The Eternity Machine



Everything is a machine! The earth and everything on it and in it are the result of a process so advanced, so intricate and synergistic that the logic of its creation must have been the product of an evolving technology perfected so long ago that the number in years would boggle the minds of the most learned.

We, who are on the earth, are primitive people and we need to accept that! Yes, we can build computers, microwave ovens and spaceships that can go to the moon. However, if we compare our “so called” modern society to the “so called” primitive societies of the past; in the whole spectrum of what can be known or to technologies that will be (still yet to be discovered), the difference between now and then is so small and insignificant as to be considered non- existent!

The least inspired throughout time have always wrongly considered themselves to be on the cutting edge. They are the ones who believe wrongly that there are those “like themselves” who have discovered truth! So the cycle of ignorance continues, one feeding on the lies of the other. This is the status quo; this is who dictates to society what to believe.

Granted, within society, we have our revolutionaries or counter status quos but all in all, win or lose they are just variations of the same thing. The status quo never changes its basic philosophy; self-aggrandizement! The only thing that changes in a revolution are those who believe it is their turn to lead! One side feeds on the lies of the next and so on…and the cycle continues! This is “the” social psychosis, the lie that keeps us firmly secured within the cycle of life and death. It is best to believe nothing at all than it is to believe wrongly and every belief is wrong if not in substance, then by virtue of its lack of true discovery!

The term, “I believe” when it is used to express knowledge, should be voluntarily stricken from our individual vocabularies. When we use the word “I believe” it should be a preface for inquiry not false knowledge!

Society cannot dictate truth. Society is a mindless, ignorant, inanimate being! However, those who choose to live within the boundary established by the status quo… wrongly see society as alive; this defies logic! So called intelligent and so called learned people do not see this; how can this be? Whatever the beliefs, creeds or opinions of the status quo; rest assured, that truth will not be found there!

Only the “individual” can surmise truth thru logical pursuit! The individual is alive! Society is the mask that keeps us from truth and so designed to do so. Our earth society and more specifically, the perceived mortality which forms its foundation are the chains which one must break before the cycle can be broken.

Society is bounded on two sides and fosters rules of conduct for those who choose to live within. Societal boundaries serve to separate the conceptually likeminded, the majority, from those who deviate. To one side are those who physically break the “rules of conduct” or societal commandments and to the other are those who break the spiritual! Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha would have fallen into the latter group. I find it interesting that those we deify today are those we crucified yesterday. It does make sense however because society seeks truth in the past which is illogical. Truth cannot be found in the past, only what we choose to make of it in the present. If one is to seek truth in the present where it can most logically be found, then one must be prepared to face themselves in order to see it. This is the eternal problem! This is the door we should all strive to walk through; this is the door of character! We cannot correct a deficiency in ourselves if we refuse to see it! Would we crucify these people today? Yes… we would!

Society hates the individual, those who seek to leave the boundaries established by the status quo and only individuals do eventually leave. We cannot be an individual if we are not prepared to walk thru that door! However, if we do not, we are nothing more than robots!

On one side of the societal boundary, there are those who do not hide their contempt for humanity, who hold nothing sacred; those who have learned to mask any responsibility for their own actions and all empathy for their fellow man. These are people who are willing to make others sacrifice for “their” choices, their own lack of character; these are people who destroy! It is easy to destroy. Take a clock and hit it with a hammer. Anyone can do this! Those who see themselves as incapable of building, make the act of destruction their work because it is something they can do. If one is forced to rebuild (the clock) what they destroy, then they become master clock “builders”. They become enlightened!

On the other end of the spectrum are those who seek in earnest to find the answers to eternal life or true immortality; is there any pursuit as noble? Should one succeed, then the answers of eternal community are not far behind. There is only one logical way to do this and that is to seek guidance from a source not of this earth (if this exists) because if enlightenment is to be found it will not be found within the boundary of the status quo. All one need do in order to see the logic of this statement is to look around. The question becomes, “Why does the status quo seek to keep those who are willing to take this journey from doing so?” However, this is what society does?

Why does society fear the (so called) spiritual explorer, the truth seeker, the non-believer?  Society fears the truth and sees the flaws in their own character, in the eyes of those who are bold enough and secure enough to defy the boundary.  We fear the savior because it is the savior who exposes us for who we truly are!

We must take personal risks if we are ever to do anything extraordinary!  If we are ever to answer the questions of immortality, we must become explorers ourselves!

I guess the best way to exemplify this point is to say, that our creation, regardless of the theory one wishes to consider, did not occur 5 billion years ago, as scientific theorists would have you believe. The span of time between now and that point where we as individuals became sentient happened “almost forever ago”!  Considering this statement, the greatest technology (God technology) has already been discovered. We, on the earth, are utilizing the benefits of our own discovery to begin again! It is a machine!

Immortality is not an easy business! Consider being alive forever. If there were even one weakness in our character, in time, it would seek eventually to destroy us.  In the natural universe, time and distance are the same. It is a matter of perspective as it is a matter of truth. Consider attempting to develop a program which would enable you to land on a distant planet.  If the planet is within a boundary of our technological capability then we will hit it but if it is beyond our capability, then the smallest defect in the program will be the one thing that does not allow us to accomplish the mission “in time”. All of our weaknesses are exposed in time and no matter how small and insignificant we perceive them now, they will eventually in time destroy us. This is why the earth is here. Earth gives us a chance to begin again, to wipe the slate clean, tabula rasa. It is earth that allows us to be born again in order to give us the opportunity to correct any character flaws which in time would destroy us at least temporarily in an otherwise immortal community.

We’ve all been doing this for a very long time; cycling back and forth from immortality to perceived mortality. Perceived mortality serves to give us a perspective of desperation. Mortality also allows us to be vulnerable for the period of time we are here. Before we came to the earth, we put ourselves in the trust of others to do with us as they would in order to do what is necessary; to do things with us that we as those with power would never allow! Imagine the desperation in those who chose to come to earth to live a life of perceived mortality and submission! When we come to earth, it is like being thrown into a lake in order to learn how to swim; we either learn or we drown! Earth is a place where those who are as ill-equipped as we ourselves are ill-equipped have been given the authority to teach us and so intellectual evolution is slow. In order to learn the lessons of time, of immortality, we must rise above this cycle as individuals. In this way, we transcend the machine which is designed to hold us down and join with those, who have done the same.

Do not believe what I am telling you; one should never do that. Consider what I have said and then seek the truth inside of you. If what I’m saying to you is accurate then you are being told the same thing at some level of your being and so it is the same for everyone. Paradise waits for us all. One day, we will all learn the lessons of life and there will no longer be a need for the cycle of life and death. One at a time we find our way to this immortal gathering of individuals who have learned that it is not the dictates of the status quo which holds a society together but rather the boundaries dictated by truth which are the same for all. When we can finally understand this, our time here will be over forever and we can get on with the next adventure!