Was Jesus born from Immaculate Conception and did He rise on 3rd Day?

Jesus, Immaculate Conception

Jesus, Immaculate Conception


Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

You stated in your article called Bible Myths about the Bible that the story of Jesus was about two different men. Were either one of them born from immaculate conception?  Also did Jesus rise on third day?


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

No… Both Jesus and Jeshua (Jeshua also means Jesus but I use the terms to differentiate between the two with one being born in Nazareth as it is recorded in the bible and the other in Syria), they both were mystics who did the same thing that other mystics do; speak and maintain contact with those who live on the other side of the veil. Certain people, both heralded and non-heralded have been doing this since the beginning of time. Both Jesus and Jeshua were executed by the Romans, one by crucifixion and the other by a spear. The bible story of Jesus is a compilation of the life story of these two men. How did we get it so wrong?

When one studies the scripture, it is important that they go as far back as they can in written history and follow the trail that led to the making of this book we call the bible.

Constantine the Great, (a pagan who later allegedly converted to Christianity) Emperor of the Roman Empire is given credit for gathering together the great theologians, philosophers and writers of his day in order to read through and explore all of the writings pertaining to the life and death of a man who had been prophesied as foretold in the Old Testament; a man referred to as the Messiah or messenger as the word would have been used in the ancient language… Judean (meaning, belonging to the Jews).

Every country the Jews lived in from the time they migrated from the Middle East to Africa (around 10,000 BC) was called Judah (the land of the Jews). Over the millennia, they made their way north from Sudan in Africa to Egypt. There, they stayed and over a long period of time, became Egyptians. The Jewish minority of Egypt eventually took control away from the original rulers but this was soon to change when a civil war in Egypt changed the hand of power once again to the majority and so those who had once been in power fled for their lives. These Jews, in time, migrated back into the Middle East.

When Constantine and the theologians he had gathered together in the various councils looked at all of the ancient writings and there were many, they were often looking at rewrites, undated material and forgeries as well as a few of the eye witness accounts. Keep in mind this process took place more than 300 years after the alleged event. Even the eyewitness accounts were skewed, rewritten and forged to some extent.

There was a reason Constantine was doing this and it wasn’t because he was a saint. He was doing it because it was politically astute. The growing population of Christians was becoming dangerous and was threatening his power base. He wanted to maintain control of the Roman Empire.

Power occurs on the earth when the people give it to us and the people want a leader, who is close to God. These principles have been known by politicos since very ancient times. Constantine wanted to lead the Christian church and so he, himself controlled the councils that put the books of the bible together. They are the ones that decided which books were allegedly inspired and which were not.

You asked two specific questions, “Were either of these men whom the bible speaks about born by virgin birth and did either of them rise from the dead?” It’s strange that you should ask as these two questions were hotly debated during these councils and there was one more. The three most debated issues that occurred during the many councils overseen by Constantine the Great and the children of Constantine were…”the divinity of Christ (which would include his resurrection)”, “the virginity of Mary” and the “holy trinity”.

Now, this is what we can garner from history and history of this antiquity is still being debated.

We’ve heard about history but you ask, what I know, because of what I do? Jesus and Jeshua were men just like any man and so the answer to your question is no; Jesus and Jeshua died and went to the same place we all go when we die. Did Mary conceive immaculately? “No!” Mary was the Mother of a great man but she was, nevertheless, a woman. Jesus had siblings and also fathered children, as did Jeshua.

Jesus, Jeshua and those like them are very special to God because people like this are willing to do anything that God tells them to do, even unto death. Just like thousands of their lesser known fraternal brothers and sisters… those who were willing to preach truth as they understood it, regardless of the consequences. They were messengers of God… Messiahs!

This is a very simple answer to a very complex question but I hope this helps you on your journey…

Thank for a great question and best of luck on your journey….

J.S. Thompson