Before we can understand eternal life, we must understand the technology that allows it to happen. When we describe the energy within us that gives us life… we use words that have no meaning to us, like spirit, eternal life force or some other undefined word. If we can’t define it, the word is nothing more than a primitive utterance.

We can define a motor vehicle, even if we are not mechanics. We can at least know to some level how it works. It’s neither mystical, nor undefined but to a very primitive person who has never seen a car, it would be both. If a car suddenly were to appear to a tribe of very primitive people, 1% of them would explore and try to figure out how it worked and the other 99% would worship it. There is a reasonable explanation for everything. With regard to real mystical experiences, the answer will always take us to advanced technology. From ghost sightings to UFO’s to miraculous occurrences, technology will always be the culprit. Even God uses technology to get us from here to there in the blinking of an eye!

Anything that involves motion and everything in the universe does, its action is within the boundary of physics, a boundary within which all can be explained in time with logic and reason.   This of course, includes these things we here on earth define illogically such as miracles, ghosts and UFOs, etc. If we see motion, regardless of the format, it is a mechanical action which is occurring. When we think, those pictures in our minds are a product of the motion of electrons. It’s impossible that we can even imagine anything without evoking the law of physics. Everything that we experience with our senses, whether outside or inside of us, is a function of physics, also known as a mechanical function!

Beliefs are an attempt to define something that we have no foundation in knowledge to understand. This is why beliefs are so dangerous because they will always lead us in the wrong direction. Anything can be figured out if we are… one, either willing to evolve into God or two willing to listen to God! For the best use of time and efficiency, I recommend the latter.

We have the opportunity to hear and learn only when we stop concluding and believing that we know the answers before we have arrived; we must stop assuming. When we believe, rather than keep our minds open to knowledge, we never learn! Belief and knowledge are at opposite ends of the spectrum. If we continue practicing to keep our minds open, then we will begin to hear the truth that waits within us all. This is a process, a journey that beckons within each and every one of us and seeks to guide us in the direction of the righteous path, which is the only path where positive evolution can occur. Knowledge is purely mathematical. When we can fill in the missing variables in the equation and it all adds up, then we know! This is the difference between knowledge and beliefs! When we stop telling God what we believe, we will be able to hear God tell us the truth!

Mortality makes no logical sense, from an engineering or physics perspective. Even if the creation of the universe and all within was a product of random combination, a product of pressure that occurred from the natural weight of space… mortality is still illogical.  If it were logical, the very space within us, from which we come… would be capable of eroding and dying and it does not! The natural space from which we were born never dies and neither do we!

Our physical bodies, the part we can see, are a part of a circuit. We could not move if we were not completing a circuit. We are a mass of circuits within circuits but the circuit does not end and cannot end at the periphery of our physical body. If it did, it would be a dead circuit and motion would end there.


We live within a sea of particles, one attached to the other. There are no spaces between particles. One particle must push on another for anything to move in order to complete an “evolutionary circuit. All circuits are evolutionary because everything and all which exists within the universal boundary (altered space) are nothing more than particles in space and space itself, is always moving in an orbital pattern. Space itself is always in orbit, always moving! A circuit is evolutionary, as the signal at the point of initiation is not at the same place when the circuit is completed because the point of initiation has moved. All matter is a product of the particles that existed in natural space, now artfully arranged and engineered to orbit in specific patterns creating specific pressures which make everything, including us, what it is.

An electrical or frequency signal can’t move from point A to point B unless it has a conduit to move through. Without some mechanical form of transfer, electrons would simply move in all directions. If that were the case, not only would there never be any form of motion because there never would be a complete circuit; therefore, our existence would be impossible! Electrons move from the sun throughout the solar sector in conduits, which have been designed and engineered to perform this specific function.

Advanced craft or as we on earth call them, “alien craft”… mimic the engineering genius of the universe. Since these craft are multi-dimensional, we only see a part of them. We don’t see the huge thrusters which are in a dimension we are not physically able to see. The moving parts of the craft are multi-dimensional and so heat is not created in the atomic dimension or solar dimension that we here on earth experience or see. There is heat but the heat being generated, is not being generated as heat, as we know it. It is being generated as a frequency signal in quantum space. When it shows up in atomic space years decades or millennia later, it is in the form of heat and it is destructive if it is not done properly. (To read more about this… please read J.S. Thompson’s article “Differences between Divine Beings, Advanced Beings and Us”)

Immortality works in the very same way as advanced craft work. An advanced being body doesn’t generate heat in the same way that our human bodies do because the working parts of the physical machine are other dimensional. However, scientists can’t see these particles but they know something is there because it has weight and mass. These particles exist outside of our spectrum of perception, another dimension.

On the earth, we humans get old and this is due to a product of design by our creator, the first being, in order to accomplish God’s plan. In other words there is a reason this happens. We have another dimensional body and so on, until an “evolutionary circuit” has been completed! So old age and death are an illusion! Old age and death don’t just happen; it is made to happen for a reason. Our creator’s design by virtue of altered space, which I refer to as the universal complex…”our Mother’s womb for all of us”… doesn’t age and neither do we. So the act or orchestration of aging and dying is an unnatural act but a very important part of the design by our creator for our evolution.