Who or What are Shadow People?


Shadow People, Artwork by Tim Madrid

Shadow People, Artwork by Tim Madrid


Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

When people speak about shadow people who are they talking about? Are they ghosts and are they bad?


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

This is one definition that I just read on Google: “Shadow people are those (which could also, be things) that are in the corner of your eye or that flash of a shadowy figure here and there but we never quite actually see them. These shadow figures are most always associated with evil.”

Here is my definition:

First: We can’t always trust what we see out of the corner of our eye… something that quick that darts out of our vision before we can turn our head and actually see it.

Second: We are surrounded by “other dimensional” monitoring devices that on occasion can be seen or sort of seen.

Third: Our guides are always trying to get our attention but they can’t do what they want because all of their actions are controlled by an advanced computer. In other words they do what they can to let us know they are there. Probably all of us get to see these small an innocuous messages but only a handful of us take note of them.  Here is an example: One time I was out hiking with my family and we stopped to sit on a large rock structure; as I was looking up at the clouds…. all of a sudden I saw perfect images of my two dogs in the clouds.  Let me say this again… they were perfect images!  I pointed this out to my family but no one else could see them.  At that time, I had not made telepathic contact. Things such as this have been happening to me all of my life and because I was interested, I took note of them. I believe this happens to those who do take note and I firmly believe for those who have done the work, who are interested and who do the reading and the research, this type of experience along with others such as UFO sightings, ghost sightings, Orb sightings, OBE abduction experiences and others and in my case complete telepathic contact… occurred.

We are surrounded by monitoring devices and on the other end of those devices are beings, very much like us who are very interested in talking and making contact with us but they have boundaries they should not cross.

Advanced technology can do many things but one of them is take a surface that is convoluted such as a wall that has been textured, a cloud, any surface that has many angles or shadows and anything can be seen in them. I have seen many things, startling things… in shadows!

There are many devices that monitor us while we are here on the earth… Orbs are such devices. These Orbs are very advanced computers; they communicate with a being that is in another dimension and tell them what they are seeing. Orbs can often be seen around graveyards but that is not because they are ghosts; these orbs are often taking genetic samples from corpses or checking out the artifacts that might be in the caskets. Many advanced beings are very big on artifacts but mostly they are trying to find out whose body is in the casket.

The other things that are creeping around us, seldom seen, are shielded beings that live in another dimension. They gather information and try to get our attention in the ways that they have available to them. One question that each should be asking, is… “Why are we here on the earth, of such interest to them”?

A shielded being or craft is in “this” dimension, but are covered by a very flexible screen which projects the surrounding environment. It is necessary for the beings that monitor us, to see things for themselves with their own eyes. In this way, they make sure they are not getting faulty or misinterpreted information from their monitoring devices such as orbs.

When a being or a craft is seen, it is a carefully preconceived mission; it is very much like a military mission. The advanced computers that control their lives allow this if a good reason for the sighting can be given. Then, all of it has to be preprogrammed and carried out according to plan. However, these carefully thought out and planned missions are rarely accomplished competently but there is a lesson to be learned, which is the goal of the computer and one the computer is trying to teach them.

We, all of us here on the earth, come from these societies. We are them! Earth is a very special place. It is a place where immortal beings begin again. When we are allowed to come back to earth, we are given a very special opportunity to go home for good; to leave the cycle of life and death and live eternally in an immortal society. Most of those who monitor us are still waiting for this opportunity; they live in their own personal hell. They monitor us because by doing so, they might learn the secrets of leaving this cycle when it is their turn to come back to earth or possibly even bypass the earth experience. There are many beliefs out there. They wait in agony for their turn to begin again, to be born once again to the earth. They are particularly interested in those who left the earth and cannot be found “out there” among their number because these are the ones that were allowed or so it is believed, to enter this immortal community… or if you will, Paradise. In their minds, by doing so, they might discover what it was that allowed this to happen and so, duplicate the effort.  However, they already know but they refuse to accept the truth that these people became truly immortal because they worked at it and they worked hard, developing the self-discipline, commitment and restraint it takes to live in an immortal community. There are no symbolic rituals or magic chants that can be substituted for hard work which results in personal transformation.

It’s difficult to explain what is going on out there where others can understand it because of the many scenarios that exist. There is no one pat answer to it… there are so many! We all have those who monitor us and they are supposed to be monitoring us. I refer to these people as guides but there are many that are not our guides who also monitor us. These people do this because they have the advanced technology to do so and they do not know what else to do with their time and time is something they have a lot of. In fact, they are “victims of time” in a manner of speaking. Time without purpose causes those who become victims of it to erode morally. This is referred to out there as “space sickness” and it happens to most of us; this is why we are here on the earth. Chances are we waited for a very long time to come here and degraded a good deal before it was our time to come back to earth.

Those out there many have referred to as evil, those who talk to us and play tricks on us, lie to us, cause all kinds of hardship whether preconceived or just as a matter of their interference are not much, if at all, different than we are. They are victims of time. There is only one way for all of us to avoid this sickness; through hard work and self-transformation!  When we finally understand this concept, we are accepted into a truly immortal community and we are no longer born to the earth.

You asked, “Are the beings that are seen in this way bad”? They are beings that are on the road to hell. Hell as I define it is a place where we all go at some time or another. Hell is a place, a state of mind that is so horrible that it results in a permanent change in us, a change that is so profound that we never want to make that trip again. These beings are not a great deal different than we are; they are simply victims of time searching for answers.

I really appreciate your questions. Good luck on your journey….

J.S. Thompson