Wanting to Leave a Long Term Relationship

Soul Searching for Answers

Soul Searching for Answers



Question posed by website visitor as follows:

I am having such a hard time leaving a long term relationship. I know we both have deep love for each other after 14 almost 15 years together but it hurts me terribly to think of hurting him so profoundly & changing his life. I don’t know how to get the courage to do what I need to for my own personal growth. I have heard if it feels wrong don’t do it but I also hear a person doesn’t truly live unless you leave your comfort zone. Feeling stuck….. how can I make this decision to move on? Much love & Many Blessings


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

Leaving a difficult relationship is generally not the best policy. Reconsider your desire to leave. You say you have profound love for one another… that is rare indeed. The conflict inside of you will not be won if you leave. If you leave, the conflict inside of you will still be there, because it isn’t the relationship that is causing you to feel you need to move on. You say that you fear leaving your comfort zone but your relationship is not comfortable…that’s why you want to leave. The grass is not greener on the other side. Your relationship is a challenge which needs to be overcome not avoided. Having victory over the voices inside of us which lead us in the wrong direction is the only way to ease our inner conflict. This path is also the path of greatest resistance. It is the path of greatest resistance that builds the greatest strength inside of us and prepares us for eternal life which is right around the corner for all of us. In this life or another life, we must develop the character which will hold us in good stead in our immortal community. Make this life on earth your last. Overcome the challenge God has put in your path. Inside of us, there are two voices; one which is always telling us which way to go; it is the path that leads us to true immortality and the other voice is there to deceive us into taking the wrong path… the path of least resistance which will keep us in the cycle of life and death. It is when we stop listening to that voice that tells us that our desires are for the mortal, that we do not hear God telling us that our true desire is for the immortal; this is the source of your conflict… not your relationship. It is “the deception” which tells you that you will find happiness by leaving. There are reasons to leave a relationship, where altering our path is justified but I do not hear that from what you wrote. Go inside and tell yourself the truth about why you wish to leave… truth comes from God who teaches us how to live in our immortal society. This truth is however, something we rarely wish to listen to because it demands from us the effort to grow, which leads to evolution. It is “the lie” (in our thinking that we do not have to account for our actions because we are mortal) and this thinking…. keeps us earthbound. Good luck in your journey…. J.S. Thompson