Accountability for our Actions

Accountability for our Actions


I don’t like to use the word Karma because the word means different things to different people.

There is accountability! The universe works like a machine and for every action, there is a reaction. It is not an equal and opposite reaction as contemporary physics would have you think, but works more like our civil courts work. If you take money from someone and you get sued, you don’t get sued for the just the amount you took, but for that amount, plus interest, plus your time, etc.

When it comes to what we do that might require repercussion from this machine we call the universe, we have to think like it thinks. Since, we have no clue how it thinks, we must keep sin, for a lack of a better word, to within a boundary that can be explained. In other words, we need to keep things simple. What society sees as sin may not be sinful in the eyes of God.

Sin comes from the heart. So, sin is not so much what we do, as it is how we feel. God’s agenda is not to judge us or punish us but to teach us how to become those who can live in an eternal community.

We are like children. God doesn’t see us the way we see each other or the way we see ourselves. Therefore, before we can talk about accountability, we need to define those things that would require us to be singled out for special attention. If we haven’t learned yet that it is wrong to harm another innocent person in any way, then we have a long way to go. If we don’t know for sure that someone is innocent or guilty, then it is better that we take no action at all.

If we can’t make amends to those innocent people that we have hurt while we are here on the earth, then we have to do it out there. In the long run, no one gets away with anything! This is just the way the machine works; action and reaction. Of course, the opposite is true for the good things we do.

Reward and punishment don’t necessarily happen right away.  We should do right for eternal reward and abstain from wrong doing because it slows our evolution toward our eternal goal while we are on the earth, where our greatest opportunity for evolution exists. If we were rewarded while on the earth, for our good actions and punished for our wrong actions then people would not evolve but rather exist as mindless robots. Logic grows within us as a result of our earthly blindness.

No matter how hard we try to cover it up or ignore it, the truth regarding right and wrong exists within each and every one of us. Those who justify wrong doing within society, those who lead, find out after they leave the earth that they have not grown and often those who were subservient to them on the earth… have. Who we are here on the earth has little relevance there! A great man once said, when referencing life in Paradise, “the first shall be last and the last first”. This is what he was talking about.

If one puts enough thought into how the universe works using only logic, then the evidence of logic shows  that the chances of an omnipotent intelligence is great! In a way, we all become little statisticians; we figure the odds of this and that and then act accordingly.

Who bets everything on their 80 years or so, here on the earth and who says, maybe I’ll bet on eternity and act accordingly. I might be primitive but my statistics say that eternity is a better bet!

Many people say, I’m just going to die anyway so what does it matter?  What happens when they discover that they don’t die? What happens when they discover after death that everything they have ever done has been documented and recorded? These recordings are used often in a most humiliating way. If we learn our lessons on the earth, then there is no reason to bring up these painful and humiliating events. However, if we don’t…..???

Let me suggest to all that read this; to be mindful of what we do to ourselves and to one another while we are here on earth. Let’s make this life, our last life!

God has designed this machine to produce a being capable of living in an eternal community. In this community, do you think that its residents lie to one another, act irresponsibly or, commit acts of violence? No, the only way we can become these people, as one day we all will be, is to use self-discipline and control, make the necessary internal changes that we “know” we should, stay neutral on subjects that we don’t “know” about, as opposed to “believing” and allow ourselves to be led by logic vs. emotion

Is there karma? Let’s call it… a way for our teacher, the divine, to teach us… “Accountability”!

Good luck in your journey…

J.S. Thompson


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