Why Those Many Call Ancient Aliens Mine for Gold and Other Minerals


Mining for Gold

Mining for Gold

Question posed by website visitor on alien race and mine workers:

I was reading a book called “Nothing in This Book is True, but that’s Exactly How Things Are”.  It told me a rather odd story on our creation, in which we were mine workers for an alien race. Could you shed some light on this topic?


Response provided by J.S. Thompson to visitor’s question:

I’ve never read the book but it sounds interesting. I’ve written quite a lot about this subject in various articles; therefore, should you have further interest of additional information on this subject or any other subject… just use the search bar on this website page and enter a key word and hit enter. It should pull up various articles or questions I’ve answered regarding that particular subject matter (provided, I have written about the subject key word you enter).

Advanced beings spend a great deal of their time mining because the technology they depend on to keep them alive and “other dimensional” requires a great deal of raw minerals mined from the earth. In ancient times, people at the bottom of the pyramid were miners for those at the top of the pyramid but I don’t like to refer to them as aliens; they were from earth and were as human as you and me.

We read a lot about aliens from other planets but this theory is wrong; these advanced beings do live on other planets but they don’t live on planets outside of our solar system as the ancient alien theorists would have you believe. In fact, some of them are quite close to earth. The most astounding thing about these beings is that their origin is from earth!!

These are earthlings that lived in other societies from our past and lived at a time when science was becoming familiar with advanced technology. I know for many this concept is a stretch but if you think about it; it all makes sense. In order to understand the past… let’s look to our own future.

Currently, science is on the doorstep of “other dimensional advanced technology”. It might be a hundred years or it might be a thousand years before we are using this technology but nevertheless, it is coming. When science discovers this technology, they discover how space is structured and how one dimension works with millions of others in order for the entire machine we call the universe to function. All matter is structured in this way. We humans are also other dimensional and in the future, scientists are going to be able to see how the human body really works but most importantly, why we do die. Future scientists are going to give themselves and a few of their counterparts; the gift of what they think is immortality (at least to the level of their extremely limited knowledge and awareness). These people are going to discover, painfully however, that there is a great deal more to immortality than living forever!

That being said; what I’ve described our future to be has happened many times in our past as well! These beings we describe as aliens are human and they are originally from the earth. All of our myths, all of our Gods and religions are grounded in the misinterpretations of our past.

Once advanced technology is introduced into the equation, things begin to change for society. First of all, not everyone becomes advanced.  Immortality is not shared with everyone; it is only there for the rich, the scientists, the powerful and their associates. The rest of the world during these times becomes dependent on those who give to them the byproducts of this technology and the population becomes subservient and we become minors for our advanced overlords who after years become more and more God like to the rest of society.  During these times, the minors (so called) use very advanced mining equipment.  Ancient accounts of these times written in ancient times lose the truth of what really occurred as they can only describe these events in terms that one can understand.

Once these advanced beings become (so called) immortal, they must live on other dimensional planets where:   1) they are safe from the non-advanced part of society and 2) the atmosphere is more easily constructed.

When our own current society discovers they can become immortal by becoming other dimensional and that our human bodies have been programmed to die… they will bypass mortality by becoming other dimensional. We all have other dimensional bodies which are immortal. Scientists of the future will learn how to use them but when you use another dimensional body to live your life, you also become other dimensional.  Other dimensional planets are right here rotating with the earth and through it. This is where our ancient relatives live and work!

Although this technology is worlds apart and more advanced from our own contemporary modern technology… most of it, at least in reference to these beings, is also very primitive. One of the flaws of this technology is that it requires huge amounts of raw materials which must be refined and manufactured into components for this technology. The problem with primitive advanced technology is this: although it does not generate a great deal of heat at the atomic level of space it does create heat at lower levels of space and eventually that heat does make its way up into atomic space where the components burn up and no longer become serviceable. As a result, they constantly have to remove and replace components.   Everything they are about is mining! They mine all over the solar system and all over other dimensional solar systems, where they are allowed to mine.

I have a great deal of information about these beings and will be happy to answer any other specific questions any one might have.

Thanks for a great question!

J.S Thompson