Our physical bodies, the part we can see, are a part of a circuit. We could not move if we were not completing a circuit. We are a mass of circuits within circuits but the circuit does not end and cannot end at the periphery of our physical body. If it did, it would be a dead circuit and motion would end there


Be mindful that everything we do here on earth, is recorded and kept on record, as all things we think, say and do is being recorded for us to review when we leave the planet. A good rule of thumb is to never do anything that you don’t want others to know because someone is always watching you and making an account of your life.

IN THE TIME OF ADAM (Bible Myths, Part V)

Whether human or advanced, it is divinity that we all seek. Advanced beings seek to be one with the divine through technology but divine beings have the wisdom to understand and develop the technology that was already there for them to develop, a gift from God and all they had to do to have it was to learn how to listen, to put themselves under authority, to be submissive to the only one that knows”¦.Eve, Arissa, Moshazi Diablas, etc.! There is only one God but she has many names!

Advanced Beings-Aliens, Our Brothers and Sisters of Past Advanced Societies

Let’s face it”¦ no one truly wants to die and that’s why scientists are studying our genes, etc”¦ (we have been here many times before) but once they discover the secrets of other dimensional science and technology, they will learn there are ways to become immortal (just as this has been done in the past by our Advanced Being/Aliens brothers and sisters) but it has been done in the most primitive way with “science” (meaning mankind or not all known facts) advanced technology as written herein.

IN THE TIME OF EDEN (Bible Myths, Part III)

Judah 12,000 years ago was a true Garden of Eden, an island country. The ice age had swelled the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean forcing most of the animals and people to migrate south to Judah or Northern Africa in those days called Is Ri El, or the one God. These migrants from as far north as the Britons, Northern Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and all over Europe continued south until they came to Judah and Is Ri El and there they made their settlements.

THE BIBLE MYTHS (PART I)… Following the Path of Logic to Paradise

The bible or the New Way, was a way for Constantine to identify and unite with his enemies, a way for him to embrace the doctrines of his brother God-man Jesus, a way for him to turn the attention of his Christian brethren away from the true killers of Jesus… Constantine, through the propaganda of the written word, brought the Christians and the Romans into a united nation by consolidating the writings of his enemies and glorifying them and embracing them as his own. The Roman Church or New Way created with this new text, a common enemy”¦ the Jews!

Electron Space… The Conduit to Advanced Technology

Space is broken up into sectors which resemble a piece of pie if we were to perceive a top view of a particle structure…This technology will allow us to see how matter is constructed, for instance, human physiology! It is yet another to move an object from one dimension to another which involves, pressurizing the object from the inside (not recommended)…The other way that scientists will discover how particles move in space is to develop a computer program capable of mapping the inside of an atomic particle. Our bodies are multidimensional but…

Why The Big Bang Never Happened!

The universe is expanding in some places but is contracting in others. However, there are many reasons why the big bang didn’t happen. The first reason: Space is in a constant state of motion, always following the path of least resistance and in this way maintains homeostasis.

What is Truth?

WHAT IS TRUTH   Truth explains who we are, where we came from and most importantly… where we are going. When we follow this path of truth, we arrive at the place where we began our journey. Each one’s journey…

What are Black Holes?

  First of all, there is no such thing as black holes! There is only misunderstanding about how stars and their systems move in space. When scientists finally understand how our own planet moves around the sun in a downward…

The Electron… E-Space

  Space is broken up into geometrical patterns formed by the intersection of particles. These pieces of space contain their own individual and unique pressure, which exists within a spectrum. Every particle which exists in “natural space”, the space that…

How God Came to Be and Who God Is

God came to be… as a result of evolutionary opportunities; created by consistent inconsistencies out in natural space (a machine, in essence) as a product of happenstance, an anomaly. For many, the word machine is a difficult concept to grasp.…