Time and its Relationship to Pressure

The Space-Time Continuum

The Space-Time Continuum


Question posed below from one of our website visitors for J.S. Thompson…

Hello, Thompson: From Nillo:  “After reading some of your material, why does the clock run slower when it is flying at high speed?”

Answer by J.S. Thompson….

Hi Nillo…

The clock moving at high speed runs slower because it is under more pressure than the clock that is stationary. Time does exist but contemporary science doesn’t understand what it is at least not yet. Our perspective of time is so limited because science doesn’t understand how the entire universe works together. The universe is a clock and it always keeps perfect time. Science builds a foundation of time by measuring the earth’s movement around the sun and makes adjustments for the earth’s irregularity such as leap year. However, there is no irregularity; we just don’t have any foundation for measuring it.

Everything must complete a circuit. Motion cannot exist unless the motion completes a circuit. Every motion we make would involve millions if not more, completed circuits in order to occur. A complete circuit like the earth’s orbit around the sun is mathematically perfect; there are no imperfections in this circuit. All circuits must be mathematically perfect. If we break down the earth’s orbit around the sun into seconds, if the second is measured properly the amount of seconds would be the same each and every time.  Contemporary science is missing something!

Is it possible that the earth does not make a linear orbit around the sun?  Is it possible that the sun is moving down through space in its own shallow orbit while the earth and other planets move down and around in a corkscrew orbit with all bodies in the heavens moving relative to us?

Everything must make a complete circuit but it is not a linear circuit. It is the same with the geometry of the circle. Why do we need an infinite constant such as Pi Ï€ to make the equation work out? If the degrees of a circle were smaller, in fact the exact size of the smallest particle in the universe, the electron, we would not need a constant. Pi Ï€ allows the equation to work but it does not allow it to work out perfectly. We live in a finite universe but we also live in an infinite universe. In other words we are in an infinite universe which is divided into sectors which are finite. When we use constants that are infinite numbers such as Pi Ï€, our calculations are always going to be a little off. “A little off is infinitely off when you consider that the universe is infinite.

There are many things about the universe that science does not know. In fact our science is quite primitive. Science does however, stand on the doorway of advanced technology (other dimensional technology) and once we walk through this door, science is going to understand much more about this machine we call the universe and it is a machine. We don’t see it all because our spectrum of perception is on a grid! In order for us to perceive the matter which is beyond our perception at this time, even for the most powerful microscope, we are going to have to understand how an atomic particle is constructed, that space is divided into geometrical patterns and most importantly how particles move in space.

Consider the possibility of other dimensional matter; matter which is as dense as the matter we see but we do not see it or perceive in any way because it is shifted from our grid of perception. In fact this other dimensional matter such as an OD planet rotating though our own planet fitting perfectly through the grid lines of our dimensional perception. We would not be able to weigh this matter either because OD matter would not be perceived by our scales.

If a space ship is moving at extremely high speed in space, it is not going to be just affected by the fabric of space which Einstein called the “Aether”; it would be affected by the mass of space.  If we able to detect other dimensional matter… consider that a square foot of space would weigh exactly the same as a square foot of solid rock. A square foot of water would weigh exactly the same as a SF of iron. Contemporary science cannot yet detect all of the matter that exists in iron, water or space, not yet! They will eventually discover this and then… real problems will begin.

When we see the human anatomy for what it is and how it is truly constructed, we will understand what makes us mortal.

That clock moving at high speed through space is multi-dimensional matter moving through other multidimensional matter which is as dense and it will slow more than one that is stationary but time is not slowing. Only the mechanism of the clock slows and the clock does not represent real time.

I hope this helps!

J.S. Thompson