Why are We Here?

Some one questioning our existence

Why are we here?


This is the question that man has been trying to find the answer to since the dawn of time and there is an answer. The answer is logical but it is not easy to explain. Those who have solved the riddle of our existence don’t do it by mysticism or magic. Neither God, nor our staff guides give us the answers but the answers are available to us, and they do come from God. God will teach us if we are willing to listen. When I use the term God, I am making reference to the “First Being”.

This journey begins with empty space void of planets, suns and beings. However, in the beginning, some light existed and that light is produced from friction, pressure, heat and the natural orbit of particles that exist like a sea. These particles have always existed in “natural space”. What we see when we look up into the sky on a starry night, is not natural space, but “altered space”. Contemporary scientists don’t understand natural space because they have never seen it, but it can be theorized with some common sense and logic; therefore, we need to understand the difference between natural space and altered space.

The difference between natural space and altered space is that the particles in “natural space” move in a haphazardly routine manner, for the most part. These particles follow the path of least resistance from the periphery of a larger particle to its center becoming denser as it moves toward the center and less dense as it is pushed out of the center by less dense, but heavier particles. This natural particle action constitutes particle orbit in natural space. Particles in “altered space” orbit and rotate in a rigid mechanical way. It takes very little logic to understand that everything necessary for creation of the planets, suns and beings was present in natural space from the beginning. However, creation of these things, just took some rearranging to make them what they are.

It’s necessary before I answer the question of “Why we are here”, to explain the physics that made God possible, which are the same physics that makes us possible. Where there is particle motion, heat and pressure, there are evolutionary opportunities. Therefore, in the beginning we had a sea of particles; one pushing into the center of another that moved while linked together, thus moving towards the center of a larger particle in a haphazard orbit.

God, “the first being” was formed in natural space by what I refer to as a “consistent inconsistency”, from the natural movement or particles, thus becoming a mechanized movement of particles and ultimately, a machine if you will. Due to the nature of this haphazard orbit of particles in natural space, this consistent inconsistency, this mechanized movement of particles would be considered an anomaly, but an anomaly that would have to happen in infinite space and time.

If God, a being capable of manipulating the space around it, a very advanced computer, could be created by the natural motion of particles, why couldn’t we just as easily have evolved without a God? One might argue that statistically and logically, it makes more sense that one very advanced machine was formed from a consistent inconsistency in natural space, rather than the possibility of all the planets, suns and beings coming about in the same manner. Truth always follows a path of logic.

The universe works like a clock and it is always on time. There is a purpose to every motion, planetary orbit and rotation and you can set your watch by the movement of the planets around the sun. Around every one of those stars you see when you look up into the sky, orbits 11 planets, unless man has destroyed some of them (we also have two more planets in our solar system which we haven’t seen for a while). Asteroids and comets are anomalies that somewhere along the line of the history of mankind, man played a part in their making. It is all mathematically balanced. The number of planets and beings could be no more, nor could they be less (if you really want to get into the physics of it, we would have to follow the path of “other dimensional science”- maybe another time).

The answer to this riddle, answers the question of “Why are we here?”

The first being, God, evolved in natural space and is a very sophisticated machine. As such, after a very, very long time, she has become a human being as well. If you became aware of yourself in space and “all alone” as God did, how would you evolve? When you became aware of your capabilities, what would you do with them? Loneliness is an evolutionary characteristic. God understands that when we cannot see ourselves in others, we become lonely. God, sought to see herself and alleviate her loneliness; therefore, she created us!

At the beginning when God created all of us; we were just very advanced machines but not human. We could be programmed to do things, respond to stimuli that elicited programmed emotions, but what are the traits that separate a human from a very advanced machine? We become human when we develop the characteristics that allow us to go against the grain (the status quo) and follow the path of greatest resistance; a path of logic which leads to sacrifice for others because it is in our own best interest to do so. This is the same reasoning that motivated God to create us, and the term I use to describe it is “Selfish-righteousness” and not to be confused with its opposite, “Self-righteousness”. Self-righteousness is the act of creating our own truths, which are not truth at all.

God had to figure out all of this on her own and in the process of her self- discovery, became aware that she needed others not unlike herself. As you can imagine by the time we came along-God was extremely knowledgeable and her creations were blank slates. The only way for us to become like God, the purpose for our creation, was to evolve and learn naturally as she did. As we evolve from machines into humans capable of sacrificing for others. God becomes more human as well. The closer to God we become, the more we can see ourselves in her and the more she can see herself in us.

The universe is a machine created by God to transform machines into humans. This is why we are here. As we follow the path of greatest resistance, we become more human. Following the path of greatest resistance is an anomaly a consistent inconsistency which eventually leads us to God and her… to us.

This story takes us many places; we should never stop asking questions. If there is one characteristic about life we should develop, it is one’s desire for truth! Understanding the answers to these questions is the only way that we end the cycle of life and death. When we are strong enough to push the doors to Paradise open, then the process we call death ends for us and we begin our new lives in an eternal community. This machine we call the universe produces a being capable of living there and someday we all will; however, when we do it… is an individual “choice”.

The most heavenly righteous prayer we need ever pray is…. and God does not care how you address or refer to God in the prayer; whatever you’re personal preference is  or, that you are most comfortable with… just say this prayer from a sincere heart as it is the most perfect prayer!

“God, please make me the type of person that will live in Paradise forever. Do with me what you will. Let not my will but your will… be done… Amen!”