Will Aliens make contact with us soon?

Will Aliens make contact with us? Credits Unknown

Will Aliens make contact with us? Credits Unknow


Question posed by one of our website visitors:

Will Aliens make contact with us soon?


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

No…..Aliens will never make contact with the people of earth, not as a society anyway. They do and will continue however to make contact with individuals.

We, here on the earth, live under the false assumption that we are mortal. We often believe that we will not die, we often hope that we will not die but most of us never know for sure if we will die or not. The place we go when we leave the earth is the very same place we came from before we came to earth. This place that we go when we leave the earth, is a place of advanced technology. The entire process which takes us from cells to babies to adults is not a random biological process; it is a highly sophisticated and computerized process; a process that was developed by man!!! Why; because immortality is difficult, because the smallest imperfection in our character begins to destroy us in time. We must have a way as immortal beings of starting over. When we make the choice to be reborn, to reincarnate, when the opportunity presents itself, we must enter an environment where we are ignorant of our immortal roots. When we come to earth, we are vulnerable, teachable, and completely under the control of others. This cannot be done where we come from. When we come to earth, we come with an entire staff of experts who are supposed to stay with us from birth to death. These are our guides and they are equipped with very advanced technology which is used to monitor us and to communicate with us the entire time we are here.

Considering what I just said it is irrational to think that anyone there would spoil the secret for all of us, as well as for them when it is their time to come down. That being said, only one question remains; why do they make contact with some individuals and not all of us as a society?

Our personal growth, evolution or transformation, is an individual effort, not a social effort. The group think of society… is a being which is heartless, soulless, ignorant, dishonest and cruel.

Personal contact with someone on the earth is coveted out there. Imagine if someone from the earth were to make contact with a being in a flying saucer… how exciting would that be? Every scientist in the world would want to talk to them, the U.N. would make a waiting list so that Russia would get the same time as the U.S., that the Europeans would get their time and don’t forget the third world countries, they’re people too you know? Why is it such a big deal for them to make contact with an individual? Because they are a computer controlled society, the entire process that we call life on the earth is a controlled environment. They can only make contact with us under certain conditions and when those conditions are met, only then within a boundary of strict parameters. For them it is extremely difficult to talk to someone on the earth. Before they can talk to us or have a craft of their seen by us, they have to justify their actions to an advanced computer, they have to write a program and submit it to the computer and then, the program must be approved by the computer. They love to talk to us and they love for us to see them.

Consider this: Our guides who talk to us all of the time are talking to us at a level of consciousness that we don’t even know exists. They have conversations with us all of the time 24 hours a day 7 days a week they are talking to us and teaching us; we don’t hear any of that. They would like nothing more than to talk to us at the conscious level. This is after all where the excitement is, the newness of perceived mortality. They there, who God knows how long they have been sitting at a console, talking to a part of us that we don’t hear and often don’t respond to at the conscious level and that they barely understand themselves are bored to tears. The people who talk to us are in varying stages of self-destruction and waiting for their turn to start again.

I need to explain at this point that not everyone out there talks to people in the earth or even has access to this advanced equipment. Most people live healthy normal lives, they work and play and love just like we do on the earth. The people I’m talking about are people who have circumvented the normal life and death cycle. These are people that have done things to their bodies in order to either perform a specific job or those who are attempting to escape their sins. The guys that fly around in saucers monitor us in “this” dimension. We see then from time to time but for the few we see, there are billions more out in “our” (earth) space that we do not see. There are more of these craft out there than there are people on the earth. Contrary to popular belief, they are not little grey people with big black wrap around eyes. They are more human looking than they are alien. Granted their eyes are bigger than the average human but normal looking albeit black. Their skin is the color it was in their last incarnation. They do not have body fat but they are skinny looking, more muscular than skinny, their heads are no bigger than are our (humans) heads are on earth. They do not have hair but they do wear wigs and they do not have noses or ears but when they are not flying, they have all of these things via prosthetics. They want to look like they did on the earth. Nothing is creepier than seeing a bunch of aliens all around you. They do not have sex organs or digestive systems. All of their internal organs are synthetic.

Because their job requires then to move from one pressure spectrum to another (dimension) all of the changes they make to themselves are necessary to endure the varying pressures and are capable of enduring high speed space flight. When they fly, they look a little alien but they do not fly very often. Most of their time is spent docked in space watching us. They do not eat and they do not sleep. They are kept alive by energy. This sounded like a great idea in the brochure but spend much time as they often do in this synthetic physical format and you begin to self-destruct mentally and physically. Not like we do, they do it very, very slowly.

Ideally the people out there, who do this, do it only for a little while, then they come back to their homes out there and they are changed back into a human. People out there with the technology that they have can change bodies like most people change socks. However, many of them do not come back when their original time or enlistment is over. Many of them do not come back because of the things that they do when they are closely associated with the earth!! Their ignorance and lack of self-control creates for themselves the worst kind of hell. These are beings that justify rape and murder and every kind of atrocity and violation of personal rights. When they start this behavior, they do not come back because of what they now know will happen to them, they sink further and further into depravation.

There is a war of good and evil which is being fought inside and outside of us. It is a war between advanced people.

Consider this type of war:

People who live in advanced societies do not die. If they are killed they just go back to the place where they came from and they don’t necessarily start over; they just go back out to where they were. Winning a war by killing there is futile. They punish each other, they do the thing to each other…they make each other wish they were dead.

When a person out there doesn’t do their job properly, they interfere with the program that was designed to take us thru our lives and teach us the lessons necessary for us to live in an immortal society. When someone interferes in the program that does this, it causes us to stray from or values, ethics, morality etc…the things we are here to learn. When someone out there does this to us, a war begins between our guides and them. It is a war that is fought often thru us; thru the connection our guides have with us. It is a war that is won with the help of those who can hear them from the earth!!! This is why making contact with a good person on the earth is coveted there. They do not do this without our permission. Those of us who they have made contact with, are warriors too. We are also casualties of this war. Some of us get traumatic stress syndrome too. You might see one of us in psychiatric hospitals or walking around on the street drunk and mumbling to ourselves. Do not judge these people or feel yourself better than they are. View them as you would a man or woman horrible disfigured in war. They will be rewarded greatly when they leave the earth. War breaks people; it puts great stress on us. Some of us even fight for the other side. Unfortunately they will be rewarded too but not for long. Their sins too will catch up to them and the lie they were told by the unrighteous will fade shortly after they arrive, and their paradise will turn to dust and fade away.

Will aliens ever make contact with society openly the way we wish they would? No…..


Thanks for your question and good luck on your journey.

J.S. Thompson