What about the Christ’s Letters?

~Christ's Returns~ Bookcover Art

~Christ’s Returns~ Bookcover Art


Questions posed by website visitor as follows:

Hello my friend hoping your well? I was wondering what was JS’s take on the Christ letters if he’s read them.


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

I haven’t read them but I saw a video on the computer which explains to me what is happening and I’m glad to give you my take on these writings.

The person who is channeling Christ is very sincere and what she is doing is blessed.

I do not channel but, I have channeled. I know what is involved when we channel, and I understand how it happens and the process which allows this type of communication.

When a person makes contact as this person has, it is an awesome experience! When we do this, we feel as though we are on the pentacle of spiritual discovery and we are. The opportunities are eternal if we are prepared to make the entire journey and provided, we have developed the foundation of understanding necessary to see through the fog of broken pieces of information which must exist for all of us, to one extent or the other, when we channel.

When a person makes contact, they get a great deal of attention out there; some of it is not good. In fact, I would venture to say that all beginning channelers must break thru a great facade, a layer of disinformation. It is the part of this journey that either breaks us or prepares us for the next step, the next level of understanding.

Those of us who have made contact need to be careful that what we give away from our journey to those who have not made the trip, is logical, helpful and inspires in those who read what we say, to make the journey when they are ready to do so. All of us are called to do so in our own time. If we are not prepared, if we are not emotionally stable or if we use an excessive amount of alcohol or drugs, it is probably not a good idea to do this. Contact often breaks down the unsuspecting explorer, often with disastrous results!

When a person makes contact, they are tested. Every part of us is tested and evaluated. Contact is more about the growth of the individual who is exploring than it is the masses or the few who might listen to what we have to say. There is a natural aspect in all of us that wants to teach, to share with others what we have learned. Do we really want to make the world a better place? This is the great question we all have to ask ourselves. Are we willing to face our true selves and see ourselves for who we truly are?

When a person makes contact, they get a great deal of attention out there, much more so…. out there than here on the earth. It is a great thing! If we do well and work our way thru the fog of deceit and transform as individuals, then we become part of a great fraternity of those who have walked the same path. Yes, this includes the great men and women of history; however, there are many great men and women who have not been heralded in the writings of our past but who have also been successful in their own journeys. I would venture to say that the vast majority of those who become saints are proclaimed “out there” and not while here on earth!

There are many Christ’s… true saviors and are till this day.

The story of Christ is a complicated story. Nevertheless, if what we hear is logical and it serves to teach eternal virtue, it needs to be shared regardless of who we believe it comes from. However, the greatest gift we can give the world is our own transformation!

If we do survive first contact and the years to follow, if we manage to see ourselves for who we truly are, then the transformation process is not far behind. This is when we are guided here on the earth, by the Christ’s that currently exist out there and will always exist into eternity, teaching us from within.

We are all called to be the brothers and sisters of these great people and to join their eternal fraternity, when it is our time to do so.

God speaks to all of us from within, the same message. We have the choice to listen or not.

When a person tells us they are listening to Christ, we need to pay attention to them! Ultimately it is not the words we hear that make us the type of people that can live in an eternal community but the actions which lead to individual transformation.

If we do transform and are sincere in our efforts to do so… then, when we leave the earth, we become those people whom I refer to as divine. As the divine fraternity grows, evil decreases and eventually paradise emerges. This is the eternal mission!

Good luck in your journey…..

J.S. Thompson