Wings, Credits Unknown

When we leave the earth, some us at some time or another will work our way into the position of guide. Our guides are not much different from us; like the old saying “birds of a feather”… Even if we work our way into a position associated with monitoring someone on the earth; direct contact with that person is highly doubtful. There are a few people that have direct contact with us but for the most part, the job of guide is tedious and often just plain boring and at times it can be painful and extremely difficult.

Granted you were born to the earth a distinct individual but we often carry the traits of those who talk to us. For the reasons stated, I don’t like to use the word angel. Angel conjures up primitive visions of winged beings on high. We tend to carry the traits of our guides; and if we are loving, intelligent, honest, moral, and happy people, etc., chances are… we are being guided by those who are just the same. This is the universal justice that exists. We are certainly capable of rising above our raising and as we transform one way or the other, those who guide us slowly begin to change also or be replaced.

Can those who guide us guard us while we are on the earth? Yes they can and this is exactly what they are supposed to do. Our guides are supposed to make sure we not only get what we deserve in life, as well as, that we are challenged in such a way as to allow us to correct the character flaws that keep us from staying in an immortal (eternal) society without the need to come back to earth.

Consider your guides in your thoughts; some of them work very hard for you. Thank them and one of these days, they might just go out of their way for you.

Good luck on your journey…. J.S. Thompson