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We don’t die! When it is our time to leave the planet, we never lose consciousness; we are, at the time of death, not only conscious but feeling really good because at the time of death we are administered a drug which makes our transition much easier for all involved. In just a matter of seconds or in the blinking of an eye, we are transported from here to our next home out there. Death is the greatest kept secret and it is a secret for a reason.


Our physical bodies, the part we can see, are a part of a circuit. We could not move if we were not completing a circuit. We are a mass of circuits within circuits but the circuit does not end and cannot end at the periphery of our physical body. If it did, it would be a dead circuit and motion would end there

IN THE TIME OF ADAM (Bible Myths, Part V)

Whether human or advanced, it is divinity that we all seek. Advanced beings seek to be one with the divine through technology but divine beings have the wisdom to understand and develop the technology that was already there for them to develop, a gift from God and all they had to do to have it was to learn how to listen, to put themselves under authority, to be submissive to the only one that knows”¦.Eve, Arissa, Moshazi Diablas, etc.! There is only one God but she has many names!

Advanced Beings-Aliens, Our Brothers and Sisters of Past Advanced Societies

Let’s face it”¦ no one truly wants to die and that’s why scientists are studying our genes, etc”¦ (we have been here many times before) but once they discover the secrets of other dimensional science and technology, they will learn there are ways to become immortal (just as this has been done in the past by our Advanced Being/Aliens brothers and sisters) but it has been done in the most primitive way with “science” (meaning mankind or not all known facts) advanced technology as written herein.