What are We Becoming?

What are We Becoming

What are We Becoming

This machine we call the universe was designed, engineered and built for one purpose and one purpose alone… to develop a being capable of living in an eternal community. The creator of the universe, “the first being”- will be successful in their endeavor. However, “when” this happens is a matter of individual choice or free will. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when!

Metaphorically speaking, when we stand before God in the final hour, we don’t do it as societies or religions or races, we stand there alone! When you ask, “What are we becoming”, the answer is that some of us are evolving into those capable of living in an eternal community and others are not. Evolution is a slow process. One by one, we finally hear and understand. One by one we become members of a divine community. Those now who are not hearing today, will hear tomorrow and one day, even the worst of us will have the characteristics which allow them to live and work in Paradise. “When” this transition occurs is a matter of choice. When the challenges of life are presented to us, how we react to those challenges- determine our progress. Evolution occurs when we meet the resistance of life and grow strong from it, as opposed to becoming weak; when we decide to swim against the current as opposed to allowing the current to carry us where it will. Just like in a gym, it is resistance that makes us strong.

Ask God to guide you! Accept at least, the possibility of a higher order of wisdom to take control of your life. It is a good gamble to do so. Say to God, “Do with me what you will, let not my will but your will be done”. When you say this prayer with sincerity… the doors to learning and higher understanding are about to open up for you. This doesn’t mean that all is going to be well in your life but it does mean that the reasons things happen in your life are about to become apparent. When we understand that a higher power is controlling our lives in hope of developing our ability to be eternally happy and productive… our fears, anxieties and stresses begin to diminish.

Never stop asking questions or learning.

Good luck to everyone on their journey!
J.S. Thompson