What Types of People are Capable of Encountering Divine Beings?


Divine Beings, Credits Unknown

Divine Beings, Credits Unknown


Anyone at any given time might have an encounter with a divine being. This can be done and is done in as many ways as one can imagine. When we consider divine beings making contact with humans, we must consider why they make contact.


Divine beings have a mission and because they are beings who have proved themselves to be the type of people capable of living in Paradise, they are extremely committed to the task. Generally, divine beings work with us from the inside, influencing us to make good choices. However because we all have free will, this can be a daunting task. There have been times in history where they have made themselves known as divine beings in all of their glory and there have been times, when they appear as almost anything from taxi drivers giving good advice to a fare or, to a stranger in a bar. Often their interaction goes unnoticed and without fanfare. They are less likely to make their presence known in modern times choosing instead to remain anonymous. They are more likely to make physical contact of a dramatic nature during primitive cycles but they do what they have to do, when they have to do it. Their resources and technology are without limit, so there is no scenario they can’t create in order to accomplish their mission.


Their mission is to guide societies or individuals in the direction of eternal community. They themselves, have lived many lives as well and have had victory over all of the challenges that God has placed in their paths with distinction and through their own effort, have become worthy of divinity. More specifically- they assist God, the first being, in helping others to accomplish what they themselves have accomplished in order to become members of this elite eternal community, Paradise! This is and has always been God’s plan for all of us.


One might ask, “Why it is that God or God’s messengers don’t just tell us what to do in a way that we can hear it”? The answer is simple; if one is so inclined to accept the answer- it is in our blindness that we become strong; it is our blindness that must be overcome in order to truly see, in order to truly hear. It is this metamorphosis that brings us to an understanding of God. God can be known from a stand point of logic, not blind primitive belief! It is this logic that those we call divine beings, attempt to foster within us or at times, by physical contact.


Evolution is a slow and meticulous process. We will all one day, share Paradise with these beings as our own evolution is assured. “When” we decide to make the choice to walk in the direction of eternal community, it is a matter of free will, a matter of time! If we don’t distinguish ourselves in this life, there will be another and another until we do!


Good luck in your journey!

J.S. Thompson