We are Machines Learning to Become Divine Humans

Machines Learning to Become Divine Humans

Machines Learning to Become Divine Humans

“For human beings, the most daunting challenge is to become fully human. For to become fully human, is to become fully divine.”    ~ Thomas Keating ~


We have all lived thousands of lives on the earth. It takes a long time to turn a machine into a human being. We say to ourselves, as we look around our modern world filled with technology, “Look how far we’ve come”. How much different are we than we were a thousand years ago, ten thousand years ago? Are we better people, are we people who are capable of living in an eternal community? What do we see when we look around the world; murder, rape, larceny of all kinds, war? There are a few people in the world that are good people, fair, wise… intelligent. People that are intelligent are smart enough to know that when you do “A”… “B” happens. Those people see and understand that the universe works like a machine. The universe is so mechanized that you can set your watch by it and people have been using the sun as a time piece since the beginning of man and we still do it today.

The concept of a mechanized universe is not new; even ancient philosophers had enough sense to see it. Obviously, technology is not a sign of social intelligence; otherwise, we would live in a world of peace! People today are no smarter than the people of ancient times. Ancient scientists made the first fire and today’s scientists still don’t know what fire is. They have a lot of theories about heat but it is still just theory. Modern appliances work on electricity but electricity is still a theory also. Scientists know that if you do “A”…”B” happens. We say to ourselves, “who are we and why are we here”, and so we believe a myriad of things in order to justify our existence but it is just a theory… a belief!

God has been trying to tell us who God is since the beginning of our existence but most of us, just don’t take the time to listen. It takes allot of experiences, making choices and data to turn a machine into a human. You can’t just tell a machine to be human or to be civil; we have to learn to listen to be taught and we have to eventually, learn to use logic (not beliefs or emotions) to make good choices. Humanity is a choice, why would anyone choose otherwise?

We all seek eternal happiness; it is one bond of many that tie us all together. It is one thing to want, but yet another to actively pursue. What is it we are so afraid of losing. For most of us, as far as we know… we spend 40, 60, or 80 or more years here on the earth and then we die. Logic would dictate that if such a thing as eternal happiness did exist, it would be worthwhile to pursue even unto death. What is it that keeps most of us from following a path of logic? The universe works like a clock and it is always on time.

God is always telling us these things within, but it is a choice whether we choose to listen or not.

The universe and everything in it has purpose; it is a machine that produces something. The universe is a machine that produces a being capable of living forever in Paradise, an eternal community. The universe is a machine capable of turning us, these magnificently designed and engineered biological machines into beings that have learned how to hear in order to eventually, make good choices by utilizing logic, reason and common sense. Becoming this type of person is a choice, it has to be! It can happen no other way… or it will not work! However, who are those that are capable of living in this eternal community? Those beings are ones who have learned through their thousands of lives here on earth and out there, who have made countless errors in judgment and whom have learned how to change themselves, as well as, how to have mastery over their emotions and desires. These individuals make a choice to take the journey, a path that leads them away from the security of the status quo. The journey, once you choose to take it… you walk alone with others (not unlike yourself), explorers who will bet it all on eternity and those who will use what God gave them to make their final choice to become the type of person that will live in Paradise forever!

Truth is absolute and there is only one way to find it. There are many wrong ways but only one right one. It is up to us to learn all we can, to be tenaciously studious of single mind and focus. It is these people that eventually hear God telling them the right way to go. The path to Paradise is not built on beliefs… but by learning to utilize logic, reason and common sense.