developing new technologies that can be used for the good of man, but possibly can help us, as individuals, understand how to live our lives in a more positive way. Understanding how the universe works could help us to understand more philosophical questions about: good and evil, heaven and hell, right and wrong, etc. Understanding how the universe works will eventually solve the age old question; “Is there a God?” Here are some other questions that will be solved in the future as technology advances; “Do aliens exist”, “Do other dimensions exist and do people live in them?” It’s one thing to “believe” something, it’s yet another thing to “know”! All of these questions can be answered, not just with a philosophy or from a vision of a charismatic persona of an angel who speaks to them… but with logic! In the future, all of these mysteries will be understood but not completely. Just as is contemporary science today; for example, we know a few things about light or heat but we don’t know everything, so it will be in the future. There is so much to know.

All of the matter we perceive, at one time…. was not in the form that we now perceive it. We and all that we perceive is a product of evolution! All matter is made from atoms and all atoms are made of quantum particles and all quantum particles are made of other particles and this chain goes on and on. Where does it stop? I think the first logical question we have to answer is this; is there a smallest and therefore, a largest particle or is everything infinite?

What we perceive is finite. If what we perceive wasn’t finite, we wouldn’t be able to perceive it. We can only experience reality in a spectrum but what is on the other side of that spectrum? There is something but if it falls outside of our spectrum of perception, we can’t experience it. Therefore, for us and our limited spectrum of perception, there is a smallest and a largest! However, since we don’t perceive everything, technology has given us microscopes and telescopes and with these instruments, we can see smaller and larger… but is that everything? Maybe, but I don’t think so. When I say this, I’m not talking about how far we can see or how small we can see. Technology will continue to take us deeper into inner space, into the atomic, the quantum levels of space and even beyond, as well as, further into macro space. There is an entire infinite universe that we can perceive with technology but is this all of the story? I don’t think so. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are many things about this universe that science doesn’t know about. Truth be known, they know very little. Science has just scratched the surface of discovery. The field of speculation and theory is wide open. Be wary of any scientist who does not have an open mind. The Mother of invention is the artist, the writer, the philosopher and the mystic! Such hypocrisy exists within the scientific community, particularly when these sciences are seen as fringe science. This is where most, if not all, scientific discoveries begin!!

Everything we perceive existed at one time as a sea of particles that moved, orbited and rotated in a place I like to refer to as “natural space”. The space we see now is filled with stars, planets, the many other bodies in space and the beings, and other perceivable matter that exist on or in them. In natural space none of these things existed… only the building blocks of what we now perceive; but only this ocean of particles linked one to another existed then! We take what we know now and we back engineer, in order to see how the universe as we know it now began.

Natural space has infinite weight but this weight does not crush us because space also has opposing pressure in all directions, which forces pressure into tubes, also called conduits, in all directions. We are not crushed by the weight of space because we are a part of space. If a smallest particle does exist, (the “D” particle) a degree of measurement could be used which represented this particle. I do theorize there is a smallest particle and therefore a largest particle. If this theory was true, we would have the final degree of measurement but let’s imagine that this particle exists. If so, true natural space would equalize in the directions of this smallest particle. We know that “static” space does not exist because we move and all things move… so, it’s logical to assume that natural space also moved. In order for space to move there must be an off set. Particles move in space because a “path of least resistance” also exists. All particles in space move in the direction of least resistance!

Space is like a fluid there are no empty spaces in space. It is a solid body of particles one pushing into another as far as opposing pressure allows.

Space is consistent and in motion!

Natural space works like a machine. If we take one particle structure, it would be broken down into other smaller particles with higher pressure and in every particle structure there is a center where the pressure and the density of a particle would be greatest. However, since we know space moves, this most dense particle at the center of the structure must also move and therefore would not remain in the center of the structure forever or another thought on this would be; if it wasn’t completely pushed from the center, it would maintain a shallow orbit, being pushed this way and that by fluctuating pressure. All particles in the particle structure, maintain their orbit as they are pushed in orbit around the interior of the structure by constant pressure from “D” degrees, maintained by the unfluctuating weight of space.

Space is not static because of this “D” particle. It is the single variable that allows space to move as it is a single particle with weight that is greater than any other particle within the structure. We exist; motion exists because of this “D” particle.

Space moves like a machine!

If physicists want to understand weak and strong magnetic force, gravity, light and electromagnetic forces, this would help them understand how they work. These chains of particles orbiting and rotating through space, one connected to the other, move right through us and through the earth. We are these chains and the chains are us. What causes one chain or part of a chain to repel or attract another is a matter that can also be explained in this way.

Consider light. Light does not move in the way that contemporary science explains it. It is activated or stimulated and once stimulated… it moves along the chain of particles to which it is attached. It is true, when light is synthetically stimulated, it does scatter, in so much as one chain of particles is unleashed in space but eventually it finds its way into a tube and once it does, it is right at home there as it begins to rotate and orbit as it always has. When we synthetically stimulate light, for instance when we use a flashlight, those particle chains eventually find their way into a tube; of course pressure is increased but the universe simple stabilizes the pressure by forcing other particles to into other tubes that need pressure to stabilize. This results in a succession of instability but eventual homeostasis! Like waves on the ocean, as the particle chains that make the waves what they area and find their way into tubes, they calm.

The infinite weight of the universe moves in “D degrees” but in opposing (all) directions offset by the “D” particle which allows for motion. However, pressure like everything else follows the path of least resistance. It is the path of least resistance that allows these tubes to exist; it is the constant infinite weight of space that allows homeostasis. I’m not a religious person and would never make a case based on beliefs; I have no religious beliefs, so when I say this, it is a perfectly scientific observation but if one considers this theory, they could not possibly believe in the “Big Bang theory”. Because the constant infinite weight of space is constant, this effect could never have occurred. I plan to write more about this subject in the future. However, it is time for scientists to begin factoring out this theory and begin taking a new path. The same needs to be done with light theory. It’s time to move on! Light does not move the way contemporary theory now tells us.

Particles rotate and orbit in space following the path of least resistance but they move through the fluid of space in tubes which are formed from other particles; a path of least resistance formed from the varying pressures that exist within the particle structure! As a practical matter, one chain is attracted to another chain when there would otherwise be a vacuum. Since there are no vacuums in natural space, there is a magnetic attraction which constantly fills what would otherwise be a vacuum and this is how homeostasis in space is maintained. Chains that repel each other work in the same way, whereby the pressures are opposing. This effect is simply a product of the varying pressures that exist within the particle structure. Electromagnetic effect is the same thing but a synthetic altering of natural space. This effect occurs when we synthetically create a path of least or greater resistance within the particle structure or chain. Consider several tubes in space parallel to each other; “all of space consists of these tubes filled with particle chains”. All of space is constructed in this way from macro space to the smaller most dense “D” particle; particle pressure is measured by the level at which one particle can push into another. These tubes contain within, varying pressures, so both inside and outside of the tube are pressures that are different from their own. Because these tubes represent the path of least resistance within other larger particles, it is fair to say that every particle structure contains many different pressures. In our example, there are many parallel tubes. If we shine a flashlight out into space, the pressure we are causing in space will force particle chains from one tube into another because we have artificially increased the pressure of many tubes in space. Homeostasis is maintained in space as one tube takes in the extra pressure of the next. This is a wave of energy that will continue from tube to tube until homeostasis is maintained.

As the central particle, is pushed in its shallow orbit, it sends a wave of energy in all directions as it goes this way and that in a constant motion. It is this constant “perpetual motion” of the central “D” particle that keeps all of the particle chains in motion as the pressure increases or decreases as the central particle orbits. I refer to this effect as “universal respiration”. Space is constantly expanding and contracting. At a quantum or smaller level of space, this motion would be very quick relatively speaking but at the macro level of space, it would take a very long time for the process to complete a full cycle.

With regard to our own solar system, it moves in exactly the same way. The sun moves in a shallow orbit as the earth and all of the planets and other bodies in the system move down and around within our own macro particle structure. The big bang is a convenient way to explain the universe but it is wrong. Science verifies the theory by claiming that the universe is expanding but we don’t know that. Certainly there are parts of the universe that are moving away from us but there are others that are moving toward us. Maybe it’s time to open our minds to the possibility of “universal respiration” and experiment with the idea that space moves in “D” degrees! The earth is orbiting down and around within a tube constructed of other larger macro particles, in a spiral, as are all other bodies in space, relative to one another.

All of these effects are easy to explain when we consider that space is solid and those particles chains are moving through space in conduits at different rates of speed and with varying pressures. This explains motion as well as the matter we see within our spectrum of perception

What I’m telling you here is all theoretical; contemporary science does not see these chains as they are not yet aware of their existence. I feel that someday soon they will be but not right now. Now, science only perceives a part of this chain. We call what we see atoms or quantum particles or… this or that. The structure of the atom is for the most part theoretical. Certainly for what we use it for, it works out very nicely… atomic weight is accurate to a point and the theories that help us to see the structure of elements and elemental combinations. As we fill in more of the variables of the equation, technology advances and there are still many variables we don’t know. As I stated before, we’ve only scratched the surface of what is yet to be discovered.

Chains of particles, one connected to the other, move in conduits or tubes which are formed by other larger particles and which contain within varying pressures.

We perceive matter within a spectrum of perception or frequency. Where does the frequency go when it moves out of our spectrum or perception? It disappears into a dark unknown world; a place where matter might exist but we do not perceive it… “dark matter”.

I propose that this matter is not dark at all but just as bright and perceivable as our own matter that is in the frequency spectrum we perceive, as is our sun. You see, everything we perceive is in a conduit or tube, which exists within a spectrum; it is a closed system! There are many tubes systems but we perceive only one of them. The entire infinite universe that “we” perceive is in a closed tube system that moves through space at a frequency, pressure, heat, rotation and orbit that fits within our spectrum of perception. There are many other universes, also called dimension; closed systems, rotating and orbiting through us that we do not perceive and they are also… closed systems. These universes exist from largest to smallest and each with its own distinct frequency spectrum signature. These systems also, would have their own sun as well as planets but we would not be able to detect them without the technology to do so. Even though they are there, we would not be able to measure or weigh them because the instruments that we have to measure are made within the same closed system that exists within our own spectrum of perception. If we understand how the universe works, if the universe adheres to strict boundaries and if we are a part of that universe; it answers many questions that might just make a difference. It’s one thing to “believe” something is… it’s yet another to “know”.

In the future, science will discover other dimensions or spectrums of perception and they will be able to see a little deeper into the mystery of space and how it’s constructed but even then, they will only have scratched the surface of discovery. When science begins to look into this world, they will know a great deal more about how we are constructed physiologically, how our bodies and minds exist in several spectrums of perception. We need to be careful because there is still so much more to learn about ourselves and our relationship to the universe.

Is there a God or possibly a first being? Maybe, this theory can make a case for this and how it might have happened. It does actually! We can understand who we are and why we are here on the earth, why we die, where we go after our time on earth is over and why we came here to begin with. Will we ever know the entire truth; probably not, the truth is complicated. It’s as complicated as an infinite machine that learned how to create. I doubt very seriously that God, if God exists, knows everything. It probably knows a lot, it certainly would have figured out how to live as an immortal being and desperately wants to teach us.

First things first though; Is there a heaven or a hell? All of these things can be known… everything can be known through our God given ability to use logic.

Do other dimensions exist and might people live in them? They do actually! However, it will be some time yet before science can verify this. It’s time to put away our old theories and look in some other directions. Science will one day know these things but science needs to keep their egos out of this equation or the future will most assuredly be a very bad place to live. Knowing too much can hurt us as well as help us.

Maybe it’s best for the artists, writers, philosophers and mystics to have this information before science gets it. If so, maybe society will heed their warnings about what the future might become if we do not overcome our desires to be number one, if we do not understand that all of us are on an evolutionary path that will lead to equal knowledge. Does it really matter so much who gets there first?